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It ran down her ass onto her pussy - Romantic english sexstory
Randy knew Amanda wanted to give their relationship another try. After almost a year of dating he had grown tired of all her drama. His best friend Drew, told him he should teach her a lesson. Randy had been making plans and was ready to show Amanda how their new relationship was going to work.

He called her and said if she wanted to try again he was willing, but things were going to be different this time. Amanda was excited and told him she would do whatever it took to make the relationship work. He wondered if she would come to regret those words. He told her to be at his place at 6:00 on Friday night and to come prepared to stay the weekend.

Friday night, it was almost 6:00 and he was ready for her arrival. She rang the doorbell and he invited her in.

Randy said, "Strip off all your clothes."

Amanda looked shocked for a second then a sexy smile turned up the corners of her lips.

Keeping her warm brown eyes focused on his eyes, she slowly unbuttoned her emerald green silk shirt, letting it fall to the floor after the last button was undone. Then she unzipped her cream colored skirt and let it drop. She paused for a minute, letting Randy get the full effect of her new bra and panties. They were black with gold lace, sheer and very sexy. Her ample breasts were nicely pushed up and shown off.

Bending over slightly with her waist length blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting her breast swing free. Then she slid her fingers under the edge of her panties and slowly drew them down her legs. She had waxed her pussy that morning, it was smooth and naked. She stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor and stepped towards Randy.

Randy raised his hand to stop her saying, "On your knees."

Amanda sank down to her knees and looked up at him with a questioning look on her face. He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and slipped it over her eyes.

"Randy, what are you planning?"

"You will find out soon enough."

He pulled her hands behind her back and put padded cuffs on them. Looking at Amanda sitting on her knees before him, totally naked, blindfolded and bound, aroused him to a fever pitch.

Walking around in front of her and unzipping his pants, he released his cock. He slowly rubbed it across her lips, not letting her catch it when she tried to draw it into her mouth, slapping her cheeks with it a few times. Sliding it slowly into her mouth, he felt her tongue swirl around the head, licking off the precum.

He grabbed a handful of hair and slowly pumped a few inches in and out, letting her adjust before sliding the whole length in. Closing his eyes he leaned his head back, savoring the sensation of having Amanda under his control. A few minutes later he pulled his cock out and zipped his pants back up, not wanting to cum yet.

Pulling Amanda up, he led her into the bedroom. He had attached ropes to all four corners of the bed. Removing the cuffs from Amanda's wrists, he told her to lie on the bed. He had removed the comforter, leaving just black silk sheets.

He tied each wrist and ankle, so she lay spread eagled.

"When did you get so kinky? You have me so dripping wet. I hope you fuck me hard and make me cum all over you!"

Randy smiled at her knowing she had no idea of the night he had in store for her.

"Oh, I plan to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked, baby. You are going to experience things this weekend that you have never even dreamed of. When I'm ready to let you I promise you will cum so hard you will soak me with your juices."

"Bring it on baby. Show me what you've got!"

Randy went over to the dresser and looked in the mirror at Amanda lying on the bed, naked and legs spread. He rubbed his hand over his cock, hoping he could wait a long time before the need to fuck her overcame him.

He glanced down at all the new toys he had bought. Picking up the nipple clamps he brought them over to the bed. Sitting down beside her he licked his finger then rubbed her nipple until it was stiff and pointy. He leaned down and sucked it into his mouth, biting and sucking in turn until she started to moan and wiggle around. Attaching the nipple clamp, he made sure it was tight but not overly painful.

Jumping she said, "What is that?"

"I went shopping and bought you some toys, baby. I want you to learn that in this relationship I am the one in control. If you want to be my girlfriend you are going to learn to obey me in all things."

"I can't promise blind obedience! I deserve to make my own decisions and act how I want to act," she said frowning.

"Well, I am going to show you this weekend what will happen when you don't obey me. When the weekend is over you can decide if you want to obey me or walk away and never see me again."

