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Hot and sexy anal english sex story
A week had past since Janet came to dinner, and enjoyed her first experienced of anal intercourse. Before she left our home, she had expressed her desire to leave her husband, and come to live with Angela and I.

I was working in my office when Angela walked in still naked after her shower. God she was a sexy creature, she stood opposite me and patted her long legs and stomach dry. When she arrived at her large firm tits she rubbed them vigorously, making her nipples protrude even further. Next she slipped the towel down to her hairless cunt. She rubbed it between the gaping lips and stimulated her erect clit. Groaning loudly when she brought herself to orgasm.

This wasn't the first time Angela had put on this erotic performance; it was a frequent occurrence when she was feeling particularly randy. She told me that bringing herself off whilst I watched increased her enjoyment immensely, I asked her; "Have you been thinking about Janet again?"

Angela nodded smiled, and told me she thought Janet would have moved in before now. Angela and I reminisced about Janet's gorgeous body, her red silky Basque, and the erotic experience of sharing her delightful small body. Angela teased me, telling me that I was desperate to fuck her friends arse and was devastated that she hadn't moved in.

I told Angela that she was the only woman I needed. She was beautiful, funny, unbelievably sexy and an outrageous exhibitionist. Angela thanked me for the compliment and disappeared into the well of my desk. She took my hard cock in her mouth and gave me one of her expert blow jobs. Whist Angela was blowing me; she frigged her cunt and brought us both to orgasm.

Angela popped up above the desk, and rested her two magnificent hard tits on the desk top licking her lips salaciously, as she savoured and swallowed my sticky semen; "Your semen tastes of Whisky, how much did drink at the Golf club last night?"

I replied, I'd had a couple of doubles and that was all; "Drink more next time it makes it taste delicious." She smiled like a small child, who had just discovered something tasty and new to eat. "You are disappointed that Janet didn't come to live with us, aren't you? I know I was so looking forward it."

I told Angela that, Janet was capable of making her own decisions, and perhaps, she'd changed her mind, Angela replied; "But she told me she'd thoroughly enjoyed the two of us making love to her, and was longing to do it again."

I knew that Angela and Janet were meeting at the Gym, later that morning. I advised Angela not to raise the subject of Janet leaving her husband, leaving Janet free to make her own decision; "She'll be under enough pressure and doesn't need us badgering her to move in."

Angela agreed not to discuss it with her friend. She leaned over the desk, cupped her gorgeous large firm breasts in her hands and thrust them towards my mouth. I kissed both hard nipples, also Angela's puckered lips before telling her; "Go get ready for the Gym, and brush your teeth, your breath smells of Whiskey."

Angela was laughing and swinging her naked arse provocatively, as she left my office. A few minutes later she walked back in wearing her Gym kit. She gave me a long kiss before she ran out of the house to meet Janet. I tried to get on with my work, but Angela and Janet luscious but very different bodies, were never far from my thoughts.

A couple of hours later Angela charged through the front door, shouting for me to come downstairs, she needed a hand to unload her car. I made my way down the staircase presuming that she'd visited the Supermarket, returning home laden with carrier bags of food as usual.

When I stepped out of the front door I saw two cars parked on the drive, ours and Janet's. Angela was walking towards me struggling with two large suitcases; "Janet's left her husband, and she's moving in."

Janet's pretty face popped up from the boot of her car, she smiled and asked; "I hope it's alright Ken?"

Angela reassured her that it was more than all right, it was fantastic news; "Ken's desperate to fuck you again, aren't you?"

I asked if Angela had contact the local newspaper with that titbit of information; "You might as well, you've just told all the neighbours. Take Janet in the house I'll unload the cars."

Janet stopped to give me an affectionate kiss and a hug, which crushed her large breasts into my chest. She blushed furiously when Angela called out; "Don't fuck him on the drive, wait until he gets inside."

I shook my head in resignation; I had long ago, become accustomed to Angela's outrageous behaviour. I gave Janet a playful slap, on her delicious firm rump as she ran to join Angela. I carried suitcase after suitcase into the hall, and piled it high with Janet's belongings.

