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He got a nice as...Boyfriend sexstories in english
The first semester of 1983 was fairly uneventful. Amber was settling into college.

I had to do a year at our local Junior College so I traveled most weekends to pick her up. We occasionally stayed in her dorm room some weekends.

The typical teenage fucking and sucking is what we accomplished.

In reflecting back, the first memorable experience with Amber during that school year was Valentines day 1984.

We got concert tickets to CheapTrick/HeadEast concert and then made plans to get a motel room.

I had a surprise for her as well. VCRs were becoming popular, however we did not own one.

A person could rent a VCR at a rental place as well as the movies. Everyone probably remembers they came in a suitcase and weighed about 50 pounds.

We had an independent rental place in a nearby town that rented pornos. I had only seen one and not all the way through.

Talk about a rush!! Going to rent pornos and walking through the aisles in the back room, looking at all the covers. I was so nervous I couldn't talk. I finally made my selections and tried to time it where there weren't any other customers at the counter.

I got the VCR in the trunk and headed out for the 2 hour drive.

I rented the room and got everything set up.

Amber met me at the bottom of her dorm tower and god what a sight! It had been a couple of weeks since I had seen her but she was hot! She's like mom , doesn't dress up often but she did tonight.

She had on a mini skirt with boots and a tight sweater with her nipples showing as it was cold outside. I rubbed my hand over one of them as she got in and realized she didn't have a bra on.

"This is quite inappropriate young lady. Do you make it a practice not wearing a bra?"

"I'm wearing one" she says giggling.

"Where's it at in your pocket?"

"It's a shelf bra! Stupid."

"Let me see it."

Amber looks around as we pull out onto the road and flashes me real quick.

She has on a black bra completely exposing her tits. First I've ever seen. I could cum in like 10 seconds with just a little help.

She scoots over next to me and says "I couldn't afford the panties, they were crotchless."

"Oh, that's cool" I responded a little disappointed.

"So I decided not to wear any" as she inches up her skirt to show me her bare pussy that I've conquered many times.

We had a few hours before the concert and headed back to the motel.

Getting in the room I started the VCR as I had it qued to a great spot.

A blonde was squatted down playing with her pussy while sucking on a cock.

"WHAT! Where'd you get this?"

"Rented it" I responded as I ran my hand under Ambers' sweater feeling her tit.

I moved to the end of the bed and sat down pulling her onto my lap.

"That's so nasty" Amber says.

"You've done that same thing a hundred times."

"I know but did I look like that?"

"You looked 10 times better!"

About that time the guy starts cumming and it's running out of her mouth and she's smearing it around for effect.

"That's so nasty, is that what I look like?"

"Usually you swallow. It's more practical."

"She looks like she loves that stuff." Amber states as we watch the girl licking cum and moaning, sucking up the puddles in a lustful fit.

"Why do guys like girls to eat their cum?" Amber asks.

I've wormed my middle finger completely up her little fuck hole and just planted it there.

"Well," I stall, trying to think of the most honest answer.

"If you think about it, sex is all about the woman. A guy goes crazy over everything about a girl. The smell of her hair, her neck, the curve of her legs gives a hard-on to most guys."

"If a guy compliments a girl; such as your skin is so fucking smooth, or your hair smells great girls love it right? Not to mention things like I love kissing you or you pussy is so wet, or your ass is so fucking hot."

"Mmm, mmm, yeah"

"Well if you tell a guy he's got a nice ass or a great pair of legs, do you think he's going to feel the same way you do? I know I'm not. I'll appreciate it but it's not going to make me horny like it makes a girl, right?"

"OKAY," she draws out.

"The only way a guy feels hot or fully believes the girl is into him and not just her own orgasm is if she's crazy about his cock, or like that girl there, acting like she's enjoying his cum."

It's pretty powerful. It's like a guy is marking his territory. A guy wants to believe the girl really loves his cum."

"I never thought about it like that" Amber says as she slips to her knees searching for my cock.

Amber swallows me to the bottom and holds it, just using her tongue and cheeks to massage me. Pulling off she catches a breath and says, "I want this thing everywhere."

"Cool" I offer as I feel her engulf me again.

I can tell I'm about to cum, I've been horny all day in anticipation. Amber can tell as well and pulls off. She pushes me down on the mattress and straddles me staying on her feet.

Her boots sinking into the mattress as she uses her hands on my chest for balance and begins impaling her soaking pussy on my cock. her pussy visible as she has pushed her skirt up to her waist.

This erotic scene plus the angle of her pussy sends me over the edge and I start cumming.

Amber stops moving about halfway up my cock and lets me cum which I didn't think was going to stop.

After I calmed down Amber pulled off me, twirled around and cleaned up my cock with her tongue not missing a spot.

Standing up she smoothed her skirt as I was getting back together.

"You ready to go?" Amber asks

"Sure." I noticed she didn't go in the bathroom to clean up. I almost asked if she needed to, instead I headed to the door keeping my mouth shut.

