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She licking the top of the head of my dick
'Ladies, welcome to this picturesque and magnificent island; my island now as I made it so. This is one of the most beautiful Islands in the Aegean; it is as beautiful and as charming as all you ladies are together.' I welcomed those beautiful ladies with charm.

'That's very nice of you Sam, to compose such a compliment; a really wonderful compliment. Thanks.' Olympia acted in response.

'And I'm sure that your holiday here; will be very relaxing; very exciting and the most enjoyable. I, with my open hands, welcome you to this island which I made my home.' I opened my hands and welcomed those five beautiful, good-looking, gorgeous and attractive young ladies; who were barely twenty to this island I had chose to live in. I hugged them one by one and gave then welcome kisses... on their cheeks of course. Too many people looking! These young ladies were as stunning and exciting as this island itself. They can offer as much, if not more than this island will. We were still on the jetty as we had just disembarked. The long night trip out of Piraeus Harbour seemed to end rather quickly with the most exciting experiences of the night blended in.

'Thanks Sam, we chose this island for the same reasons you mentioned. We need to relax and enjoy, although I have no idea what you have already promised to those two lovely ladies you had already seduced.' Aphrodite teasingly commented.

I looked at Aphrodite with a rather disappointing eye. 'If you said I was seduced rather than the opposite, I would agree. Regarding Diana, I chose and she accepted.' I answered.

'My apologies, Sam. Sorry.' Aphro happily apologised.

I looked at the girls, one by one slowly with my eyes from one to another, watching for their reactions as they were there standing one next to each other, all holding to their luggage. They were waiting for what destiny was going to bestow on their forthcoming holiday.

'Let me make some things clear so that there won't be any misunderstandings or disappointments. Better to be straight, ok.' I pointed out while watching all the girls.

'Yes, I think you are right Sam.' Olympia answered and continued. 'It all started from my end and I would be glad if there will be mutual agreement.'

'I'm going to pick the car, which is parked up the road. While I am away you have to decide what you want to do. I know there were already discussions while I was in my cabin with Diana. Now it will be up to you to load your belongings and be my guests; or decide otherwise. I will impose nothing on you which you don't like. All of you, as individuals and not as a group must take the responsibility to decide for your own selves, if you would like to join me and stay at my place, I welcome you. It's also your decision for how long you like to stay and how far you like to go. You can set your personal limits. Am I clear?'

'Thanks Sam. That was a very clear message.' Lydia answered on their behalf. Then she continued. 'We have already decided that we will join you and stay at your place. Then you have to evaluate if we become an inconvenience or not; if not we will stay the whole duration of the holiday, if not you can just throw us out. I assure you that there will be no hard feelings. One more thing Sam, we would be delighted to give a hand with the cooking, housework etc.'

My eyes were focused on Lydia. There was something in her face, her eyes, mouth, nose; they were so familiar. I could not make out what it was. All I knew was; that they were too familiar and my cock started to get excited. The more I thought, the more I became troubled, nervous and even worried. I was lost, lost so much that some of the things Lydia had said, they did not even register. I turned my face away from her and after I excused myself I walked away towards, where my Pajero was parked. My cock became as hard as steel; just thinking of Lydia. Why my cock did become so hard? I had no answer; at least not at that moment. I just hit a blank.

Within minutes I was down on the jetty, jumped out of the driver's seat, left the engine running and opened the back. The entire luggage was piled up one on top of the other. Then I opened the passengers' doors and invited Aphrodite to take the seat at the front as she was the biggest, but not by much, while the rest got comfortable on the seats behind me.

We left the port behind us and soon were on the road driving towards my villa. A lot of giggling was taking place between the young ladies at the back. They were seated with Olympia and Lydia looking forward and Diana and Victoria behind me looking backwards. The seats were opposite for extra leg space. Every time I looked through the mirror I came in contact with Lydia's face, that face which seemed so similar, familiar and still so distant. I still could not make out where and when, if ever I had seen this woman, or if I ever had fucked her mother. Thoughts were going through my mind. I was lost, but my responsibility was that I had to give these girls a safe journey to my place.

Aphrodite, who was sitting in the front next to me, was the first to break the silence and stopped the giggling at the back.

'Sam, may I ask a very, very personal question?'

'Please ask, my dear?' I asked with a smile as I gave her a quick look, but never lost the sight of the road ahead.

'Tell me, when did you get your first taste of pussy?' The girls at the back all giggled and shouted 'shame' but I liked to answer such a question especially with a load of such beautiful and hot sexy females. The answer could open a lot of interesting possibilities I thought.

'Do you want the truth, or I leave the first embarrassing part?' I asked again, this time my two eyes stayed focused on the road as I was turning round a bend.

'What do you mean Sam? What was the embarrassing part; going down between your sister's legs?' Olympia fired two straight questions. The girls sat quit, probably wanted to hear more than the truth. Their eyes were all looking at me even the once who were sitting on the wrong side, behind me.

'Precisely, but it was not with my sister, not at first anyway. My cousin was the one who seduced me; she was pushed by my loving controlling bigger sister.'

'It looks more than very interesting Sam, but I see nothing embarrassing. Well we all had to start somewhere, what do you think?' Aphrodite answered with a question at the end.

'What about you, Aphro?' I asked

'I'm not embarrassed Sam, and I say the truth and the real truth. Everybody knew how conscious our mothers were about holding out on our virginity and not get pregnant. They all gave us a lot of lectures, about our body and pregnancy, lectures every day; probably worst in your days. So as I didn't have a bother I ended up with my sister. You know, first you play doctor, I got checked by my older sister, I took off my panties, and opened my legs. She separated my pussy lips and looked closely examining precisely and visualize exactly, what she had between her legs, how it looked like and how it functioned. I was a bit, you know, felt that little bit of shame showing my sister, my most intimate parts; but not really embarrassed. We always slept in the same room and walked around totally naked, but we had never indulged into anything like this, showing each other, our intimate areas. Then we started the touching, feeling and playing with the clit; the massaging and masturbating and then the use of our tongues. We had heard a lot of bits and pieces which many times came from our friends. None such things were passed to us from our parents. We experimented more and started to check our mother's and father's night stands looking for sex creams like KY.'