After closing the door I walked into the kitchen to join the girls who were chatting excitedly. Angela turned and told me; "Your first job is to phone the Italian Restaurant in town, book a table for three for 6-30. Then we have to go and buy a bigger bed, ours is too small for three."

I looked across at Janet whose face turned bright red; she looked down at the floor to hide her embarrassment. I asked Angela if we shouldn't wait, Janet should decide what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Angela replied that the two of them had already decided; Janet would be sharing our bed. "Isn't that fantastic news Ken, she wants us to fuck her again?"

I held out my arms and they both rushed into them laughing. They hugged and smothered me in kisses. Angela told me to carry the two large suitcases upstairs; they contained most of Janet's clothing. She told me not to bother with the bags containing underwear; "We won't be wearing any."

The pair of them ran upstairs leaving me to lug the two heavy suitcases into the master bedroom. When I entered Janet and Angela were standing side by side with their arm around the others waist, totally naked and grinning at me.

The contrast between their naked bodies was marked. Angela was taller, had a fantastic body with slightly larger tits and a shaved cunt. Janet was tiny in comparison. She too had a gorgeous body, and large firm tits. A shock of bright ginger hair covered her cunt. I dropped the suitcases onto the floor, kicked off my shoes, ripped off my shirt and slacks allowing my long hard cock to spring to attention.

Angela slapped Janet's naked arse playfully telling her; "We haven't got time for a fuck. But you can suck Ken's cock, while I eat your delicious little cunt."

Angela lay on her back at my feet; Janet straddled her face and lowered her cunt onto Angela's waiting mouth. Janet smiled up at me, as she gripped my long cock in her tiny hands. She slipped it into her small open mouth, closed her bright red lips around it and sucked greedily. Angela had impatiently started feasting noisily on Janet's tight little ginger cunt, eliciting a low groan from Janet.

Angela told her; "Let us know, when you're going to come. Ken can come in your mouth, and you come in mine."

I could see Angela was furiously stimulating her own wet cunt, she was determined not to miss out on an orgasm. After a couple of minutes Janet plucked my saliva coated cock from her mouth and groaned; "I'm going to come any second, God what a welcome."

Janet's tiny hands were pumping my cock, as she ran her tongue around its bulbous throbbing head. She was groaning loudly and a long shiver rocked her tits across her chest; "I'm coming now and so is Ken." My cock had started to jerk in Janet's tiny hand. Semen spurted out some of it entered Janet's open mouth. The rest splattered onto her pretty face.

Angela was wriggling her arse around on the carpet as she brought herself off. Janet screamed; "Ken's come is all over the place. Some of it is in my mouth, and the rest is trickling down my face."

Angela sprang to her feet, and kissed Janet open mouthed, they exchanged my semen and Janet's fluids. Angela licked the come from Janet's pretty face frigging her cunt as she did so. Janet trembled and groaned as another orgasm assaulted her.

My cock dripped its last few drops of semen onto the floor. Angela saw it and slapped my cock playfully. She asked Janet; "Could you taste the Whiskey in Ken's come? I could this morning it was delicious."

Janet ran her tongue around her mouth pausing to study the result before replying; "It tasted different, last time it was quite salty. This was thicker and very sweet, it's delicious." They were both laughing as they walked into the en suite bathroom to clean up.

Angela told me to grab some clothes, use the other bathroom to wash and change then wait for them downstairs.

I did as I was told, had a quick strip wash, put on my clothes and went to the lounge. I could hear the pair of them, laughing and giggling in our bedroom. An age seemed to pass before I heard their footsteps descending the stairs. The two of them marched into the lounge holding hands. I couldn't believe what they were wearing.

Both wore black Micro Mini skirts and red silk blouses that were far too tight. Their prominent nipples strained at the thin shiny material. Angela's and Janet's large tits looked as if they could burst out of the blouses any second. The blouses gaped between each button, as they struggled to contain their large breast. Both had bare legs, and wore six inch stiletto heeled shoes.

Their faces were fully made-up, with bright red lipstick liberally applied. They tottered around arms outstretched asking as one, what I thought. I burst out laughing; "You look like a couple of whores. Beautiful, sexy whores, but whores none the less."