With that said Randy got up and walked to the other side of the bed, sat down and repeated the process on Amanda's right breast.

Returning to the dresser he picked up a small whip and walked back over to the bed.

"Randy, you're scaring me. What are you doing?"

"You know I love you and I would never hurt you, but your drama is ruining our relationship. I'm going to teach you to control yourself. I am the one in control and you are my sex slave. Tied as you are you have no choice but to lie there and take whatever abuse I feel you deserve. Any time you cross the line there will be a consequence. This weekend will give you a taste of some possible future consequences if you choose to stay with me."

Drawing the whip up her leg, he let it lightly touch her pussy then drew it up to her breasts. He drew it back and very softly started to whip her breasts with it. He watched her face for any signs that it was more than she could take.

"Amanda, if at any point this weekend you reach a place where you can't take anymore, say 'Bluebird,' that will be your safe word. If you use it, I will let you go immediately and you will leave and what we had will be over."

He drew the whip back and this time let it strike her tender stomach.

She twitched and moaned, knowing it was coming ever closer to her wet pussy. Mad that Randy was trying to teach her a lesson this way, she was also more aroused than she had ever been. She wanted to see just how far he was going to take this.

The next time the whip fell, it hit her tender, lower belly. Amanda couldn't help but twitch and moan. Opening her legs a little wider, feeling the ropes on her ankles, she waited for it to land full on her pussy. But instead of her pussy the next blow landed on the bottom of her foot.

She jumped and let out a little scream. The pain of the blow made her pussy contract and flooded her with wetness. After tapping it against her other foot Randy drew the whip up her legs, stopping shy of her pussy.

Taking the whip back to the dresser, he picked up a collar he had brought. It was black leather with rhinestones, weighing just enough so that she would feel a slight constriction around her throat. He took it over and leaning down to kiss her, placed it around her neck. While he teased her with his tongue, he slid it around and closed the catch.

Giving her one last kiss, Randy sat up and looked at Amanda. With the black silk blindfold covering her eyes, the black collar around her neck, the nipple clamps with black feathers hanging down and her long blonde hair spread over the bed she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He leaned down and kissed her belly, knowing how it drove her crazy.

"You seem a little aroused. I'm going to leave and let you cool down a bit. I'm not ready for you to cum yet."

"Randy, don't you dare leave me like this! Come back here and untie me. I swear I will get you back for this!"

Half an hour later Randy came back into the room. Amanda could hear him moving around.

"How dare you leave me like this! You can't treat me this way!"

Smugly he replied, "Yes I can. I can do anything I want to you unless you use the safe word."

Wanting to see where this was going to lead, she decided not say anything.

Randy went over to the dresser, then came back and sat on the bed. She felt his fingers remove the nipple clamps, then felt something warm drip onto her highly sensitized nipples.

Randy leaned down and slowly licked it off, first one nipple then the other. He licked and sucked and bit until her nipples were as hard as they could be and her pussy was sopping wet. Amanda felt his fingers lightly touch her belly, skimming down to her pussy. His fingers caressed the crease where her leg and pussy met. She strained up against her bonds, longing to feel his fingers at the core of her desire.

"Please! I can't take much more. I need you to touch me."

"I am touching you, babe, how and when I choose. I am the one in control. "

Letting his fingers lightly slide over her pussy lips several times before easing them in slightly then withdrawing them, he made Amanda thrash against her bonds. Her head was thrown back and her hips were bucking as hard as the restraints would allow. Randy finally let his fingers sink all the way into her pussy, twisting them and roughly finger fucking her, until she was on the verge of cumming.

Suddenly he pulled them out and shoved a dildo inside her. Not moving it, just holding it there. Amanda could feel her pussy muscles clench around it, trying to draw it deeper inside her.

She moaned and started begging, "Please, please. I need..." Moaning, not able to speak, she sobbed from the intense pleasure.