'Did you find any?' Lydia asked.

'Sure, we found some. There were some condoms a new tube and another one which was less than half full.'

'Hope you knew what the KY was used for?' I asked.

'We soon learned. So we had done a lot of things, mostly sucking each other, which we really enjoyed until my sister got her first boyfriend. The last encounter was when she asked me to try and insert a candle up her ass, so she trusted me to do it to her slowly. After that I knew she had her boyfriend's dick up her ass.' Aphrodite concluded narrating her first lesbian experiences.

'What about you Lydia, have you ever had a candle up your arse?' Olympia asked.

'I'm sure you want to know the truth; yes. I had and I enjoyed it every time I done it. But I never had a cock up my ass, at least not yet, ok. I know that there was somebody, who thought I did.' No body spoke. Lydia turned her head backwards looking into Olympia's eyes.

Silence still prevailed until Aphrodite continued. 'I hope that Sam will do the honours, then.'

'I will certainly do not refuse such a great honour.' Lydia answered.

'Thanks for your confidence.' I answered and then asked. 'Any body else interested?'

There was silence. Then Aphrodite spoke and asked again. 'Who of you ladies; had a candle or a prick up your arse? I'm not asking Olympia, she had her ass rammed many times. I just like to know the truth.'

'I had tried a candle once, but it hurt, even that it wasn't so thick, and, I pulled what I had put in very quickly out.' Diana answered. 'Well before I forget; last night I had Sam's finger up my ass, and, by the time I noticed it felt too good to be true.'

'Wow; that's great news, unless he puts something better into Olympia's ass.' Lydia shouted.

'Sure I had, and to be truthful to what happened, she greatly enjoyed it!' I exclaimed. The other girls; all started shouting and singing all kind of things.

It took us some time before the situation came back to normal and everybody was quite again waiting for more.

'What about you Lydia? We know you're not a virgin?' I asked.

'I never said I'm not a virgin. Yes, it started at home too, in a way but only out of curiosity. I was already aware of the male anatomy as I had a young brother, third in line, who was always running around without anything covering it. When we were living in Piraeus I was close to a cousin but we never talked about sex etc. We were still young when my family moved; therefore we only got together on special occasions. My mother hated the flat and my father was doing well so we moved to Kifisia. There we had a big villa with a big garden, so...'

'So you started playing doctor?' I jumped in. Now I knew exactly where Lydia came from. That was not so good news at that point, but I had to watch and keep every new situation under observation. I did not want to act spontaneously.

Then she continued. She was very open about the subject. 'Yes, it took us some time before we really got acquainted, I mean with my cousin. There was always that sort of difference, although we used to study and play together. My younger brother and I got closer, but there was the age difference. Then one day when I went to see Granny down in Piraeus I tried to seduce my cousin, who was about my age. I just wanted to find out more about boys and I thought he could be the safest possibility. It was easy, he used to come to me for help with his homework when we lived there, so it was easy to get him to take off his clothes, but I never let him fuck me, only we went for oral sex which we enjoyed and he loved releasing himself in my mouth or over my tits. That was mostly what we engaged ourselves in, until I met this special guy in college. After that I went on the pill and gave him my virginity. Four months later I found him fucking another girl. After that I barred my pussy for any other fucker who wanted to get close.'

'Very cute.' Olympia said. 'The best way, find a nice guy, let him fuck you, enjoy it and then, make his life miserable and send him on his way. If he was great, then, maybe use him again. One day the right prince always comes round.'

'So, who's next?' I asked.

'I think the smallest and the most innocent should be next.' Lydia pointed at Victoria. Lydia came back in my line of vision. At least then, I had a very good clue who was she, and probably I was very close to know the truth.

'Unfortunately I'm with the least of experiences, but I do know quite a lot, maybe, compared to you all. A friend of mine is studying for a nurse, therefore from the books and from what she told me I know quite a bit about the human anatomy. My mother was a midwife; therefore there was a lot of material running around the house. If you like to know why I'm on the pill, well I always thought that if the right circumstances present themselves, I should be ready.' Victoria cut her story short.

'That's a very intelligent answer; have you made your mind yet?' I asked.

'When the right opportunity is present, I decide, but sure if so, I want to enjoy it to the end.' Victoria was very quick and to the point.

'Sam, you seem to have another contender.' Olympia commented.

'If I remember well, you said, she had dicks fucking her netter hole but she still a virgin.' I answered back looking at Olympia through the mirror.

'Did I say so; when?' Olympia asked.

'You are a real liar.' Victoria shouted at Olympia.

'When I was fucking the hell out of your pussy, don't you remember?' I reminded her.

'Ooohhh yes; maybe, but I have no idea what I had said when we were fucking in your cabin. I think, at that particular moment I was totally lost under your spell; Sam...'

'What spell?' I cut her off.

'The way you took me in your arms...' Olympia persisted.

'You mean after seducing me...' I cut her back.

'Sam... Please... let me explain.' I closed my mouth and waited. 'The moment I spotted you, there on the jetty, waiting for the boat, I just wanted nothing except to bed you and make love to you. What I didn't expect was, what a good lover you were... those things you done to me, were things of other worlds. Men usually fuck and not make love, especially the ones of my own age. I wanted to try and experience a real man, but just the same I didn't have expected such a seasoned male lover. I was totally lost... totally, in another world; in a wonderland.'