Walking behind her to the elevator all I could think about was she had a load of my cum up her and no panties on her shaved pussy. I was in heaven!

As the doors closed Amber attacks me pushing me against the side kissing me and trying to hump my leg. She obviously was horny as hell.

Pulling off my mouth she looks me in the eye and says seriously; "Jamie Brown I promise as long as we're together I will never spit your cum out and wipe off only when necessary."

"That sounds like some type of kinky sex marriage vows."

Ramming her tongue back in my mouth she yanked my hand into her cum filled cunt. My finger easily went up her.

She pulled off again saying; "Whatever you want it to mean, is okay with me."

The door dinged at that time and she turned around quickly expelling my finger.

Exiting, I put my arm around her shoulder pulling her toward me as we walked to the front door. She turned and sucked in my finger cleaning it off for me.

Amber was true to her word. All our years together she has always swallowed. In fact we have turned her cum filled pussy into our private kink. She's taken it everywhere, church, restaurants, ball games, parties, etc. Getting back to that Valentines night, the concert was great. We snuck in booze and got a couple of hits off a guy's joint. Amber was getting loose. Letting me feel her up. I was openly groping her breasts on the outside of her sweater as she leaned back into me.

We were on the floor and everybody had to stand and you still couldn't see much. I'm sure we've all been there at some point.

I moved my hand down to her skirt and gently ran it to her pussy. She didn't flinch.

So there I was fingering my girls' cum filled pussy at a CheapTrick/HeadEast concert in plain sight. The lights were changing constantly, but if you wanted to see you could.

I felt her hips start moving and knew she was getting into it. This went on for a while and she pulled away just at the point of no return.

"That's enough" she says pulling me out and smiling. Getting to the truck after the concert, Amber was all over me as I was trying to drive.

"I've got to cum Jamie, I'm so fucking horny!"

I ran my hand down her back and tapped on her ass to raise it. I slid my hand under her and her juices and my cum were leaking out heavily.

"OH FUCK JAMIE That feels so good!" as she grinds on my hand.

I don't try any particular technique just jam 2 fingers in and let her grind away as we try to exit the parking lot bumper to bumper.

As she's grinding I can feel her ass hole on my thumb. With all of the juices flowing her ass is giving up. We've never messed with the back door but I had been teasing her about it. So I decided to go for it.

It was just natural to raise my thumb up on her next up thrust and when she came back down it went partially in.

She raised up but it took her pussy off my fingers and when she tried to seek satisfaction my thumb again entered her ass.

"Come on Amber, if you want it you got to earn it."

"Your so fucking mean Jamie, I'm so horny!" she squealed as she finally started grinding on my thumb working it up her ass and my fingers came back into contact with her pussy.

She's really grinding now and both holes are getting reamed.

"Oh god Jamie that feels so good" saying as she grabs the dash board. She can't bounce like she is wanting to and puts her right leg under her, where her knee is on the seat and left foot still on the floor board.

She purposely starts humping my hand now. She's bouncing high enough where my fingers are coming out and going back in slick as a whistle and she's loving it. Plunging harder each time. Amber starts her squealing and commenting as she nears her orgasm.

"I'm cumming -- I'm Cumming" Amber announces as she thrusts down one last time ramming my thumb up her ass and grinding it in a circular motion as my fingers massage her clit between them.

"Oh don't take it out that feels so good" Amber says as she leans back. But I had to move my hand or she's gonna break it.

The only thing I could think about was trying that with mom and wondering if she has ever done it.

Getting back to the motel, we turned the VCR on and fucked and sucked all night. Everybody probably remembers their first time with porn and how the adrenaline rush is so strong it almost makes you nauseous.

Between fucks we would turn the tape back on and watch , getting horny again.

Amber commented during one intermission, "There's a strip club with women and men over at Carbondale. A lot of people go over there on the weekends."

"Cool, do you want to go sometime?"

"Sure. According to one of the girls on my floor the girls can watch the girls but the boys can't watch the boys."

"Well, that sounds about right" getting an elbow in the ribs.

I wore my welcome out about 3:00 in the morning as I was fucking Amber's pussy for a countless time. I had cum in her twice and fucked the hell out of it.

She started crying begging me to hurry as she was hurting and burning.

What a power trip when your girl begs you to finish cause your big cock is hurting her.

I had been fingering her ass all night like a kid with a new toy. I had it up her now as she rode me.

"Can I fuck your ass?"

"Yeah sure, anything's bound to feel better than this!"

Amber falls backward pulling off my cock. Pushing Amber's legs up and wide I can see her bright red gaping pussy.

"I think you've ruined me." She moans.

Ambers' pussy is open but not half as big as mom's.

"How do you want to do it?"

"I don't care, just make it wet"

"Roll over" I ask pushing on her hip and getting her to her knees.