Randy pulled the dildo out and lifted her hips to slide a pillow under her. She could feel something cold and wet sliding down her pussy onto her ass. She felt his finger touch her asshole, probing. She pulled away as far as the ropes would let her.

"No, Randy, please! It will hurt!"

He ignored her and eased a finger into her tight ass.

"Awww, that feels so strange. I've never had anyone do that before!"

He put the dildo back into her pussy and started pumping them in sync. Amanda groaned loudly and started bucking back against his finger and the dildo. She couldn't believe how incredibly intense the pleasure was. Climbing higher and higher her world suddenly exploded and she shattered, crying out.

Easing his finger from her ass and sliding the dildo out of her pussy, he untied her and put the padded cuffs back on her.

"You can get up for a bit, then I'll show you what else I have in store for you. You must keep the blindfold on while in this room today. Wouldn't want to ruin your surprises."

Amanda was spent and gladly agreed.

After serving her a dinner of take-out Chinese and allowing her a few minutes of privacy in the bathroom, he slid the blindfold back on her and led her back into the bedroom.

This time, as he re-tied her wrists and ankles, he had her lie with her stomach on the pillow that was still lying there, causing her ass to be raised in the air.

Randy got some warm oil off the dresser and sitting beside her, poured some onto his hands. Starting with her shoulders, he gave her a deep massage. Slowly he worked his way down her back, skipping over her sweet ass, he massaged all the way down to her feet, taking his time and telling her how much he enjoyed touching her soft skin; how soft and smooth it was, how much it aroused him to see her bound and helpless in front of him.

When he was done with her feet he moved up and straddled her legs, facing her ass. Randy poured more oil onto his hands and started massaging her ass, letting his fingers brush against her pussy and asshole.

Amanda moaned, the passion inside her coming to life again. He continued the torment for several minutes before letting his fingers slip deep inside her pussy. Pushing back against his fingers, she tried to fuck his fingers harder.

He slipped them out and massaged her ass again, pulling her cheeks apart and dribbling some of the oil so that it ran down her ass onto her pussy. Feeling his finger on her asshole she moaned, remembering how pleasurable it had felt earlier. Randy gently pushed his finger into her asshole, not wanting to hurt her.

He had future plans involving her sweet ass and didn't want her too sore. He picked up a gentle rhythm and with his other hand stroked his cock a few times. He picked up the butt plug he had laid beside her on the bed and pulling his finger out, he gently started to ease it into Amanda's ass.

Sharply pulling away from him she exclaimed, "What are you doing?!"

"Relax, baby. Think about how good it felt earlier. Let your muscles relax and it won't hurt."

Randy continued to push until the butt plug was fully embedded in her ass. Then he slid two fingers deep into her pussy, stroking his cock with his other hand.

When Amanda started to moan and push back against him, he pulled his fingers out and leaning over her he shoved his cock all the way into her pussy in one thrust. He fucked her hard and fast, reaching under her to stroke her clit.

"Come for me, baby!" Randy said, feeling her tense up.

Her pussy muscles started contracting around his cock. Moaning, he threw back his head, pumping his hips as hard as he could, until he shot his cum deep inside her. Amanda started shaking and let out a brief scream. She went limp and he lay down on her, drained.

After a few minutes, he untied her and drew her into his arms. "Sleep, baby. Tomorrow will be a long, passion filled day."

Early the next morning when Randy woke up, he turned to watch Amanda as she slept. He truly did love her and hoped this weekend would help her to see that. He hoped she would be able to control herself better, to be less of a drama queen, to worry about what others were doing less and concentrate more on them as a couple.

Starting to stir, she opened her eyes and looking at him. She gave him a sleepy smile and yawned, covering her mouth.

"I never imagined experiencing anything like yesterday. It was so incredible, all the things you did to my body. I've never cum so hard in my life. I'd enjoy doing that to you one day. Tying you up and driving you crazy with pleasure."

"I'm sure we could arrange that, but I have more in store for you today, things that will bring you to new heights of pleasure."