'Thanks for the appreciations and the compliments. I very much understand that. Remember there was a game going on... but should there been no game, I could have played along the same ritual. Remember the challenges of who wins...' I answered Olympia.

'I know I played dirty, but I never played a game with a mature handsome guy of mid-age. And wow, you're at your best!' Olympia stated.

'So it was much easier seducing me, rather than I could seduce Victoria.' I answered.

After that there was the usual small talk flowing all over the interior of the Pajero until about an hour later we arrived at the villa. The main Gate was already open and I drove straight in, towards the covered parking area.

Padme was all over me as soon as I got off the driver's seat. She gave me a few kisses with a big one on my lips. 'I missed you Sam.' She said.

'I knew you would.' Then I looked at the five girls; their mouths were open, shocked. They had just got out from all the doors, a look of distress on their faces coming face to face with a woman they knew nothing about. They just stood there looking at Padme and totally shocked, traumatized and disturbed.

'Well ladies, let me introduce you to my great companion and house keeper. She had already prepared a good breakfast and the beds for you to have a good rest. I know that most of you are very tired. Padme, this one is Olympia, followed by Victoria, then Diana, Lydia and Aphrodite.'

'Welcome ladies. You are more than welcome and I guarantee that after you have rested; together we would have a great time.' Padme welcomed them while she hugged each lady and gave her a couple of kisses on her cheeks. They were relieved. They hugged her back, as I was introducing them.

'I think you should bring in your luggage into the bedrooms, Padme will show you the way. You can get down to your bikinis or just topless as you please. No problems here. By the way Padme; prepare Diana for the mid a afternoon session. She's still a virgin.'

'Don't worry Sam! The usual?' She asked. Diana looked shocked at my order. Her face showed it immediately. I gave her a little smile and I knew that she understood what I wanted.

'Definitely, I know that you understood precisely my requirements; thanks Padme. Well I will be down for breakfast later.' Diana sure was surprised with my statement, but she kept her posture. She did not show any further irritation.

'Were are you off too, Sam?' Padme asked

'Just spending some quality time with Victoria; I hope it's ok; is it.' Padme's eyes were focused on mine as we were conversing. 'I think I'll make an appointment with you for after breakfast. Hopefully all the girls will be sleeping by then. I think we can take Aphrodite with us. What do you think?' I finally asked to Aphrodite's astonishment..

'I'll be delighted, Sam.' Padme answered.

I picked my luggage while I asked Victoria to follow. Padme and the girls followed us carrying their luggage to their prepared domains. On the way, I instructed Victoria to leave her luggage in the corridor while we continued walking to my bedroom. As she entered, I closed the door behind her and took her in my arms.

She was a few inches shorter than me. She looked cute, innocent. I looked down straight into her eyes. They were sort of, half closed, worried. She was lost, probably had no idea what decisions she had to undertake; run or stay. One of my hands started to roam along the centre of her back, massaging her spine, going up and down pressing two fingers along, feeling one rocker after another.

My dick was raging as her eyes looking back at me were too innocent. I held her in my arms leaving a gap between my pelvic area and her's. I was scared she will pull away and run.

'Tell me Vic, how do you feel, eemmm, are you comfortable here... with me?'

'Well' I'm not worried. You know; only I didn't expect such a quick invitation to your personal domain!' She exclaimed.

'Anything special you like me to do or better, we do together?' I asked, maybe I shocked more with my very direct question.

'I'm a bit shocked. It was a too quick invitation. It is something I wasn't expecting ever to happen, at least not so sudden. I don't even have the time to get the feeling of this place, acquainted with the people, even my friends. I think, for some of us we never had any intimate discussions until last night after Olympia had disappeared.' Victories explained.

'But before we went to the cabin she came to inform you that she was going to disappear.' I said.

'She only said that we won't see her until the morning. She just ran away like crazy. After that there was talk that she found somebody with whom to sleep.' Victoria answered.

'Therefore you knew nothing about her way of life?' I asked a sort of a dumb question.

'I don't know. I never thought that she was giving herself so quick, unless there was a previous arrangement.' Victoria answered

'How do you feel now? Are you ready, I mean if you feel not the right time we can always enjoy a nap together?' I asked trying to make her more comfortable.

'Sam, it was real little shock for me; things I heard last night and this morning, in a way had shocked me. I was never aware that I may be indulging myself into an intimate relationship so quickly. Some of the girls were excited from the moment we started dreaming about this holiday. They talked and desired about finding a prince charming; maybe a foreigner and spend a wild night with him. There was more of that talk, especially when the day of departure was getting closer; but don't misunderstand me, Sam, I always had some feelings, you know what I mean. I was prepared for such a sudden decision. I had been on the pill for quite a few months, too.' Victoria finished describing her feelings.
But sure she was hot and although shocked there was no going back. She wanted this special moment as much as the others were craving for. That could be seen in her eyes as she was disclosing her feelings.

'Well, I understand very well what a shock it is. How about starting with a shower first, then we go from there.'

'That will be great. I really need a shower.' I lowered my mouth and slowly our lips touched. She looked scarred but the hunger for lust was also evidently there. It started to show in her eyes. My hands, which had roamed all over her back, massaging her smooth skin lightly, slowly rolled down and grabbed her two small bums and moulded them into the palms. They just fitted nicely. I lifted them a little bit and slowly started massaging them as our lips pressed and our bodies got heated up.

