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Imagine that an aroused ghost
Emily Haughton got a call from Justin Regis who she went to school with. Both Justin and Emily were seniors in John Tyler High School in Tyler, Texas. Tyler was the home of the University of Texas -Tyler Campus and huge shot in the arm for the local economy. Justin was a bit of a geek, but Emily liked him anyway, after all they were cousins. Justin was the son of Aunt Julia who was her dad's sister the middle kid out of three.

After Emily answered her cell phone, her cousin excitedly said, "Hey Em! How would you like to go on a ghost hunt?"

Emily was stunned by the request. She had done a lot of crazy things while in high school, but ghost hunting wasn't one of them. She wasn't even sure she believed in ghosts. But the idea of it was downright intriguing. She asked her cousin, "Who ya'll goin' with?"

Justin said, almost smugly, "I belong to a small ghost investigation group and we're looking for new people to train as investigators and I immediately thought of you. We have one other girl, Melody Tanner who goes to the University. There are three other guys, Nick Hodgkiss, Aaron Good, and Parker Jones. Arron and Parker are at the 'U' too, Nick you might know from High School."

Emily asked, "Where are you planning to investigate."

Her cousin answered, "There's an old hospital on the north end of town they closed about 10 years ago. We just got permission to investigate there. Supposedly, it's all sorts of haunted."

Emily grinned into the speaker of her phone, "Gosh, um, sure Justin, it sounds like fun!"

Justin chuckled, "Great, I think you're going to enjoy it! I know I was thrilled to death during my first hunt, although I have to admit I was scared to death too. But, you start to realize nothing's going to hurt you and whatever ghosts are, there are a lot of them. You wouldn't believe how many places are at least mildly haunted."

Emily asked, "When?"

He replied, "Friday night at 9:00pm, just before dark. We need a little time to do baseline readings and set up our static equipment. I'll pick you up at your house at 8:30, so be ready. You might want to bring a light jacket or sweater."

Emily curious asked why, "A jacket, its April in Texas, Justin, why would I want a jacket?"

Justin gave her an answer like she should have known, "Cold spots, of course, they can get downright frigid. They don't usually last long, but when they do, it gets, um, cold."

Emily rolled her eyes, she thought, 'Gosh, what a dork!' Then she parroted back, "Okay, Friday at 8:30, bring a light jacket, got it."

Justin all but giggled into the phone, "GREAT! See you then Em."

Emily pocketed her phone after the call and started to wonder what it was going to be like. She wondered how Justin hooked up with a group of college kids too. Obviously it was through one of his 'geek' connections. Justin was a whiz with computers, so she fingered the other's had him join them because of his tech skills.

After Three more days and the auburn haired blue eyed girl was sitting on her front steps outside her house waiting for Justin to pick her up. She would have been lying if she said she wasn't excited. If all this ghost business was actually true, this was going to be a real adventure.

At 8:35, Justin rolled up in front of her house in his 2002 Dodge Van. It was an old utility vehicle that he picked up on the cheap. She walked over and climbed in the passenger seat and promptly declared, "Justin, you're late."

He blushed and said, "Sorry, I couldn't find the case with my full spectrum digital video recorder in it. It would be a sorry ass investigation without it." He put the van in gear and they headed east into town and once down town, they turned north. Soon they came to a creepy old two story building that used to be a community hospital.

Since Tyler put in the big Medical Center in down town, the old community hospital just withered and died. Aaron Good, the team leader got out a key that the building caretaker had given him and the team headed for the door. Before entering, Aaron offered a quick little prayer for protection. Then he told Emily that before going home, they needed to tell the 'spooks' that they had to stay at the location, and they were not to follow anyone home. All of the investigator's had a ghost follow them home at one time or another, they were a pain in the ass to get rid of once it happened.

With the prayer said, the group of 6 investigators went in to building to check it out and to take baseline readings. Justin, the tech guy just as Emily had guessed, told her what they were doing during the whole walk around. They had out K-2 meters and more sophisticated Electro Magnetic Field meters that gave actual readouts. They also had a temperature gauges.

Finally, Melody, a frumpy slightly overweight dark haired young woman had a digital audio recorder. She told Emily it was used to capture what was called EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, voices that appeared on the recording that weren't caused from normal voices or noises. Every time an ordinary noise happened, like Emily whispered something to Justin, Melody would 'mark' it. In the case of the whisper she announced, "Whispering", then she proceed to tell Emily in an annoyed voice, "We don't whisper. If you need to say anything, say it out loud. We don't want to confuse you're whispering with a real EVP, okay?" Emily nodded that she understood.

Then Melody, sounding friendlier added, "We carry a digital recorder with us on our walk arounds because the spooks tend to like to follow us when we first get to a location. They are interested in seeing what we're doing and who we are. Think of a person who is stuck in a place all alone most of the time, and then they get unannounced visitors. It's the same context. Some of the best EVPs we've gotten were from walk arounds.

