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Best online BDSM illegal sexstories
It's a beautiful day as I pull up in front of your apartment. My heart is pounding with anticipation. It's been much too long.

I approach the door and notice an envelope marked "Read me, slut" taped to the front. I open it up and find a note that says, "Unzip your pants, pull your cock out, ring the bell. Then put your hands behind your back and wait." Now my heart is beating even faster, but I have no choice but to obey.

I do as instructed. It seems like an eternity, standing there and waiting, my cock twitching in the breeze. Finally you open the door. "What a fucking pervert you are," you sneer. "I should call the authorities and report you. Get in here before the neighbors see you, whore."

I step inside and you immediately thrust your tongue into my mouth and let your fingers dance over my already throbbing dick. I feel like I'm going to burst!

"Put your dick away, then strip down to your boxers and follow me," you instruct. I get out of my clothes and follow you through the kitchen. We head outside and you sit down at the patio table and take out a cigarette, then instruct me to light it. I do so, feeling incredibly vulnerable standing out there in just my boxers. You squeeze and prod me through my boxers for a couple of minutes before telling me to sit, while you enjoy your cigarette.

"Take your cock out and stroke it," you command once I'm seated. I'm hard as a rock and slowly run my hand up and down the shaft. "Play with it and put on a little show for me while I finish my cigarette," are your instructions. I do so, all the while hoping that no one walks by. Occasionally, you nudge my balls with your toes, taunting me about what a pervert I am for jerking off in your backyard.

After you finish, you tell me it's time to head upstairs. We get up from the table and you tell me that before we go in, I am to remove the boxers. My face flushes as I lower them and hand them to you. Standing there completely naked, you laugh, once again telling me what a fucking pervert I am.

You usher me in the house and up the stairs in front of you, slapping my ass along the way.

Once in the bedroom, you have me lay face up, my head toward the foot of the bed. You put a blindfold on me and then proceed to tie me, spread-eagle to the bed. You tie me in such a way that I can't close my legs or arms, but you can get me to move a bit forward or back in the bed. Initially, you have me lying with my head off the edge of the bed. "Don't go away," you say as I hear you leave the room, giggling.

I lay there and wait, my cock at attention, until I finally hear you return.

I feel your hot breath as you whisper in my ear, "Now whore, you're going to please me. Don't fail me or you'll be sorry." With that, you stick your tongue in my ear, causing an audible moan to escape my lips. "Stick your tongue out, slut," you instruct. I do so, and the next thing I know your asshole sinks right down onto it. I hear a little gasp from you, as I begin to service your ass.

Over the next hour, you use me for your enjoyment. Sometimes with my head off the bed, and sometimes with it on, maneuvering me into whatever position you feel gives you the most pleasure. You use my mouth and tongue in your ass and pussy, you make me suck your clit and your nipples. You mash your juicy pussy all over my face, making it glisten with your wetness.

Several times, you drench my cock in lube and stroke it, slowly and deliberately, bringing me close to orgasm. The lube drives me crazy and every time you stop before I get too close to the edge, laughing when I thrust my hips at nothing, trying desperately to reach that edge.

After you've cum several times and covered my face in your juices, you announce that you're hungry. You untie me and tell me to get dressed, but not to put on my underwear.

I go downstairs (where my clothes are) and do as instructed. A few minutes later, you come downstairs, dressed in a long skirt and tight blouse that shows off your magnificent tits.

"Like what you see, slut?" you ask.

"Yes, Mistress," I reply with a visible gulp.

"Then you're going to love this," you say as you lift the skirt to show me your gorgeous and naked pussy underneath.

You give my hardness a playful squeeze through my pants and say, "Let's go. You're driving."

We walk out to my car and get in. You give me directions as we go. While I drive you rub my dick through my pants. I begin to worry that too much pre-cum will stain my light pants.

We end up at a nearby chain restaurant. We head inside and are seated at a booth. You immediately slip off your sandals and stretch your leg out under the table, putting a foot in my lap, pressing on my hardness. I let out a little moan and you giggle, sarcastically asking if something is wrong.

The waitress comes over and asks if we'd like anything to drink. You order us each a beer.