Her lips became as eager as they sought mine, and we started kissing. At first the kissing was gentle and slow. As the rousing passion started flowing through her chakras, her sexual energy flew quickly throughout her body. She became more eager and willing, parting her lips slightly, allowing my tongue to enter her warm, wet, soft mouth. I continued rubbing her small orbs with my hands as she pressed her pelvis against my raging hardon, within my pants. That was the moment when she melted in my arms. I held her tight as she nearly passed out. She was hot and ready for anything. Our lips unlocked but not for long, then she came back for more. This time as our tongues coupled again they became more aggressive, I pulled my hands away, slowly moving them upwards against the smooth skin of her back, pulling her tee shirt up and up until we had to break the kiss so I could remove it, exposing her beautiful lithe body. Her two small tits were nicely hidden with her black bra.

I continued rubbing her shoulders going down along her back, until my fingers found the lock of her bra. Very quickly the clip sprang open and my hands pulled the straps gently forward. We both pulled away from each other, watching each others reactions until she shook her bra, exposing her small pert beautiful cone shaped breasts; the very small proud erect nipples popping out of her rather pinkie aereoles.

I just looked at them, they where beautiful, no sagging nothing, just two perfect cones popped out of her small elegantly shaped body.

'You are very beautiful, Victoria.' I lowered my lips and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

'Thanks Sam, I appreciate your comment, but there's more to see.' She teasingly answered.

I moved closer, hugged her as I pressed her small tities against my chest. I moved my hands all over her bare back feather light flowing over he smooth skin . I started with a very light massage barely touching her skin which quickly sent shivers of pleasure throughout her entire body. Our lips touched again; then she started to fondle, first my upper lip and then the lower with her small tiny lips. I could see she was quickly heating up. She made purring sounds like a small kitten and pushed her pert warm young breasts forward, pressing them against my chest.

Her hands moved down between our bodies looking for my raging manhood.

I pulled my body backwards, moved my hands slowly to the front and started to loose her wide leather belt. The button holding the waist band of her jeans popped out easily as down went the zipper. She followed suit, and in no time my pants were moving downwards by gravity as she let them go. In seconds we were down to just our under wear. I looked at her, as now we were a little bit far way. The space between us gave us the possibility that we can evaluate each other's near naked bodies. I was about to open my mouth but she was the one who started talking first.

'Sam, you look fantastic, such a nice body you are endowed with, well built and very handsome. I'm not disappointed but rather pleased that you choose me.' All the words and shocks including the shower were all forgotten.

'Not exactly an Adonis!'

'Why not, Sam? You still look young, in the best of years, and I must say very desirable.'

'What about you, Victoria; you look much more beautiful, without clothes! Your body from head to toes is perfectly shaped, and what about that gorgeous, fine-looking innocent face with those shining brown eyes. I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms.'

I moved behind her, put my hands under her arm pits and found her small cone shaped tits, moulded them in my hands, rolling them and searched for her small nipples, which every now and then I squeezed between my fingers. With every squeeze I licked and sucked her earlobe while she pressed her ass against my incredible raging waiting hardon.

'Ohhh Sam, you're making me so hot and horny, again and again, that I'm feeling dizzy again. I'm going into another beautiful world, all so magnificent, wonderful, glorious and serene. Sam, please stooppp... stop!'

'You are not happy?' I asked. Her body started shaking and moans of pleasure left her lips. She was overtaken again by the bliss of lust, and hunger for the pleasures of the flesh. Her sexual electricity was now flowing all over her body as I was feeling her heart pulsating, beating harder and harder through every squeeze of her little nipples.

'I'm too happy Sam and more than too pleased! I like to enjoy it more and more, visit the heavens, again and again.' I just held her nipples between my fingers without moving or squeezing them. She was moving the crack of her ass, which was rather bare, up and down against my steel hard truncheon. There was only a string in the crack between her small sexy orbs where my hard cock nestled nicely.

She kept moaning and purring as she was in the heavens, enjoying the beauty of the sexual energy flowing out of her red hot chakra. I moved my hands away from her nipples; put one on her heart, which really was extra pumping, the other went down towards her pubic area. My tongue started to suckle on her earlobe while my hand just cupped her drenched little triangle which may just covered her little small slit. I pressed my hand hard upwards, lifting her swollen lips, wringing her sexual tasty juices out from between her pouty lips, as she even tried to close her legs. The gap was still there.

Feeling this, her body went into another strong celebration of sexual activity which was too strong for her. She was inexperienced and everything was new. All of her body started to shake. She cried and shouted for me to stop. She tried to push my hand away from between her legs. 'Stooop Saam Stop. Please stoopp; stop; stop.'

I held her tight, with my right hand still cupping her drenched pussy as more liquid was still flowing outwards. I was just only hoping that she will soon return. I just stopped pressing and kept my hand rather loose until I felt her body relaxing. Slowly she relaxed and then she said. 'I never thought that I could ever get such aggressive climaxes. I had read about them, but I never, ever dreamed I could ever accomplish, such joy and reach such ultimate ecstatic sexual satisfaction.' Victoria commented on her recent mind blowing climax.

'I'm very happy for you sweetie, and too happy that you are appreciating and enjoying them.' I answered for her comments.

'More than you ever think, Sam. A first look at you; when you joined us in the ship canteen, I could have never dreamed you are such an accomplished lover.' Victoria lauded me.

'I've been trained into the art of making love; to women. You sure are in the right place and in the right hands...' I did not finish what I had in mind.

'... at the right time. You mean for my initiation, right.' Victoria cut me off,

'I'm more than hoping.' I answered.

'I'm totally yours, Sam; both for your pleasure and as much as for mine.' She said.

At that instant I turned and fell on my knees while I looked up towards her angelic face. On my knees I moved towards her, one step after another until my face was close enough to her little triangle, just covering the most desirable cave of love, passion, lust and pleasure.