Emily was amazed with all the gadgetry and instruments. She learned that in the initial tour that they were looking for natural EMF sources so they wouldn't be confused with paranormal events later. Justin explained that if it is a ghost was causing an EMF spike, they usually would come and go, a natural source of EMF would be steady and could be from electric lines, fans, fuse boxes, electric motors, florescent light ballasts, and dozen's of other sources. During the walk around they marked them all.

All of a sudden, Emily felt like something walked right into her, but instead of bumping up against her it felt like it went right through her, she was so startled she let out a little squeak of a scream. Then she felt her heart racing and was saying over and over again, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..."

The team stopped in their tracks and asked her what was wrong. She explained to them what happened and thankfully they all believed her. Parker, the class clown of the group chuckled and told her, "Well, Emily, you just had a close encounter of the third kind."

Aaron laughed, "Wasn't that a movie about aliens?"

Nick, the other high school boy added, "Well, I think spooks are kind of alien, don't you?"

Aaron, seeing that Emily was freaked said, "That was probably a spook moving through the hall. It appears that you might be a sensitive, someone that can feel them better than most. They normally have to use a lot of energy for just a regular person to feel them. Since with you were in the middle of the pack, it had to have gone through several of us to get to you. None of us felt it." Then he smiled gently and said, "Well, if you don't end up totally creeped out from the investigation tonight, I thing after some training that you're going to be a great addition to the team."

Emily was still a little shook up from her experience and more than a little glad she hadn't peed her pants, something she was capable of doing when she really scared or startled. The spook freaked her out, but it wasn't going to stop her from seeing what else might happen. All the equipment, all the spooky shit, all the excitement. This was turning out to be a really interesting evening.

The team quickly set up static night vision cameras all over the building. They had hundreds of yards of video and computer cables running everywhere. It took them about ½ an hour and the whole building seemed to be wired. They had what they called XCams in the so called hot spots, places where people had reported seeing or hearing things before. Essentially, the XCams were high definition security cameras that plugged into a central computer which recorded the video they captured.

It wasn't a half hour into the investigation, when Emily was wondering the halls with Justin, when all of a sudden there was a big black mass up in front of them in the shape of a tall man. She could definitely make it out in the darkness, it seemed to be twice as black as the ambient background light. It seemed to absorb the light like a black hole.

Justin who happened to be filming with his full spectrum hand held digital record chose that second to turn in the direction of the shadow man. Before Emily could squeak out what she seeing, Justin gasped out, "Oh my goodness, did you see that Emily?"

Emily was trying really hard not to pee her pants right then, but wasn't succeeding. Fortunately, she had brought along a change of clothes, underwear and jeans. she said, "Uh, huh! A big black shadow dude, right?"

Justin grinned and said, "Shit hot! I think I got it on the camera! Let's roll it back and look." So the two of them rewound the camera and sure enough, just as the camera turned down the hall, a big black mass was there, and then darted through the wall to the left. Justin let out a whoop, "Gotcha, you big black son-of-a-bitch!"

Emily was still shaking, she had just saw a ghost, or something. She was freaked beyond scared, but yet she kept her composure. She asked, "How often does THAT happen, seeing something like that?"

Justin smiled and said, "Oh, maybe once every 7 or 8 investigations. Catching one on camera though, very rarely. This is ghost hunting gold right here. We saw it with our eyes and I caught it with the camera. It doesn't get much better than this."

Emily had Justin take her to the restrooms. Once in the light he discovered what happened to his cousin, Emily's jean were all wet around her bottom. It went from her front triangle to a big wet spot over the lower half of her butt and down her thighs a bit. Justin pretended he didn't see it, the last thing he wanted to do was embarrass his cousin when they were trying to get her to join the team.

Emily went into the girl's room and she thanked goodness the water was still on in the old building. She stripped off her wet jeans and her soaked panties and rinsed both of them in the sink. Once her panties were thoroughly rinsed out, she used them to wash her skin, removing any dried on urine.

She was standing naked from the waist down, when Melody came in and saw Emily. She smiled, not unkindly, and said, "Don't worry about it Emily, I did that once on one of my first investigations. Do you have a change of clothes with you?" Emily nodded that she did. Melody said, "Smart, really smart, I wore my peed on pants for the rest of the evening and it stank to high heavens by the time we were done. I always bring a change of clothes with me now, just in case."

Emily slipped on her clean panties and jeans, and put her rinsed out ones in her backpack. The two young women headed back out to resume the hunt.

About an hour later, it was Aaron's turn to babysit Emily. By babysit, they meant to keep her from doing stupid things that may compromise the investigation, until they could teach her the ropes. Aaron didn't mind too much, he thought the tall auburn teen was really pretty. It was going to be nice to have a good looking girl on the team. He though Melody looked like she was rode hard and put to bed wet. Melody wasn't ugly by any means, she just didn't do anything to make herself look attractive. Emily on the other hand looked like a million dollars even in a tee-shirt and an old pair of stitched jeans.