Shortly, she returns with our drinks and asks if we're ready to order. You don't allow me to say a word as you order salads for us both. She asks what type of dressing we want, and you tell her that you'll have yours with Italian, and I'll have mine without any. She looks at me with a puzzled look, but shrugs and walks away.

After she leaves, you take a sip of your beer. When I reach for my mug, you tell me not to touch it. You get up from the table with your drink and walk away, leaving me wondering.

A few minutes later, you return to our booth, your beer still in hand. You sit down at the table and give me an evil grin, making my heart race. You take my beer and give me yours. You raise the mug and say, "Cheers", waiting for me to take my drink. I pick it up and notice that I don't have a frosty beer. In fact, the mug is warm!! My eyes widen as the realization hits me that you've dumped my beer and filled my mug with your pee!!

You laugh at my horror saying, "You will drink the entire mug by the end of our meal."

Your foot goes back in my crotch where it remains throughout our meal, keeping me on edge.

When the waitress returns with our salads, you take a bite of yours and tell me that it's very good. I take a bite of my dry salad and make a face.

" poor thing. I forgot that you have no dressing. Here, let me fix that for you."

You reach into your purse and pull out a small vial.

"My friend Steve was nice enough to spend the last few days preparing some dressing for you."

You pour out the vial all over my salad, and I can see that it is some other man's gooey cum!!

You give a wicked giggle and proclaim, "Bon Appétit!!"

I stare at my meal in horror, unable to take a bite.

"Get busy eating, bitch!" you command. "You should be happy that I'm not making you drink it right from Steve's cock....this time."

I take a small, tentative bite, and realize that I've got no choice but to get it all down.

As we get toward the end, your foot in my crotch becomes more active and my breathing becomes short and labored. You are getting me very close and I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

The waitress returns to ask about dessert. We begin to order and your foot keeps pressing my hard-on until I can't take it anymore. You make me cum in my pants with the waitress standing right at our table! I do all I can to keep my composure and can only hope she doesn't know what happened. She walks away and you once again giggle at my predicament. However, your foot stays in my lap, still pushing, making sure to rub the load of cum I just gushed all over my pants.

After dessert we get up to go and you tell me I am to walk in front of you and keep my hands at my sides. To my horror, I realize that there is a giant cum stain in the front of my pants which is completely visible to anyone as we walk out of the restaurant and back to my van.

Once at the van, you instruct me to take one of the middle seats out, leaving a big space between the front and rear seats. After I do so, you get into the rear seat and tell me to get in, close the door, and get on my knees. After the door slides shut, you turn around leaning over the rear seat and pull up your skirt.

"Get your tongue in my ass, fuck-face!" you demand.

I lean forward and spread your magnificent ass cheeks and plunge my tongue into your tasty hole. For the next 10 minutes, you have me lick and suck you from behind until you once again cum on my face.

After you recover from your orgasm, you tell me to give you the keys and get in the front passenger seat. You get behind the wheel and then tell me to drop my pants to my ankles and recline the seat. I do so.

"Now, stroke that cock for me, all the way home, whore."

By the time we get back to your apartment, I once again have a raging hard-on.

"Pull up your pants before my neighbors see you, you fucking pervert." I get them up and we go back inside.

You sit down on the couch and tell me to come over. You undo my pants and drop them, leaving my cock poking out at you. You take it gently in your mouth and I am in heaven. You have the most exquisite mouth and tongue, and for the next 5 minutes, you show me just how good you are. You work my cock over until I am ready to burst, but stop just short, leaving me unfulfilled.

"Sorry, slut, that's it for you today. Now get on your knees and kiss my feet and thank me."

I do as I'm told, kissing each toe and bathing your feet with my tongue. After a couple of minutes you tell me to stand and do up my pants.

You stand and whisper in my ear, "Did you enjoy yourself, slut?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress!" I moan.

You massage my erection through my pants, making me shudder.

"Do you want to cum again, whore?" you ask.

"Ooooh, please, Mistress."

You laugh.

"Not a chance, you fucking pussy. Now get the fuck out of my house."

I turn and walk out the door, and I can hear your taunting laugh in my ears all the way home.

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