Victoria kept silent, watching for my next move. The move I made was to move my nose and mouth towards her burning furnace which most men crave for. My nose closed in and there immediately I felt the flowing aroma coming out of her hot aching pussy. I pushed her little piece of cloth, which of course was soaking wet to one side exposing the cute swollen lips and sniffed as hard as I could.

She pushed back and at the same time moaned. 'Stop Sam. I'm cumming Sam I'm cumming. Stoopp.'

I couldn't believe she was cumming again. She just passed through a real huge orgasm too quick to go into another one. She just cried and shouted as she started to fall. I put my hands just below her ass and held her tight and steady, pressing my nose further into her small crack, pushing the cloth back between her small swollen lips as she nearly passed out.

Quite a few girls pass out or better melt when they are kissed the first time, or been inexperienced. I held her tight to me, kissing her drenched triangle as I smelled and licked her sexual juices, which were flowing abundantly out of her virgin vagina. She tasted great and was very generous with the amount of love juice flowing out. Her body started to flow back. I heard the moans flowing out from between her small lips.

I pulled my mouth away and looked at her beautiful naked body. I stood up, took her back in my arms and kissed her gently on her lips. 'Sorry Sam.'

'For what?' I asked.

'I don't know, I have no idea what happened. I think I passed out when I cum. It was too much for me Sam; but it was fantastic. It's all new to me. I had never been in such heavenly circumstances before.'

'Have you ever masturbated?'

'No Sam, I tried once but I was scarred, mum always told me I should never touch down there. That is something for the night of the honeymoon.'

'So you're waiting for that day, aye.'

'No way, Sam. Now I want to find out more. It's already fantastic... couldn't believe how good it was. Just do me again Sam, do me again... I couldn't wait?'

'So you want to go back to the heavens?'

'More than you think Sam... even higher if possible; maybe I'm even ready to experience higher and stronger orgasms. After I had experienced the real first taste of love making I think I'm ready for more. What I had already experienced... was it the tip of the iceberg? Sam, do to me please? Do what you think it's best, I'm more than ready.'

I lifted her very light body like a baby in my arms and laid her down on the middle of my queen sized bed. She stretched her body, first pressing her legs together while gathering herself back, evaluating what she had passed through, then slowly she started opening them and moved both of her hands, which fingers were entwined together, massaging her pussy, still covered with that small over soaked triangle.

I crawled on my knees towards her, and before I covered her face with sweet little feather light kisses I pulled down her soaked little triangle, leaving her sex starved virgin vagina for my prying eyes and dirty mind. Her lips tasted sweet. I licked her and kissed her. Our tongues touched and shivers of pleasure felt though out our bodies. I was amazed with her beauty and her relaxed sex hungry body. She spread her hands, her legs opened wider and wider, while her small breasts were there popping upwards, nipples hard for my own carnal tastes and desires.

She showed no sign of embarrassment, exposing her naked body to me. That moment had already passed and superseded. There was no shame even that it was the first time she done so. I looked at her beautiful small brown shinning eyes, now wide open, but full of sexual lust, crying for more, craving for what was next to come. My lips moved down, touched hers, again, and then closed further until they connected. They opened a little bit, and our tongues met. It was a very slow kiss, nothing aggressive.

I felt the feeling of sexual energy flowing from her body into mine. My hard cock was much harder and ready. I broke the kiss and moved my lips slowly down towards her small hard nipples, took the left and squeezed it a little bit between my teeth while the right was taken care off between my fingers. She moaned while I squeezed and sucked. Her hands roamed over my back and around, until she found my manhood.

I continued turning slowly, licking and squeezing her little tities. It was time for me to flow downwards over her smooth chest, towards her navel. My hardness was being well taken care off. She was moving her hand along its head exposing the purple bulbous head and back, experimenting, watching and evaluating, what was really happening. The theory she knew; but Victoria lacked the experience.

Slowly I was getting down, close towards her little triangle jammed between her legs; squeezed between her small swollen lips, soaked with her musky juices. On the sides of Victoria's small slit, her pubic hair perfectly trimmed was evidently exposed. I enjoyed evaluating with joy her virgin little slit, with two small swollen lips, totally exposed as the crack was slightly open still filled with the little triangle. I lifted one leg and straddled her, moving it over her head slowly with the hard dick, still in her hand, the balls hanging for her hungry eyes. I settled slowly, my dick just centimetres away from her prying eyes and hungry mouth. I felt her other hand grabbing my sac, feeling very lightly the two nuts which freely moved out of her hand, escaping the intrusion, although there they stayed still floating within the multiple tubes.

I pulled the hard cushion I always kept ready on the bed, asked Victoria to lift her ass, and under it, the cushion went, lifting her swollen lips upwards. The view became spectacular. The crack automatically opened wider. I leaned over her until my lips touched her little hood. I kissed it and then with my tongue moving forward and backward licked lightly her clitoral canopy. Her body just jumped. Victoria moaned and cried. I kept the little ministrations doing the honours of being the first to send her again into the heavens as I pressed my lips harder against her canopy, then further down, down, spreading her crack and collecting her tasty aromatic sex juices.

I pulled her little G-string out of the way enjoying the beauty her most intimate part of her body. My eyes feasted on its' beauty as yearning for her juices, I was. They tasted incredibly exquisite, emmm... the smell flowing into my nostrils as I continued moving downwards and then again backwards. Her body went wild, her moaning and shouting became unbearable. I pressed my mouth hard against her crack. Victoria's hands left my manhood and put then on my head as she pressed harder, jamming my mouth against her pussy while closing her legs tight against the sides of my head.