The college sophomore was constantly telling her how they used the various equipment, right then they were using a really expensive camera that was called a FLIR. Forward Looking Infra-Red. It detected heat and turned it into a visual image. He showed her that the main drawback to the camera was heat reflections. He showed her time after time where their reflection would be on windows or hard surfaces.

Just when they were ready to go back to the command post, where the central computer and monitors were. It felt like someone poked Emily in the side. The girl squeaked loudly and jumped 3 feet to the left. She gasped out, "Oh shit! Something just poked me in the ribs and it was cold as hell!" Aaron swung the camera around immediately focusing on the girl. He was amazed and excited, right where Emily indicated was a big blue spot. Her normal image was a mix of red, bright yellow and white from her body heat, but the background was a montage of blues, purples and greens. A big blue spot on Emily's side was evidence that something cold indeed had touched her, corroborating her claim.

Aaron chuckled and said, "Oh my gawd, Emily, it's like you're a fucking ghost magnet. Please say you'll join the team! Please?"

Emily still shaken said, "I don't know, this is all pretty freaky shit! How often do you all get touched like this?"

Aaron seeing how shook up Emily was pulled the girl into his arms and held her. Somehow he just knew she need a hug by a living person. He answered her as she was wrapped in the warmth and safely of his arms, "It happens, not very often, but it happens. Tugs, pokes, scratches, pushes, you name it. Usually it just a spook trying to get your attention. I wouldn't worry about it too much. They don't usually hurt you. That said, I do have to warn you that sometimes we get in with something malicious, but we know ahead of time to watch it then."

Emily, enjoying being held by the tall guy, asked, "So all this shit is real?"

Aaron smiled down at the pretty high school girl and said, "Yes, of course. There are ghosts all over the place. They are everywhere really, people just tune them out. Their brain just dismisses the activity as background 'noise'. Once you've been trained, you will start noticing them in places you never would have expected."

Emily giggled and asked, "Is it too late to take the blue pill Morpheus?"

Aaron smiled and said, "I'm afraid so, neo. It seems that you're out of the Matrixx now, and that means there's no going back."

Emily grimaced, "I was afraid that you were going to say that."


The next day they met on the University campus in Aaron's apartment to go over evidence. In addition to all the experiences Emily had, they caught 7 class 'A' EVPs saying anything from, "Help me Doctor!" to the sound of a heart monitor. Almost all of the evidence pointed to residual hauntings, hauntings that were nothing more than recordings playing back events of things that happened in the past, they would play over and over again a specific times, like anniversaries or when conditions were similar to those when the event actually happened. But there were two EVP's that indicated there was something intelligent.

One EVP said, "Who are you!" The second one sent shivers up Emily's spine. It made the whole thing more real than any other experience she had during the investigation. It plain as day asked, "Can you hear me Emily?" Emily fell from her feet to be sitting on Aaron's bed hearing it, her legs refusing to hold her. She even peed in her pants just a little. She had a silver dollar wet spot in her jeans between her legs just over her urethra. She admitted to herself, "Ghosts are real!"

So with her personal experience backed up with evidence, another incident where Nick was pushed, and the VCR recording of the shadow person, the team declared the investigation a complete success. When the team broke up, Melody, who lived just down the hall invited Emily to come to her room. Once they were alone, Melody asked, "Would you like to borrow a pair of my panties, while you wash out your own?" The older girl noticed that Emily had peed.

Emily took Melody up on the offer, she stripped off her jeans, and then her panties which took the brunt of the urine. Standing bottomless in the Bathroom Melody shared with three other girls, she rinsed out her panties. Melody gave her a plastic bag to put them in and found Emily a relatively new pair of her panties from her dresser that the younger girl could wear and keep. Fortunately, the two girls wore close to the same size.

Cleaned up, at least on the underside, she put her jeans back on, Emily thanked Melody and left to find her cousin Justin so he could take her home. On the way home, Justin, her ever dorky cousin made a face and asked, "Do you smell urine?" Obvious the spot on her jeans was starting to stink.


The next hunt was in a residential home. A couple were complaining that things would fall off the mantle of the fireplace and the light fixture would move on its own and there were all sorts of weird sounds at night. The team discovered the light fixture would move when the air conditioner would kick on. And if someone was walking on the floor on the back side of where the gas fireplace insert was, things on the mantle would jiggle. Finally, they determined that yes indeed the house was noisy, but they found natural explanations for just about everything. The couple that owned the house seemed almost let down that the house wasn't haunted. It seemed that having a ghost around was all the rage these days.