She listened with a look of love and stirring passion on her face.

Softly kissing her cheek, he worked his way down her neck, to her breasts. He sucked on her nipples, running his tongue in circles around them, raking them with his teeth. Amanda moaned and wiggled her hips. Her nipples were extremely sensitive. Her pussy got dripping wet just from him using his fingers and mouth on them.

Raising his head, he told her to hop in the shower while he made breakfast for them. He told her to remain naked after her shower, no clothes would be allowed that day.

After they had eaten, he slipped the blindfold back on her. Grabbing a large, soft blanket, he lead her outside. He had a large, wooden fence around his backyard.

Feeling the warm wind on her naked skin, she protested, "What are you doing? I can't go out there without clothes on. What if someone sees me?"

Knowing she would enjoy the slight chance of someone spying on them, he whispered as much in her ear. He laid the blanket between four metal stakes that had ropes attached to them. He had pounded them into the ground early on Friday, before Amanda arrived.

He had her lie down and attached the ropes to her wrists and ankles, leaving her spread eagled. When he was done, he stepped back and admired the sight of her, naked and tied, the sun shining on her long blonde hair making it glisten like gold. Her breasts rose up like mountains, just waiting to be explored. Her bare, shaved pussy left her lips fully exposed, her juices glistening on them.

He knew being staked outside would turn her on. The thought of someone seeing her, hearing her moans, would keep her wet and aroused. He briefly rubbed his hand over his cock, feeling it strain against his pants.

He told her he had to get a few things from inside the house and he would be right back.

She yelled at him, "Don't you leave me like this!"

"Shhhhh! The neighbors might hear you and look to see what's going on," he whispered with a grin.

A few minutes later he was back and sat down beside her.

He drew a piece of ice out of a cup and caressed her lips with it. She drew in a deep breath, the feel of the ice on her sun warmed lips was startling but refreshing. Running the piece of ice down her neck, he followed it with his lips and swept up stray drops of water with his tongue. He drew circles around her breasts, working his way up to her nipples. As the ice touched her nipple, it peaked into hardness.

Putting the ice in his mouth, he lowered his head to suck on her nipple. The combination of hot and cold was deeply erotic. She gasped and sighed out a deep breath. He gave her other nipple the same treatment.

Taking a new piece of ice, he stroked it down her stomach, dipping it into her belly button, a foretaste of what was to come. He drew it down the inside of her thighs then brought it back up to her pussy. He lightly brushed her pussy lips with it, causing her to moan and push against his hand. Again, he brushed lightly against her lips before briefly dipping the ice inside her pussy. Holding the ice firmly with two fingers, he alternated brushing it against her lips and dipping it inside, until he released it inside her.

Groaning at the sensation, she was so very hot and the ice so very cold. Randy put his mouth over her pussy and sucked, drawing the ice towards him. Tongue fucking her, he pushed the ice deeper then sucked to draw it out.

Amanda moaned and strained against the ropes.

"You are driving me crazy! Come fuck with me with that big cock of yours. I need you now!"

"Awww, baby, haven't you figured out that I'm the one in control yet? I will give you my cock, but not until I am ready."

Randy reached over and grabbed a spoon that he had brought out with him. He dipped it into some chocolate he had warmed in the microwave. He let some dribble down onto her breast. Amanda shrieked, startled. The warmth of the chocolate after the cold of the ice felt exquisite.

He leaned down and began to lick the chocolate off, making long, slow strokes with his tongue. Reaching her nipple, he sucked it deep into his mouth, drawing all the chocolate off.

"Mmmm, chocolate covered nipples are my favorite!"

Drizzling some onto her other nipple Randy slowly began to lick it off there too.

The warm air brushing against her wet nipples was very arousing and she felt her pussy juices pooling inside her. Moaning, she knew the torment was just beginning.