I was totally jammed there between Victoria's legs, my nostrils filled with the most exotic aroma any male can indulge himself in analyzing with his own senses, while pleasuring such as beauty that the more I sucked the more I enjoyed even being imprisoned between her legs. She shouted and pressed my head down as hard as she could. With my finger I managed to collect some of the juice flowing downwards towards her rosebud, covered the end of my pointing finger and starting massaging her corona. This was the last straw in this atmosphere, when she became wilder. I pressed my finger through her sphincter up to the first knuckle. A cry of pain came out of her mouth but no further complaints.

She went wilder; now with a finger inside her arse and my mouth now jammed against her clit, sure she was in the higher heavens. I pushed my finger further in until it was all embedded inside of her anus. Then, I started turning it around and fucking her arse, moving it in and out. She never stopped crying and shouting and shaking with every move I made. My hardness was also taking its toll and more than once I nearly exploded and covered her with a big load of steaming cum, but I managed to hold on, fighting for the release of my head from between her legs.

At last I managed to get away. I left my finger deep into her arse for a few more seconds, then, pulled it all out. I turned away and lay down, next to her still shaking body; maybe still flowing in some fantastic wonderland far, far away.

I just waited until she started to relax. She stretched her legs, her ass still resting high on the cushion, her eyes closed and a sweet smile on her lips. Her face shining with the pleasures she just had experienced. The sexual energy which had invaded her body was now subsiding slowly. I could just watch her breathing, her heart pumping, looking so sated, that smile on her face, slowly returning back from just a really enjoyable dream.

Victoria just relaxed, her eyes still closed, that smile on her face said too much. She could not believe she been through such high sexual experiences. I just let her relax, just watched her return back, so pleased I was that I just froze watching and looking at her.

Sure this was one of the most fantastic experiences I had enjoyed, although there where a lot of nostalgia which I could never forget; where females reached such high levels of carnal pleasures. I just scanned her beautiful lithe naked body lying there on her back, still in the middle of my bed. My hardon was still raging, naturally wanting more and more, not only from Victoria but also from all the other girls, including Padme. I had already prepared a good program of how I was going to escort them, one by one, through such pleasures unknown to them. I was already dreaming and fantasizing, who was going to be next to go through such pleasures for which they were all yearning.

I watched her beauty as she gave a sigh of relief, slowly turned her face towards me and gave me an incredible smile which said more than a thousand thanks.

'Sam, do you know where I had been?'


'In wonderland. It was so beautiful; everything spectacular, serene, brilliant, Sam indescribable; it was heavens, so much out of this world, that I didn't want to come back. Now I realize what a great lover you are; Sam.' Victoria described her experiences.

'So you really enjoyed it?' I asked

'Sam, I have no answer. I could not describe what I have been through. Thanks a million.' Victoria answered.

'Do you like to go there again?'

'I'm not saying anything. I know that soon you will be sending me there, and many times after! But what will happen when I go back?' she asked.

'Unfortunately I don't have the answer to that. You do your best to enjoy as many possibilities as you can while you are here and broaden your sexual experiences. Padme can teach you a lot, more than you think.'

'But I'm not a lesbian!'

'Enjoying yourself while learning about sexual practices and possibilities; should not make you a lesbian. I hope that the males that enter into any intimate relationship with you; will please you as much. But now while you are here, make the best of both worlds.'

'You're right Sam. Mind if I suck your dick?' Victoria asked.

I just lay properly on my back, opened my legs a little, and there lying on my pelvis was my hard dick ready to please and satisfy. 'At your service! It's there ready to please, Vic.' I said.

Victoria did not need any encouragement; she just turned around, her small beautiful orbs nearly looking back to me, while she took my dick into her hand. I was just watching her, getting the real feeling of the first real dick inside her mouth. This was her first experience with the real thing, her first suck, the feeling of its hardness stretching the insides of her small mouth was still strange. About this incredible part of our male anatomy Victoria had little experience.

Although she knew the basics she had never held the real thing in her hand. Her hand moved lightly along its length, feeling both the length and the thickness. Then she moved the foreskin backwards until the head was exposed, which sent shivers down my groin as the cool air hit its delicate thin shining skin. She continued getting acquainted with this new toy, feeling, looking, kissing and even licking.
'It's so beautiful Sam, I couldn't believe it can give a women so much pleasure not to mention the re-production.' Victoria said.

'What about that little pussy you have? I'm sure you already had enjoyed the introduction.' I commented.

'I think that was more than an introduction Sam, but yes I'm expecting more in the next few days. Whatever is possible, I'm ready for.' Victoria opened her mouth and her tongue started to lick around the exposed head, slowly going down along its' length and back up again. She had done this a few times getting the feeling, enjoying the hardness and the taste which was hidden under the foreskin. It was then that she just took the head again inside her small mouth, engulfing most of it. I felt her tongue moving around the head enjoying the feeling of her tongue's movements around the mushroom head, just overfilling her mouth. I loved and savoured every moment.

She was trying to learn by experience, moving her tongue around, while moving her mouth up and down, sucking it; trying to take more. I encouraged her and told her how great she was doing.

Every now and then she even shook her ass, giving me a perfect view of her crack. The third time she shook her ass I pulled her right leg and lifted it up to the other side of my head, so for sure I get the best view. There, infront of my eyes I could look up and watch and savour that little pussy of her, looking at me, ready for more intimate pleasures. With my hands resting on her lower back I pressed her further down until those little hanging pouty lips touched mine. I just started licking slowly her love juices which were flowing down; they tasted incredibly wonderful. The amazing smell of the aroma flowing through my nostrils increased the energy flowing through my body. My dick increased in its intensity, getting harder and harder, ready to explode.