The hunt after that was around 50 miles away in the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas. Jefferson had been spotlighted on several of the ghost shows on television as having a plethora of haunted locations. Jefferson Hotel was just one of many in the 'most haunted small city in Texas'. The team rented the two most haunted rooms in the hotel. Room 19 probably the most haunted, and another room on the second floor where it was purported to hear children playing in the night when there were no children in the building.

During the night, there wasn't much happening until Nick broke out the 'Spirit Box'. Nick explained to Emily that the machine scanned over FM frequencies at a rapid pace, forwards or backwards and was used by the spooks to form words or sentences in real time. It worked well, but sometimes when the ghosts heard their own voice, they would run away, scared. Emily though it was funnier than Robin Williams to have 'scared' ghosts.

During the spirit box session, they were asking all the usual questions. What is your name? Why are you here? Do you touch people? How long have you been here? Do you pull covers off of people? All reported activity in room 19. Then Emily squeaked out and jumped, she said she felt a hand on her shoulder. She sat hyperventilating when the spirit box chirped up for the first time that session and said, "I touched Emily". Emily freaked, here she was in another haunted location and another ghost using her name. Minutes later the box crackled again and said in the same voice, "Go away!" Obviously it didn't want the team there. Finally, there was one last voice, a child that called out plaintively, "Mama?"

Since some ghosts were drawn by fear, the team talked Emily into staying in room 19 with Melody. There was no way Emily was going to stay in the room by herself, not in a room where she already had been touched and a ghost talked about her by name. But she agreed to sleep their as long as Melody joined her in the large bed.
Even with all her trepidation, the rest of the night was uneventful. The only evidence gathered on the trip was the touch and the confirming messages on the spirit box. The team always felt successful when they got solid evidence, even if it took all night to get it. So the visit was declared a success.


Summer came, and Justin, Nick and Emily graduated from High School. This allowed the team to have a couple of investigations a week. Melody had gone home for the summer, but Parker and Aaron were locals, so the majority of the team was around to hunt ghosts. Some of the investigations were fruitful and some were not. Emily learned the equipment and learned how to quickly set up the XCams. Most importantly she learned how to control her fear.

She learned how to determine if an incident was a false positive. She learned about a phenomenon call matrixing, where the brain liked to make faces out of random patterns. This caused them to throw out a lot of pictures in mirrors, window, or other places where there were a bunch of chaotic lines and shapes. What they looked for was smooth lines and well-formed features, usually not created by matrixing, even ones that looked stunning would be held with skepticism without corroboration evidence. Normal, in visual evidence they looked for something free standing that blocked out what was behind it, or something that looked solid, but you could see the background through it.

She learned about pareidolia, the brain making up messages out of random noise. To demonstrate, Aaron put her in a room with a fan going and told her to listen for voices, in a matter of minutes she was hearing them. Parker who was there too explained that because of the phenomenon that multiple people had to listen to an EVP alone and come up with nearly the same interpretation of what it was saying before it was declared a valid EVP.

She learned all sorts of investigation techniques, including using mini mag lights to communicate with entities. They would set the twisting end that turned the light on and off, to just barely off. Supposedly when a ghost pushed on the end of the flashlight, it could turn it on to answer questions. In another investigation back at the deserted Hospital in north Tyler, they used the lights to good effect.

They discovered a 15 year old girl who was in labor and delivery in the 1980s that died in childbirth. Both baby and mom died when the mother bled out from a torn placenta. At least that's what all the yes/no questions with the flashlights revealed over the course of an hour and a half. What made it all the more interesting, the recorder caught several EVPs that went right along with the session. Things like the team would say turn the light off and the spook would answer: "I can't", or another time with the same statement, the entity said "It's hard." Both in a young woman's voice. Later, when the team was tired and joking around, Nick asked, "Did you know that Darth Vader was Luke's father?" On the tape you hear an ethereal girl's voice giggle and then a second later say, "Joke."

Then the team was talking about the movie 'Back to the Future', another 80s hit, Parker asked, "Are you aware that Michael J Fox may be joining you soon?" On the recording, again, the same ethereal voice giggled and said "Joke".

Emily reported being touched several more times during the overnight, but there was no hard evidence supporting it during the visit. She seemed to be a lot more comfortable during hunts as time when by, and being touched was something she usually expected to happen by the middle of July. She truly was a ghost magnet.

Other evidence collected was catching shadow figures out of the corner of their eye weren't count by the team, they only counted it if a person saw something visual straight on. They also had K2 hits all through the night, where the meter would peg into the red and then just stop. Whatever was putting the device into the red, seemed to be following them around most of the night.

The most spectacular EVP was in the 'conference room' where supposedly kid ghosts would hang out. They got several recordings where it sounded like kids giggling, another really great EVP when Parker was setting his recorder on the table telling the kids they could talk into the device. Over the top of his voice was a very loud small kid voice saying, "What? That's COOL!" The last thing that happened, was a flashlight, with its bell hanging over the edge of the table, rolled up ONTO the table, defying gravity. The team was happier than hell with the results they had gathered. They loved investigating the old hospital.