I start Licking her ass knowing it needs a thorough soaking. I drop numerous loads of spit until it's rolling off her pussy. Her ass has had my finger in it all night so I immediately go for two.

Amber's body is so petite and firm I love feeling her. I am just rubbing her back in a massaging manner as I gently finger her ass.

I'm crazy about this girl. No way am I gonna hurt her.

"Can you cum again?" I ask as I gently start on her clit.

"No I don't think so. Quit that I'm really sensitive." She says pulling my fingers away.

"We don't have to do this. Do you want to stop?"

"No, I want to. I've been wanting to see what it feels like and now's a good time. Do it.

I start relubing her ass getting ready. Getting behind her with my fingers still buried in her ass, I spit in my free hand and lube my cock really good.

I quickly realize my hard-on is sticking straight up. This angle isn't gonna work. Getting on my feet I lean over her back to get the line right.

"Guide it in, I can't do it."

I can feel Amber's hand find my cock and slide it through her lubed up crack settling my head in her hole.

Amber gently pulls my cock and I flex my hips and slide in her well lubed and loose ass.

Pushing further she grunts and falls forward on the mattress pulling off me.

I've got to be more aggressive to make this work and fall on her. This reminds me of the time I watched dad fuck mom.

"Do it again." I instruct Amber.

I can feel her once again take my cock and slide it into position. I plunge in this time without waiting for her tug. Amber yelps and tries to use her hands on my hip but she can't stop me as I push, pinning her to the bed. "Please, stop. Go Slower" Amber pleads.

What is it about fucking ass that brings out a little meanness? I learned in seconds how powerful this position is.

Seconds ago I was being thoughtful of her and now the first taste of her ass and animalistic tendencies surge through me.

Ignoring her I pull out and plunge down hearing her grunt and try to plead as I take her breath away with another extraction.

For some reason the grimace on her face and her uncontrollable noises are turning me on far more than the tight vice around my cock.

I want her to know I'm fucking her ass and I own her and I welcome her pain. Where is this coming from? Conflicting thoughts are flashing through my head. But I know what I want the most.

Grabbing her hair and pulling her head up I want her to experience her assfucking my way and not seeking solace in the mattress.

I'm laying completely on her back not pulling out much but plunging as hard in as I can and every grunt from her excites me more. Pulling her head back enough I plant a kiss.

She can't respond too well put I plunge my tongue in her mouth wanting her to feel my power. Pulling off I sucked her bottom lip in and bit it hard and let go, hearing her squeal.

"Oh god Amber your such a fucking slut" I whisper in her ear as I plunge down again.

"You're a nasty little slut aren't you?" Where is this coming from? I've never called her a slut or tried to humiliate her but I can't stop it.

"Answer me, say it. " whispering in her ear.

" I'm your slut" she grunts out as I plunge into her again.

"Please hurry" Amber asks.

"Shut up Amber. I think I'm gonna fuck your ass all night. I'm loving this." I said and just rooted my cock around in her letting her feel my lust.

"It's hurting."

Raising up I pull completely out but place my hand on her back with all my weight letting her know she's not going anywhere and quickly drop two loads of spit on my cock and find her open hole again plunging in slicker than ever.

Amber sighs with relief as no resistance is felt.

"Your fucking loving this aren't you? I whisper in her ear.

"You're my nasty little whore aren't you?

"Yeah"I'm your nasty whore" Amber says as I feel her firm up her ass trying to help me out.

"This is my ass isnt' it?

"Yes it's your ass, fuck it, just do it!" She pleads.

I take off searching for satisfaction in her bowels. I've cum so many times tonight I'm working hard.

Raising up slightly with my hands on the side of her head I start my cum strokes. I'm able to start pulling out to the end and sending it home over and over.

"Your ass feels so good Amber. You're a natural fuck slut."

I start cumming and lean over in her ear to rest and drop my load up her ass.

"God I love you" I say in her ear and as soon as I said it I realize I've never said that before.

My cum has super lubed her and I don't want to pull out it feels so good and I wiggle my hips embedding my cock a little further up her as I pull her into a bear hug.

We lay there while I come down. Amber is quiet until I hear;

"That was mean."

Kissing her cheek I can't help but flex my deflating cock in her ass wishing I could keep it up.

"I'm sorry, it was just so cool. I can't explain it." Amber rolls over pulling off me I look in her eyes.

"Amber, I mean it. I love you."

I notice her eyes are red. "Did it hurt?"

"At the beginning and then when it started to get dry, but no it was uncomfortable and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. You just said such mean things"

"I'm sorry, it's just how I felt at the time. It was like I owned you. Like your my personal little fuck toy or something. You didn't like it?"

"Well you just scared me. Then toward the end it got kind of exciting like I was being used and couldn't do anything about it."

"So, you'll do it again?"

"Yeah I'll be your little fuck toy on two conditions" Amber says as she snuggles into me.


"More lube and say you love me again."

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