I took a deep breath. Retrieved back my groin muscle I relaxed and made sure I prevented filling her mouth too soon. Then my tongue continued wondering around between the folds of her vaginal slit, sending her, again up, up into the heavens and into the wonderlands. As another orgasm quickly sprang from her trembling pelvis followed another series of orgasmic shockwaves which swept over the hole of her entire body. She pressed her mouth more around my hard dick making things rather difficult for me. She was still sucking my dick, still doing great, so great that I was really enjoying the way she was maneuvering her mouth and tongue around it. I managed to hold on enjoying both her mouth ministrations against my dick as much as I was enjoying the flowing sexual milk into my mouth.

But when her body exploded she started to tremble and scream as a strong mind blowing orgasm. She melted and dropped down on my body as I was still suckling between those small incredible pouty lips. She woke back, gave a cry of sexual satisfaction and with one push she pulled away from me. She turned around and lay down next to me. 'Thanks again Sam. That was wonderful... What's next?'

'You still hungry... for more?' I bewildered asked.

'You think we should wait?' Victoria looked back.

'The next one will be hard and rough.' I answered.

'Emmmm... sounds exciting!' Victoria exclaimed.

'Maybe yes... maybe not.'

'Why?' Victoria teasingly asked. She gave me a look of lust, heat and desire for more.

'That's for you to evaluate...but not now, after the act.' I answered smiling at her, putting more wood into the fire.

'That seems getting, rather more exciting... Sam. Even my pussy is tingling now!' Her sexual desires had increased steadily as she wanted to further explore how far her carnal desire can evolve.

'Well; now that is getting more interesting, very interesting, and as much as your pussy is tingling; my cock is extending it length and grit.' I commented to further increase her thirst to further excite her for the pleasures of the flesh.

She looked down towards my crotch and there she gripped my manhood with her hand, getting the feeling as it kept extending. Our lips met and for a few seconds sent more electric currents throughout our bodies. Then she broke the kiss and looked down at my manhood which was still being caressed by her smooth small hand, which properly could not hold it.

'Wow... it seems that before we go for breakfast he's still anticipating another go.' Victoria teased again.

'Sure he will, and this time he's after some raw meat.' I teased back.

'Will there be pain, Sam?' Victoria asked.

'Sure there will!' I responded.

'So... I'm going to love it.' She said

'You like pain?' I asked.

'I don't know Sam, not sure... but I remember once my mother battered my ass after a mishap I been through; I was fourteen and I remember I became tingly, I felt something going through my body I had never felt before.' She recounted.

'So you became sexually alert?' I asked.

'Don't know Sam... sure at the time I didn't know what it was, but I remember that there was pleasure after the pain started to ease. I was very unaware of any sexual desires although I really wished to be spanked again, but on the other hand I wanted to be the good girl. It was the only time!' Victoria confirmed the experience.

'And now you like to be naughty?' I asked.

'Well not as much Sam, but I like to try things I thought about, desired, you know became aware of the sexual energy flowing through my body, but was always scarred trying them alone. I preferably like to try something with a rather experienced person.' Victoria insisted.

'Does it matter if it would be a male or a female?' I continued my interrogation. Naturally the more we went into the subject the more I became excited. I knew what I wanted next and this sure was going to take place before breakfast.

'Yes it matters, and it matters a lot. I may prefer a male for a start; emmm... a female; maybe later.' Victoria answered.

'You're very intelligent, putting priorities in the right order.' I said.

'Maybe; I don't really know; many ideas, sometimes they come naturally.

'I think its' better to prepare for breakfast; I'm getting very hungry now and therefore better get to the last episode. Hopefully; are you ready?' I, finally asked.

'Definitely I am.' Victoria released a sexy smile with her answer followed by a lick to her upper lip.

I stood up from where we were hugging and kissing each other while we were talking. She was small but was crammed with too much energy. I stood up, my eyes still focused on her beautiful energetic sexually excited tiny body. She turned over on her back, stretched her whole body and yawned. She looked stiff, and elegant, frozen perfect shaped body, her legs closed and her mound, v-shaped just there at the top of her closed legs. She looked very desirable, ready to be taken on a first journey of sexual delights, maybe further than what she had already enjoyed. She was hot, her eyes a witness of what she was feeling inside her burning body. Victoria was ready to erupt again and maybe again, as the flowing lava was flowing out from her small virgin crevasse.

I extended my hand to her; she looked at me, then, opened her legs wide, as wide as she could open them, stretched herself again and moved her hands down along her wet ravine moving them backwards and forward, massaging her small pouty lips.

She moaned as the fluids leaked out of the source and the sexual energy flowed all through her body. It was blowing out of her red hot burning chakra, hidden down, there within her intimate area between her incredibly beautiful thin shapely legs. She kept teasing me, looking at me, licking her tongue against her lips. I was hot and ready for the final exploit of the morning.

I moved on top of her, my raging hardon hanging over her face while my mouth attacked her small crevasse and started licking and suckling her love juices out of their natural source. She just started licking the top of the head of my dick as with her hand she pushed the foreskin backwards. Her tongue was playing with the little hole from where I felt some liquids flowing out. In no time her body jumped as another climax was erupting within her body. She moaned and shouted while she tried to close her legs. With my index finger already wet with her juices I just started to massage her asshole, again, getting it ready. Then as she shouted, I pressed my finger against her sphincter and into her tight opening, steadily slipped all the way in, slowly.

'Pleasee Samm... not there. Aaaahhh. Aaaahhh... I'm cummminngg... agaian... again. Stop Sam! Stoooppp Pleesssse Stop...Stoooopppp.'

I did not stop. I just pressed my finger inside her anal tube just in one trust. 'Auuch... auuch...aaaahhh. Noooo Sam... noooo....not in there Sam. It hurts.'