Emily was feeling like a seasoned investigator by the time August rolled around. In the middle of the month the team got a call from a frantic woman who lived alone in a house she just bought and complained she was getting touched all the time. Touched sexually. She was at the end of her wits and didn't have money to sell her house which would have been at a loss, and need the team to come in and figure out what was going on.

During the interview phase the woman admitted to the team, that the touches usually came when she was naked. In the shower, taking a bath, sleeping (she slept in the nude), and when she would hang around the in the living room in her underwear. It was obvious to the team that the woman was distraught, not trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Since the team always launched an investigation with a bit of skepticism, it really didn't matter whether she was or not.

The woman went to stay over at her friend's house, giving the team the full run of the 3 bedroom home. So, Aaron, Parker, Nick, Justin and Emily started setting up for the investigation. Since the majority of activity was around the master bedroom. The team set up three XCams in a triangle with a complete view of every corner of the room. There was one pointing up towards the bed, and two on the far corners on the bed wall pointing back towards the bathroom.

The fourth cam went into the master bath with a view of the shower, bath and sink. The remaining 4 cameras from the 8 camera set were set up in the rest of the house, especially the living room, the other reported hot spot. The team had new devices called REM-PODs that were static EMF detectors that made an audible noise when the EMF around it rose to a certain level. The last piece of equipment they set up a motion detector across the floor at the end of the bed.

Since the ghost seemed to like to harass the single woman in the house, they decided that they were going to use Emily as a main trigger to get the ghost to reveal itself. They were going to have her hang out in the bedroom on the bed, and in the master bathroom. The team knew if they were going to get the ghost to come out and play, it would be Emily that got it to do it.

As the sun went down, the whole team felt that the house was just 'creepy'. It could be described as an oppressive heavy feeling. Normally a feeling they only got in truly haunted locations.

Usually, with a residence like this, they only sent in a 2 people at a time into the house to cut down on contamination. But, because the focus of the entity was a woman, they pretty much had Emily inside all the time.

By midnight, they got a few hits on the EMF devices and twice the motion detector was kicked off while Emily was laying on her back on the bed. But as far as personal experiences, there was nothing yet. They had a spirit box session, and got a couple utterances, one said, "Pretty." Another declared the ghost was "Horny." They all joked, "Imagine that an aroused ghost."

Since the haunting involved a single woman living alone, Emily was determined to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Emily lived with her parents still, and would continue to during the upcoming school year while she attended the 'U'. She planned on majoring in Nursing, and had been accepted for fall enrollment into the program. She could just imagine what it was like for the poor homeowner, living alone in a haunted house.

Without any corroborating evidence to validate the woman's story. Emily decided to take it to the next level. According to the woman, it only happened when she was in her underwear or more often, completely naked. So Emily told the team, "I think I'm going to take my tee-shirt and jean's off. I don't want you idiots drooling all over the cameras if I do, okay. She had gotten to know the guys really well over the last half year, and felt pretty comfortable around them. Stripping down to her bra and panties wasn't much different than wearing her bikini, which was skimpier in her mind. They would probably get a thrill out of seeing her in her undies, but they would stay professional about it. She hoped.

Aaron and the team agreed with her, that she welcome to do more to draw out the entity, to seduce it into making a move. So Emily stood up in front of three XCams in the dark room, and pulled her tee-shirt over her head. Then she kicked off her tennis shoes, and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She wiggled out of the denim garment and sat on the bed so she could pull them off her ankles. Now, with her just in her bra and bikini cut panties, she laid back on the bed again.

Within minutes she gasped and sat up. She called out, "Nick, are you still out there?" Nick was in the hallway, just outside the door. He was filming around the room with an infrared video camera. Nick assured her he was. Emily reported, "Um, something just caressed my shoulder and arm. It felt just like fingers. Then she called out in the room to the team watching the XCams, "Aaron, bring the FLIR in and set it up. I think we're are starting to get some activity, and it feels about 10 degrees colder in here now."

Over the next 10 minutes, Aaron set up the FLIR in the corner of the room pointing at the bed. With her outer clothing off, he was amazed at how much brighter Emily's image was on the device, not to mention on how much more detailed her features were. He tried to stay professional, but Emily was a hot looking girl, and he couldn't help but study her form on the screen.

Once set up, Aaron withdrew to go back to the command post so he could observe what happened to Emily. Within minutes of him leaving, a REM-POD went off, and the motion detector kept going on and off. It was almost like something was pacing at the end of the bed. Emily could feel goose bumps all over her body, normally a sign of high EMF around her body, but in her case, she just figured it was from being half naked in front of 4 guys.