Leaving her breasts, he straddled her chest and she felt his cock probing at her mouth. As she opened her mouth his cock slid inside and she tasted the chocolate he had coated his cock with. Sucking hard she tried to clean all the sweetness off him. He helped, holding her head up, sliding his cock back and forth, deeper into her mouth. After several strokes she was able to take his whole cock.

Not being able to see or move caused all her other senses to be heightened and the feel of her lover's cock stroking the inside of her throat was so sexy.

Randy started moving faster and moaning, then shot his cum deep into her mouth. She sucked hard, knowing how he loved her to suck on him while he was cumming. He moaned harshly, twitching as the last few drops were sucked out of him.

Moving to her side, he said, "Thank you, love, that was exquisite. Now let's see if we can make you cum just as hard as I did."

Feeling his fingers stroking her pussy, something hard and slightly cold touched it. She felt something probing at her entrance and then it popped inside. It felt strange, small and round. Suddenly it started to vibrate, causing her to jump slightly. Just as suddenly, it stopped, then after several seconds it started again.
"Another of your new toys, love. It's called an egg and I have the controller. I think we will have a lot of fun with this one."

She moaned at the pleasurable sensations the egg was sending throughout her pussy as it pulsed on and off. She felt warm oil being dripped onto her pussy and running between her ass cheeks.

A fingertip touched her ass, seeking entrance. Amanda remembered to relax her muscles and it easily slid in. After several strokes a second finger joined the first, stretching her even wider. The egg continued to pulse and vibrate on and off. The combination of the two was driving her wild, moaning and arching her back up, seeking more. A third finger slid into her ass, causing her to catch her breath, pain and pleasure combining in an intense feeling.

"Randy, please!" She cried out, not even sure what exactly she was asking for.

The fingers left her ass and something hard and cold was now at the entrance. It was well lubed and slid right in then rested there, a butt plug again, but a larger one this time, stretching her ass, opening her.

She felt the egg being slowly pulled and the tip of Randy's cock teasing her pussy lips. It brushed over them, the tip entering her but never more than just the tip, teasing her, never giving her what she needed, causing her to cry out again.

"Oh please, please fuck me! I can't take anymore! Please!!"

But the cock continued just brushing over her, then the slight dip into her warmth. The butt plug filling her ass and the intense teasing her pussy was enduring pushed her to her limits and she started crying and begging.

"Randy, please, please, fuck me now!"

With that he unleashed all his passion upon her and rammed his cock into her pussy as hard as he could, fucking her hard and fast. Amanda continued to sob, overcome with pleasure. Just as her orgasm was beginning to build, he paused, holding still, his cock buried full hilt deep inside her pussy.

"NO!! Please, please! I need to cum!"

Starting slow and easy, Randy pulled his cock almost all the way out, before sliding it all the way in again, so slowly.

Catching her breath on a sob, she pleaded with him, "Please, love, I need you to fuck me hard! I need you to make me cum! Now!"

"Mmmm, who is in control here, Amanda?"

"You are, Randy, you have full control," she sobbed, "I give you complete control over me. I promise, I belong to you!"

Finally hearing what he wanted to hear, he let go of his restraint and gave her what she had been asking for. Fucking her hard, fast and deep, his cock reaching new depths inside her, he rammed into her pussy until he felt her tremors and heard her cry out loudly, feeling her pussy clench hard around him as her world exploded.

Feeling her pussy muscles clench and release around his cock set him off and he rammed his cock all the way home, holding still deep inside, pulsing hard, as cum erupted from the tip of his cock.

Leaning down, he rested on top of Amanda for several long minutes, spent.

He rolled over to the side and released her bonds, pulling the blindfold off. She blushed, having totally forgotten they were outside. She tried to remember how loud she had been, but decided it didn't matter, the pleasure was worth any price.

Resting in Randy's arms, she sighed, not wishing to be anywhere but exactly where she was.

After lying in each other's arms for a long time and savoring the aftershocks of their mutual pleasure, they got up and started back inside to spend the rest of the day enjoying each other in and out of bed.