Her complaints did not register at the time as I was too absorbed in what I was feeling. I did not care. I was too hot for this young beauty. My mouth was jammed against those small lips, just suckling on her smelly pussy. The flowing liquid flowed out of her still virgin vagina as quick as her trembling body. Woww she really tasted great. My dick was back in her mouth sending more sexual signals. I was really excited knowing that this chick had melted so quickly. Victoria was burning now, not with fire but with carnal desires which had woken inside her. She just was craving for more. The fire became incredible especially when I sucked her clitty between my lips and massaged it with my teeth.

When her mouth was not filled with my raging hardon she shouted and cried and instructed me to pull my finger out of her ass. I just rammed in and out of her anal tube stronger and harder as she was on the verge of exploding. I let her enjoy it as it long as her body was exploding with bliss, asking for more. My finger kept ramming in and out of her ass until I jammed fully inside her. I let body vibrate until she started to slowly relax. Her anal muscles were contracting slowly. My lips had also moved away from her most sensitive spots. I just kissed her pussy and watched her pelvic area moving up and down with her strong breathing.

Relaxed enough, I fetched the KY which was lying there on the bed, opened it with my other hand and pushed a blob on my finger as I pulled it out of her ass. Then, in again it went all the way. Now the shouting stopped and I realized that the pain and the pleasures started to mix.

I lifted myself up from over her body while I pulled my finger away, lifted her light body and helped her get on all fours with her knees on the edge of the bed. In an instance I was on my feet behind her. I pushed my dick against her small snatch and moved it along it, hitting her clit and back. She was still in the heavens. As a matter of fact I doubted if she knew what was happening.

I held my hard truncheon in my hand and pointed it, at Victoria's little tight asshole. I pressed against her rosebud slowly until I felt the pressure from her sphincter. I did not wait but gave a quick trust and the head slid straight into her anus just inside her sphincter.

'Bastard... It just hurts. Sam it hurts. Please stop.' She cried. I just held her from the hips, gave her time to relax her anal muscles, before I continued pushing. She was in pain. Her hole was really too small and my dick was quite thick; but soon she started to relax. I just pushed a little. She moaned and begged me to wait.

'How does it feel; still hurts?' I asked.

'Yes Sam, still hurts, but the feeling is getting better; but the pain is still strong. Aauuch... aauuch.' Victoria cried, the pain was evident even in her cries.

'Shall I... pull out?' I asked with concern. I knew it was too late.

'Please Sam nooo.' Victoria answered.

I just held it there at the entrance of her rosebud, the head tightly locked inside. My hands started moving, massaging the sides of her lithe body over her back, down over her little orbs while my truncheon still connected to her behind. Her small nipples were hard. I massaged them slowly one in each hand trying to erupt pleasures away from her irritated area.

She stayed quite, sure she was enjoying every moment, but the tension she had was still down there. She relaxed a little, then moaned a moan of a mixture of pain and pleasure. She didn't move, but I moved one hand away from her breast, down towards her pussy until I found her little bud. I started working on it trying to rekindle the fire by a finger massage. She moaned as her ass shook, her anal muscles tightened and then relaxed again. She pushed her ass against the hardness of my phallus which started furrowing through her anal duct. It was only just a little push, not much, but progress was achieved.

'Sam, auuch, auuch, still hurts... but I feel like cumming...aaaahhh Sam, aaaahhh, auuuch, ohhhh gooood... Saamm...I want it allll...aaallll...aaahhh. Yessss Sammm.' Victoria cried and moaned as she was now determined that there was no way back.

She just pushed slowly, very slowly. It was already half way inside her anal tube. She continued moaning with pain as much as with pleasure. My hard truncheon continued to disappear very slowly inside her very tight ass. She was even squeezing it to the maximum. It felt being shrunk.

'At last Sam, I don't think I could take more. Yes Sammm I'm cummminng... Cummminng... Sammm...Cummming. Auuchch... Auuuch. My ass hole feels ready to break; explode...' Victoria pushed the last bit, but there was no more left, her bums hit my pelvis as she made the last effort. She held it there buried into her anal tube for what seemed like long moments. I felt my hard dick getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger as it was stretching her anal tube to the maximum.

I thought I was ready to explode inside her, as my hard cock was really growing. She was really tight and I wondered what poor Victoria was feeling with such a little monster buried all the way into the depths of her tight ass hole.

I done my best to hold, tried to relax my PC muscles and stop my juice from flowing while her body became worst than an earthquake. She was shaking like a crazy woman, pushing her head in the pillow, trying to muffle the sounds she was making.

I was proud of her, the way she took all my cock inside her very tight small hole as the girth was quite too much. She just waited, moaned while she not only enjoyed the pain she was enduring but also the pleasures of the flesh as she started to shake. She cried and shouted as her sexual desires woke and erupted asking for more and more to come. She was craving for more; the more her flesh was passing through this passion and hunger the more her yearning for more new sexual procedures.

She wanted more and she pressed her buttocks back against my pelvis maybe trying to get more, but there was no more. Then she tightened her anal muscles as hard as she could as she moaned. As she released them she pulled slowly away, moaning and crying and shouting with both pleasure and pain as I stared at my dick reappearing again. She moved away enough to leave just the head inside of her within the anal opening; then relaxed, took a deep breath and pushed back, just half way and pulled away again, relaxed, and back until it all disappeared inside her ass.

I just let her enjoy it. I was not, so much in a hurry. The best was yet to come as I would be bidding for her virgin pussy, sometime within the next twenty four hours. At my age one won't get many virgins, so I would love to enjoy them while they become available.

I loved every moment watching her body engulfed into a real volcanic eruption, a real earthquake. Then I slapped her ass with both palms of my hands, hit her one on each bum, simultaneously and pulled my hard truncheon out of her tight hole, which now seemed to be quite extended.

'It's breakfast time. I'm getting hungry.'

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