Whatever was in the room with her was staying back, it had touched her the once, but not again. So she decided to step up the game, she was sure she was going to regret what she was about to do, but she felt she owed the poor scared homeowner some answers. Not particularly being the most modest of individuals, she announce to the team, "I'm going to take a shower." She heard Nick gasp, she was sure the rest of the team was astounded with her plan also. So, she jumped up off the bed and set the motion detector off when she went to the door and turned on the light.

The video cams flared out as the room lite up, but soon adjusted to the new light levels and showed a skimpily clad Emily going over to the armoire. She was looking for a towel and not finding one, she walked in her magenta bra and panties into the bathroom turning the light on as she went. She found the towels in a small closet behind the door. While the light was still on, she turned on the shower adjusting the temperature. Then she went back out into the bedroom and grabbed up the closest camera, and took back in with her into the bath, she set it up directly across from the shower pointing in. She went back out into the bedroom and turned off the overhead light, and then darted back inside the bathroom heading for the shower.

Then she turned to the camera and looked into it and giggled nervously, she said, "Okay, you guys, I want ya'll to think about a big ugly football player, okay?" With that as she trembled, she reached back and unhooked her bra, freeing her 'B' cup sized breasts. The guys got a straight on shot of her lovely globes and her pink, very pink nipples. There wasn't much areole, because they were all bunch up to make her nipples stick out as hard as cherry pits.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, Emily moved her hands to her hips and grabbed the waist band of her magenta panties and tugged them down her legs. When she stood back up, she was right in front of the camera facing it, and the guys got a close up look at her chocolate brown triangle of pubic hair and the structure of her marvelous pussy underneath. Emily kept herself well-trimmed, so she was a real sight. Every guy in the control room's mouth dropped open seeing a completely naked Emily glide over to the light switch and turn out the light.

The IR kicked back in and the vision of her lightly tanned body, turned into the normal green image they usually saw while recording during an investigation. With the camera's being High Definition, even in the black, green and white image, Emily's features were plain as day, the illuminators light her up like a spotlight. If anything, it defined what was between her legs more vividly. She had a long cleft that was split by her labia from top to bottom. Underneath, in another close-up as she hung her towel, they could see her fluffy inner lips puffing out between her legs. It seemed like in just minutes, the ghost hunt turned into porn show.

Emily stepped into the shower. She was totally aroused knowing that as she took off all her cloths, that three guys were standing by the command post watching her every move, seeing her complete nakedness. She was trying to stay professional about it, but the thought of being watched was starting to drive up her ardor. Not only did she have warm water pouring over her shoulders, but she felt herself getting hot and puffy between her legs, the shower wasn't the only thing making her wet.

Emily started to soap up, going through the motions of taking a shower. Then all of a sudden she squeaked out, "Holy shit guys, something just grabbed my butt!"

This got the attention of 4 horny guys back to the business at hand. Nick had moved up to the bathroom door, and was filming Emily as she washed herself in the glass enclosure. He had the camera on close-up and told Emily, "Turn around so I can put the camera on your butt. Let's see if it does it again."

Emily giggled nervously, "Um, sure." She turned around and seconds later she squeaked again, she called out, "It's doing it again! Only this time it's keeping its hands on my bottom. It's playing with my butt!"

She heard over Nick's walkie-talkie Aaron say, "Okay, Nick, get her out of there!"

Emily held out her hand in the dark, she could barely see, but she knew which way Nick's voice was coming from, and the radio. She called out, "NO! Let see what happens. It hasn't hurt me, it's just doing a little grabbing, thats all." Personally, the whole idea of a ghost grabbing her bare ass was turning the 18 year old girl on.

Whatever it was continued to rub her butt cheeks, massaging them. It felt just like hands. She couldn't believe that an entity could be that strong to give her that kind of sensation.

Nick called out, "Holy shit guys, I think I can see her butt cheeks moving! They're moving all on their own! Just like someone is kneading her ass!"

Emily called out, "Hey guys, um, uh, I think I'm going to shut the shower off and move to the bed again. Let's see it this stuff continues."

The walkie squawked an Aaron reluctantly agreed to it. He said, "If the thing makes one wrong move Emily, I want you out of there, do you hear me?"

Emily said, "Um, Okay. She was starting to feel pretty steamy from the butt massage. She wondered what else the thing was capable of. She felt around outside the shower stall until she found the towel and began to dry herself off, the XCam giving the three guys in the control room a show again. She was one big mass of goose bumps by the time she was done. She called out to Nick, "Do you feel all the energy that's in the room?"

Nick confirmed it, "Yes, it feels like lightening is about ready to strike, I have goose bumps and my hair is standing on end."

Emily giggled, "Okay, so it isn't just me."

Dried, Emily moved toward the bedroom, feeling her way in the dark. Nick backed up and moved back into the doorway into the bedroom, continuing to video Emily close up. Emily gasped and then giggled and said, "Oh hell, it's playing with my tits now!" Nick moved his DVR up onto her breasts and zoomed in. Other than the fact her nipples were standing out hard and proud, he couldn't see any evidence of what she was experiencing.