Sunday morning Amanda awoke to see Randy lying next to her, propped up on his hand.

"Mmmmm, the plans I have for you today!" Smacking her ass, he said, "Now, up and shower, then breakfast! And no clothes!"

After they finished eating he led her back into the bedroom. Telling her to lie on her back on the bed, he tied her hands together, attaching the other end of the rope to the headboard, leaving a lot of slack but making sure she couldn't get out of her bonds.

Slipping the blindfold down over her head, he leaned down and kissed her face; one cheek, over her nose to her other cheek, down her throat. He skimmed his hands down her body, brushing over her sensitive nipples, down her belly, lightly touching her mound.

Letting his hands continue down her legs he whispered, "I love you so much. This weekend has really been all about you. Today, I hope, will bring you more pleasure than you have ever experienced in your life. I have to get a few things together then I'll be right back. Things are about to really heat up!"

After what felt like a long time, she heard him come back in the room. He turned some music on and it filled the room, a sensual and sultry female voice singing about a long lost love returning to her. The whisper of a feather brushed up her leg, making her shiver. It continued up over her stomach, softly brushing against her nipples, circling them.

She felt something brush against her lips.

Randy whispered, "Open."

Amanda let her lips fall open and felt something sweet and warm slide onto her tongue. It was rich, warm, melted chocolate. She let it rest on her tongue, savoring the flavor.

A single fingertip brushed down her cheek. She leaned into it, feeling the low simmer of passion igniting her blood. The merest hint of a fingertip grazed down her body, lightly touching her sensitive areas. The fingertip left her, but then warm oily hands glided down over her breasts, stopping to massage the tender flesh. Moaning, Amanda arched upward, pushing her breasts deeper into the warm, oily oasis.

The hands continued downward, gliding down her sides, over her hips and down her legs to her feet. After getting more oil, the hands started to deeply massage her feet.

"You look so incredibly sexy lying there with your skin glistening."

Pushing her legs apart the hands glided up the inside of her legs. Brushing against her pussy lips, she felt a soft whoosh of air against her pussy. The hands spread her pussy lips apart and a warm, soft tongue licked from the bottom of her pussy slowly up to the top.

Suddenly Amanda felt two hands on her breasts. She shrieked! The other hands were still on her pussy, so who did these new hands belong to?

"Randy!? What...?"

"Just enjoy it. We're here to pleasure you," Randy whispered into her ear. "And they have been told not to speak, to increase the mystery."

Having two men love on her at the same time had long been a fantasy of hers. She decided to do as Randy said and just enjoy herself, the mystery of not knowing who the second person was, really turning her on. An incredibly sexy grin flitted across her mouth, "How fucking hot!"

The mouth licking her pussy had paused while she and Randy were talking. Now it resumed, the tongue sliding deep into her pussy then licking her again. She moaned, extremely aroused. She pulled on her bonds, wanting to pull that mouth harder against her.

Randy continued to massage one breast while he started to lick and suck the other.

"Yum, ambrosia!"

Amanda smiled and moaned, "Feast on me, love!"

"Oh, I plan to!" Randy replied.

He grabbed her nipple between his teeth and applied just enough pressure for it to be pleasurably painful. The mouth on her pussy started moving side to side, stopping to suck on her clit every once in a while.

Amanda felt the stranger's finger glide over her pussy lips, while his other hand caressed her thigh. It circled around her clit, teasing her. She moaned again, lifting her hips up, pushing herself into the pleasure.

With one hand still on her thigh, the finger slid slightly into her pussy then pulled out again. After a few times another finger joined the first. Only this one wasn't following the same pattern. It was someone else's! She had two men's fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. What a turn on!

After a couple of minutes the fingers got in sync and started gliding deep into her pussy at the same time. Then one man added another finger. Wow, the sensation of three fingers filling her pussy was incredible! As a second finger from the other man joined the other fingers both men reached up with their free hand and started flicking her nipples. Amanda's pussy exploded and she came so hard she couldn't see or hear for a few minutes. Her toes curled up and she became just a mass of sensations.

