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Masturbating with friends helps lift the stigma they feel surrounding the act
There were days when work wasn't so insane, when she found spare moments to breathe and contemplate life. It was these moments that he enjoyed with her, even miles away as he was. He understood that her life was busy and as much as she wanted to make him a bigger part of it, it couldn't work out like that.

They took what time they could get with each other. Mere words placated them; they had to. Other things helped too; the invention of certain toys that could be controlled over the internet helped even more. At this very moment, she sat in her office with the door closed, the blinds pulled down over her tall hallway-facing window. She put up a sign indicating she'd be on a long conference call; she locked the door; she sent all her calls to voice mail; she ignored the onslaught of emails that never ended anyway. She needed him, right now and he was ready.

She sat atop the towel she kept tucked in her bag, her damp panties removed and left in a pile on her desk. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist and her thighs were spread widely as she eased to the edge of her chair. A telltale pink string hung down over that edge, dangling from between her slightly spread, glistening bare lips. She quickly dialed his number on her mobile, and hooked the earpiece on. She logged onto the website and found him waiting for her, already impatient to begin. As soon as she said hello to him, she felt the fat egg slid deep inside her rumble to life. It was seated against her gspot and she gasped as it vibrated on that lowest setting.

Her fingers undid her blouse, letting the soft material part and reveal her black lacy bra. He quietly stated instructions to her, and she complied. He smiled and she heard it in his voice as he told her to pinch those thick nipples, to twist and tug them as he eased the vibrations higher. Her moans were soft, obviously struggling not to let them be heard by passing coworkers. Her legs curled tightly against the edge of her seat and her tush wiggled in response to the increasing speed. She was grateful that she remembered to bring the towel as a slippery scented rush of juices trickled from her spread open pussy.

She ached to bring her fingers down to her exposed clit to touch it but she had told him, today, she would comply with whatever he said, knowing he knew her limits of being in her office. He did not wish to embarrass or humiliate her, only to bring her some relief to her busy days. His own hand curled around his cock, keeping it hard with slow measured strokes. She increased the tension of her pinching fingers and he grinned again, hearing her soft squeak as she pulled as hard as she could. He wished she was at home so that she could land a few smacks to those tits; her mind rushed with the same thoughts. But doing this at work meant they both had to display restraint. It was a sacrifice they both made to spend time together.

Suddenly her hips thrust up; he had flicked the power to high and her nails dug into her hard nipples as she twisted them, trying, nearly in vain, to control herself from crying out. She gazed down at her pussy. Her clit was throbbing, so swollen, exposed from beneath that hood. He whispered to her what he would want her to do if she was home; she groaned out as he taunted her, reminding her how, that one day not too long ago, she landed slap after slap to her thighs, her lips, her clit, how she cried out at that one harsh one that stung her palm. He could imagine her trembling in her chair, her body taut with arousal and barely maintaining her vocal responses.

She exhaled constantly in soft moans now, sounding like soft pleas as she squirmed on the edge of her chair and her orgasm. His own voice started to break slightly as he increased the speed of his strokes around his throbbing shaft. His fist smeared the dribble of slippery precum down his cock; he grinned as he remembered how, when they met one of those few times on his business trips, she had eagerly lapped at his slit, and smeared it down his cock with her wiggling tongue. The image about sent him over, so he pulled his hand away just to calm down for a moment. Just the sound of her moans could push him to cum and he wanted to wait.

He glanced at the clock and knew their time was nearly up. Almost reluctantly he told her to pull one hand off her luscious tit, slide it down to her clit and slowly begin to rub it. He decreased the vibrations against her gspot and she murmured her grateful thanks. The power of that small egg was immense and she didn't want to scream when she finally came. No more words came from either of them, only soft moans from her to complement his much louder, freer groan and grunts. His strong hand now worked his cock insistently; when he could he told her how hard he was, how his balls ached to be emptied, how he was imagining his hand was her cunt bouncing on his dick.

She gasped out as he fired up the vibrations again and she started to writhe in her seat, her naked bottom rubbing hard against that towel, knowing her soft flesh would be slightly sore from it. He growled out to her that he was so close and in moments, together, miles away from each other, they came. His cum shot up across his stomach and chest; hers dribbled out around that pink string, a thick drop slipping down it to fall upon the chair mat below her. She grabbed her panties and jammed them into her mouth, biting down on them to muffle her cries. That damn egg rumbled on, forcing her to cum again, her own fingers unable, unwilling to pull away from her clit. Only after she came a third time did the egg come to a rest inside her twitching spasming pussy.

She sighed as her calendar reminder popped up on her screen; she had 5 minutes before her next damn meeting. He heard that noise, knowing it meant their time was up for now. He asked her to leave in the egg, even though her inner muscles ached around it. She complied, wanting to feel it, feel him inside her, even artificially. He laughed as she told him she had to spray her office with the air freshener to mask her own perfume. She quickly slid her panties back on and they said their goodbyes. She straightened out her clothes, checked her makeup, wiped off the glistening sweat upon her brow and sighed as she went back to work.

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