Emily set off the motion detector again climbing onto the bed. She crawled up on top of the covers and sprawled out on her back. The REM-PODs started going off again, as the energy in the room seemed to double. Emily reported back, "It's on my breasts again! Oh my goodness, whatever it is, it knows what it's doing. It feels like it's sucking my nipples. Holy shit!" She bit her lower lip feeling the sensation on her boobs.

Then she called out, "Oh wow, I can feel it stroking my sides and my tummy. I think this thing wants to make love! Holy shit, I'm getting foreplay by a fucking ghost!"

Aaron back at command post was just seconds from pulling the plug. This was just strange as hell and in his opinion, dangerous. As far as paranormal activity it was off the charts. Nothing he heard of or read about ever talked about anything like this happening to anyone. Then a totally astonished Parker said, "Holy cow man, let's make sure we record this with everything we have. This is beyond paranormal, this is almost Hollywood strange!" Aaron decided to let what was happening proceed.

Emily was starting to sound breathy as she spoke, "Um, uh, oh shit, um, guys, I feel what feels like fingers in my pubic hair! I think it's about ready to feel me up!"

Nick called out all excited, "Oh shit! I can see her hair moving. It really looks like someone is running their fingers through her pubic hair!" Emily just moaned.

Emily was dumbfounded, it felt just like a guy was making love to her. All the sensations were the same, except there seemed to be an extra energy about it, the feelings she was having was physical, and electrical at the same time. The touches were light to moderate, but with a tingling to them. She was so fucking aroused, that she felt like she was ready to cum.

The sensation of fingers in her hair moved down. Emily automatically spread her legs as the finger sensation moved through her lips. She could feel it ruffle through her labia, and then it move up and down through her cleft and it felt like a vibrator was on her pussy. As it touched her clit, she started to feel like she was going to have an orgasm.

As she spread her legs, the camera at the end of the bed caught it all. She opened up like a flower, the guys in the control room were torn between being astounded with what was happening, and the desire to pull out their cocks and beat off. What was on the monitor was simply as hot as it got.

Emily, whose voice was breathy and shaking announced, "It's rubbing me between the legs at the same time it seems to be sucking on my breasts. Oh gawd it feels so fucking good!"

The young men watch in fascination as Emily experienced what appeared to be an incubus making love to her on camera! An incubus was a mythological being, a spirit that came in the night and would make love to unsuspecting victims. Up until that evening they always considered an incubus a total fantasy, something invented to cover peoples indiscretions.

Emily's hips were writhing and she was rocking them up against the unseen fingers. With the vibrator effect all around her clit, she gasped out, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" She squealed out in pure pleasure aching her back. She began to shake uncontrollably on the bed, looking almost like she was having an epileptic fit. She squeezed her thighs together as her legs shook. She moaned out and squeaked in pleasure. Finally, she started to relax back into the bed. She said, "I hope you're fucking recording every second of this! Oh, my, GAWD!"
Then she squealed out, "Oh shit, it's crawling up between my legs! I can feel it. OH SHIT! I just licked me! It licked me right up one side of my pussy! There! The other side. It just licked me on the other side!"

The guys could see her trembling on the screen. She was obviously extremely aroused and not a one of them would have accused her of faking the orgasm she just had.

Emily continued to describe what was happening to her as it unfolded, "Oh shit, guys, this thing knows how to lick pussy! Oh my fucking hell! It's got what feels like his mouth sucking on my labia!"

Nick called out, "She's laying still, but her pussy lips are moving. There is something there, it's really playing with her vagina!"

Emily, going into nursing giggled, "Vulva, Nick, not vagina! The vagina is what's inside, the vulva is the outside, and this thing knows how to lick a girls lips, oh my fucking goodness! OH SHIT, It sucking my clit and twirling it with its tongue!"

Emily started wiggling her hips again, whatever was happening to her was driving her wild. Then she started the humping motion again. Rocking her hips up, trying to drive them into an invisible face. She screeched out and went into a second climax. Her body arching and shaking all over the bed. She was giggling and moaning and squeaking all at the same time as her pleasure radiated from a spasmodic pussy out through her body!

Emily writhed on the bed for a good 30 to 40 seconds before she calmed down. Emily declared, "Oh shit, I've had a couple guys in bed, but compared to this thing, they were just amateurs." She panted, "He's still licking me and sucking my lips. It felt just like he put his tongue in my hole to licked off all my juices, this fucker has a tongue the size of a normal penis!" Pausing, "Oh, my, goodness, this is so fucking erotic, I can't believe it. What did you say this thing was again Aaron? An Incubus?"

Aaron came back over the walkie, "Yes, that's what I think this thing is." Then he added, "Feel free to bail on this thing any time you want, Emily. We have more than enough evidence!"