"Our turn for you to love on us some," Randy told her.

She felt a hard cock fill up each hand and another brush against her lips. The ones in her hands had been oiled and her hands easily slid up and down their length. One long and slim, the other a little shorter but very thick! Circling her hands around the sensitive heads and using long, firm strokes, she felt her pussy stir to life again, knowing the cocks in her hands didn't belong to Randy.

Randy slid his cock into her mouth and Amanda licked the head. With her head turned towards him and holding her throat as open as she could, she wrapped her lips firmly around his cock, knowing how the firm pressure of her lips pressing against him aroused him.

The two cocks in her hands continued to fuck the tunnel she created with her fingers. Randy slowly pushed deeper and deeper into her mouth, encouraging her to take more and more of his cock. After several minutes she was able to accept all of him and he wrapped a hand around the back of her head, fucking her mouth with long, slow strokes, giving her time to recover in-between. The cocks in her hands were straining and pumping harder, wanting more than her fingers could offer.

Randy must have sensed that his companions were ready for more, because he pulled out and said, "Your turn, my friend! Come see what a good little slut my Amanda is! She adores giving pleasure and being our submissive little toy."

She felt the shorter, thick cock slide into her mouth. She opened wide, taking it all in. It filled her mouth completely, brushing at the back of her throat. Amanda moaned and ran her tongue over the head in circles whenever the cock was barely past her lips. Long jabs, he wrapped his hands tightly in her hair, holding her head at the perfect angle to reach as far down her throat as he could go.

"And you, my friend, would you like to explore her pussy? See how it feels wrapped snugly around your cock?"

The friend must have nodded 'yes' because Amanda felt the tip brush against her pussy lips. Barely touching her, the lightest of caresses, the very tip of his cock pressed against her sensitive vulva. Teasing her, continuing to just brush against her from her clit to her ass, the cock suddenly paused at her entrance and quickly dipped inside a couple inches, then just as suddenly withdrew and resumed its long, slow brush strokes.

The cock in her mouth was swelling even larger and Amanda felt her mouth being stretched wide to accommodate it. Tears gathered in her eyes and ran down her cheeks as she gagged and tried hard to breathe around the thick, massive cock. He must have sensed that she needed a small break and withdrew for a few seconds before plunging back inside.

The cock at her pussy finally stopped teasing her and slid all the way in to her depths. Holding still for a few seconds when it was all the way in, then withdrawing until just the very tip was still inside, it continued the slow, methodical sexual torture.

"Oh, Amanda! If you could only see yourself! A cock fucking your sweet mouth and another fucking your even sweeter pussy! I'm standing here watching, wondering where I should put my own cock. My two favorite spots are taken. I think I might need to go discover a new one. What do you think, love?"

Amanda, of course, was unable to respond since the huge cock was still invading her mouth.

"Let's turn her over, boys. Hands and knees. Slim, you lie under her so she can ride that fine cock of yours!"

The cocks left her and she felt herself being flipped over, on top of the guy with the long, slim cock. Her juices were so abundant that he was able to quickly slide right back inside her, the other cock quickly returning to her mouth. She moaned, the top being her favorite position, as she was able to angle herself just right and hit that sweet spot inside her pussy.

Cold fluid dripped onto her ass and ran down the crack, covering her ass and pussy in lube. Amanda felt something touch her asshole. She pulled away for a second but then pushed back, remembering the pleasure of Randy's fingers and the butt plug penetrating there. Randy slid a well lubed finger inside her ass, stroking her, stretching her, adding a second, then a third. The other two cocks continued to plunge in and out, seeking their release. After a couple minutes, Randy withdrew his fingers and Amanda felt the tip of his cock against her anal entrance. She pulled away, scared.