Emily panted out, "Not on your life. This thing isn't finished and neither am I, oh my gawd is this thing good or what?"

After another really spectacular orgasm, Emily spread her legs wide and said, "Oh hell, I think it's time for the main event guys!" Then she gasped and grabbed hands full of blanket. She gasped out, "Oh my gawd guys, I just felt it enter me! I feel so fucking full! It feels like it's got a 10 inch fucking cock! And it's all the way up inside me! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! This thing is fucking me! Oh my hell, I can feel its flange on the head of its cock sliding up and down against the walls of my vagina! Oh gawd, oh shit, oh hell, oh my goodness, that feels so fucking good! I can feel its weight on my tummy. If feels like a full sized guy. I'm being fucked by a fucking ghost!" Then she howled out in delight, "I'm going to cum again guys! OH FUCK!" She started to writhe in pleasure all over again, only it was like something was on top of her dampening some of the thrashing she did before."

Aaron called out on the walkie, "Nick, tell me what the FLIR is picking up!"

Nick moved to the camera and called back on the walkie, all excited, "There is an orange blob right above her! It looks like someone riding her, it extends down between her legs!"

The something remarkable happened and it was all caught on the 3 XCams, and Nick's DVR. She wrapped her legs up and around something totally invisible, but they determined its contours by how her legs wrapped around it. And her legs were moving up and down in rhythm just like someone was between her legs fucking her. Her feet were pushing against an invisible butt, forcing the entity deeper and deeper inside her vagina. She was making 'Ungh, ungh, ungh' sounds with each invisible thrust. She had her head turned to the side, her eyes were closed and her mouth open. Occasionally she would whimper or moan. Then she got off again.

Then her eyes sprang open, and she gasped out, "It's tugging on me. It wants me to get up on my hands and knees I think!" She rolled over and got in position and she announce, "He's putting his cock in me again! Oh hell, I can't believe how he stretches me out, can you see any of it at all?"

Nick called out, "Her vaginal opening is open and looks like a round hole, about like a big thick cock is inside her!"

The young men watched as Emily panted and rocked forward and back. They could see indentations on the sides of her hips, like whatever the entity was holding her hips as it fucked her. She declared, "This is so nice! I can feel him slapping against my bottom as his cock slides in and out. But he keeps pulling completely out of me and then reinserting himself. Wow, I'm going to have to tell my next living partner to try this. It's fucking fantastic!"

Nick reported, "Oh shit guys, I can hear it. It's making a wet slurping kind of sound that' coming from their fucking!"

So, the 18 year old girl stayed on the bed on her hands and knees for nearly 15 minutes while the entity continued to pound its cock deep up inside her pussy. And Emily loved every second of it. Then her eyes sprang open and she yelped, "Oh my fucking goodness. I can feel it throbbing inside me! This fucking thing is ejaculating inside my vagina and I can feel it pulsing against my walls!" Then she squeaked out, "Aaron! This thing can't really cum can it?!"

Over the walkie, Aaron answered, "I don't have a clue, Emily. Maybe you should get out of there just in case!"

Emily giggled, "It's to fucking late for that now! He's cumming inside me right now, it's already happening. It feels like he's spurting too, but I'm not sure what that it might be. Ectosperm? All I know is that if feels terrific!"

All of a sudden, Emily collapsed onto the bed, she muttered, "Okay, he's gone!" She giggled, "He didn't even kiss me goodbye!" She stretched her long svelte body out, and then promptly feel asleep, it had the best sex she ever had. Not that she had all that many up to that point, but this had been marvelous.

The team just let her sleep, the recorders watching as the naked girl tossed and turned on the bed. The rest of the crew analyzed evidence all through the rest of the night. Finally as the sun was coming up, Justin went in and shook his cousin awake. He thought his naked cousin looked beautiful in a just fucked kind of way, he felt vaguely uneasy that he had a boner the whole time Em was getting fucked. The morning light was spilling through the window and Emily looked gorgeous, he was tempted to crawl in bed with the girl himself. Em was tall, lithe, and naked as the day she was born.

She sat up and stretched, oblivious that she was sitting naked in front of her cousin. All the cameras had been packed away and the team was ready to leave. Emily said to Justin, "Tell me it was just a dream."

Justin looked his pretty cousin in the eyes and very somberly told her, "No, afraid not. We caught it all on video. It looks like to us that you were really fucking a ghost." Then he pulled out his recorder. He said, "Not a single class 'B' or 'C' EVP. That's strange as hell, because we get dozens of them waiting for a class 'A', but we caught three class 'A' voices around the time when you collapsed onto the bed, just when it was done.

Justin played it for her. The first one said, "Thanks, Emily!" 10 seconds later, it said, "That was fun." Another minute later, the same voice, "Let's do it again sometime."

Emily jumped up and went into the bathroom to retrieve her underwear.

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