"Relax, baby. Push back against me and focus on relaxing those muscles. I promise I'll be easy this first time."

She did as he told her and pushed her ass back against him, relaxing her anal muscles. Randy had used plenty of lube and the head of his cock slowly pierced her virginal ass. As soon as the head popped in he paused, letting her adjust to the feel of him inside her. After a minute he pushed a little deeper, then deeper still, until he was fully embedded inside her.

A cock ramming back and forth in her pussy, another in her mouth and Randy in her ass, Amanda soaked in the sensations of being filled to overflowing.

Once Randy felt her relax and heard the difference in her moans, he started to try and match the pace of his friend fucking her pussy. The two cocks pistoned in and out of her in quick, forceful thrusts. Amanda felt her orgasm building and bucked back against the cocks. The spiral of pleasure built tighter inside her until it exploded, stealing her breath away, causing her to almost black out from the intensity. She moaned as loud as the cock filling her mouth would allow and shuddered, feeling the ripple of multiple aftershocks.

The man at her head grunted and twitched, as cum shot down her throat. He continued to pulse and rock his hips against her as she sucked hard, drawing the cum out of him. His cock slid out and she was left with two.

Trying to stay in sync with the cocks filling her pussy and ass, Amanda rocked back.

"Damn that was hot, watching him cum in your mouth! I'm going to fill your ass next, you little hussy. How does it feel having all these cocks filling you up?" Randy asked.

"It's incredible. I feel so delightfully used. I want to have you two fill me with your cum next."

Eyes closed, she savored the feeling of the two cocks pounding away at her. She never would have suspected she would enjoy anal but the sensation of having her ass and pussy filled at the same time was beyond any pleasure she had experienced before.

"Fuck, Randy, that feels so good."

"Mmmm, baby, I know. Burying my cock in your tight ass feels incredible too. I don't think I can last much longer," Randy said just as he sped up, pulsing hard against her ass. "Damn, baby, I'm gonna fill your ass full of cum."

Ramming into her with short, hard thrusts, Randy moaned as cum spurted deep inside her.

Withdrawing, she was left with one.

Slim grasped her hips and flipped her over. Wrapping her legs high around his waist, Amanda opened herself for him.

"Fuck!" he whispered in a husky voice.

Amanda felt the beginning of another orgasm.

"Damn, I'm gonna cum again. Fuck me hard!"

Slim slid a hand under her ass, lifting her slightly, his cock pounding her mercilessly.

"Harder. Fuck me harder!"

His other hand slid under her ass, holding her still while he rammed into her with more force than she had ever experienced before.

The sensations inside her tightened into a ball of energy. Amanda held her breath, feeling the ball draw tighter. Suddenly it exploded into a million tiny fragments, shooting through her body like rays of electricity. Moaning, she struggled against her bonds, reaching up to bite at the shoulder in her face, needing to share the intensity.

"Fuck, you have the hottest pussy I've ever fucked." The husky voice whispered into her ear. "Bite me, hurt me, baby. Show me what I'm doing to you."

Slim withdrew from her pussy, quickly straddling her chest, his cock filling her mouth.

"Suck that cum out of me. I want to watch you swallow it all."

Amanda sucked hard, feeling the cum rising up his cock, shooting straight into the back of her throat. She swallowed as he shot wave after wave into her.

"Fuck, you little hussy. I guess my friends will have to join us again sometime. That was fucking hot to watch!" Randy said.

Loosening her bonds, Randy drew Amanda into his arms, cuddling her tight against him.

"Hmmm, maybe you misbehaving isn't such a bad thing if this is the consequence. Thanks, guys. I'll talk to you soon. And I'm sure we'll all be getting together again sometime. Without the blindfold, maybe?"

"Please do come back. I would love a repeat performance. I'll be thinking about tonight until then," Amanda said with a sly grin. "And thank you, Randy, for the lesson. It's one I will not soon forget."

"Well, if you do, I know exactly what to do to remind you!" Randy said smiling.

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