They jumped up and down, hugging each other and laughing. Then they tottered over to me and smothered my face with lipstick, as they kissed me still laughing and giggling. They wiped the lipstick from my face, and told me; "We are a couple of whores, but we're your whores, and we don't mind who knows it."

I laughed, and hugged them both, rubbing my hands over their tight arses as I asked; "Underwear?" Angela and Janet smiled excitedly and shook their heads.

We walked to the car; lord only knows what the neighbours thought both of them flashed their naked arse as they clambered into the rear seat. I drove into the city centre and parked the car outside the largest department store in town.

There was a building under construction opposite the store. When the two girls clambered out of the car; the workmen went berserk whistling and shouting lewd comments. Angela and Janet waved, and blew kisses to them before we walked arm in arm into the store.

We rode the escalators to the third floor; I deliberately let the two of them go first. I boarded three steps below them to see what the view was like. Their skirts were so short; I could see most of their wonderful naked arses. Angela enquired smiling; "What's the view like from down there?"

I told her it was fantastic, God knows what people behind me thought. The faces of people travelling down the escalator opposite were amusing. Women either glared at, or elbowed their male partners when they turned to look up the girl's indecently short skirts.

Angela and Janet chatted animatedly knowing exactly what was going on behind. Walking straight into the bed department we started browsing. Quickly we were joined by a smart looking salesman in his mid forties, who asked if he could assist. Angela asked which was the largest in bed in stock with an early delivery date. The salesman led us to a Super King Size bed telling us it was the largest size available in the U.K.

I listened to the salesman's patter; he told Angela about the beds revolutionary springing, the extra padding that covered them. The salesman went on and on about quality of the damask top. I watched his eyes, dart first to Angela large hard breast then to Janet's protruding nipples. The poor guy was sweating profusely and didn't know where to look.

Angela solved his conundrum, she stepped closer to the bed, and keeping her long legs straight. She leaned forward on the pretext of testing the beds firmness; she shoved down on the mattress two or three times. Each time her tits bounced on her chest and her short skirt rose further up her thighs.

Janet also stepped forward to examine the mattress. The salesman felt compelled to avert his bulging eyes. He turned and asked me, what I thought of the bed. Angela replied the bed was for her and Janet. They were twins; I was their rich Uncle and was only there to pay for the bed.

I had to walk away before I burst out laughing. I pretended to examine a couple of beds nearby. I sat down where I could watch and hear what was being said. Janet had thoroughly enjoyed watching Angela tease the hapless salesman and decided to join in the fun.

She asked if they could try out the bed. When the salesman said they could. Janet slipped off her shoes and jumped backwards onto it squealing in delight. The springy bed threw her splay legged into the air. The salesman got a brief tantalising glimpse of her ginger pubic hair. Angela also jumped onto the bed and flashed her naked cunt in the process.

I thought the salesman was going to have a heart attack. I stepped in and called a halt to their fun. I told the sweating salesman we'd take the bed and asked how soon it could be delivered. I think he was pleased to walk away from the pair of them cavorting on the bed. He led me to his computer, flicked through a few pages before telling me the bed could be delivered in ten days, adding that delivery was free.

I asked if he could deliver tomorrow if I paid the delivery costs. A quick telephone call confirmed that the bed could be delivered the following morning if I paid cash or by debit card.

The transaction completed I returned to join Angela and Janet who were still lying flat out on the bed; "Come on you two, let's get out of here, before someone calls the Police."

Arm in arm we left the store the girls were giggling as they received, glares from all the women customers and open mouthed stares from the men. When we returned to the car and the workmen were waiting for us. A dozen of them were hanging off the scaffold whistling and shouting. The girls preened at the attention they were attracting.

As we drove away they removed tissues from their handbag hoisted up their skirts and dried each others dripping cunt and thighs Then they rolled around on the back seat laughing. Janet told us; "God I'm so hot, my cunt left a little wet patch on the bed. I can't believe how randy I got." Angela asked; "What about those workmen, did you hear, some of the things the dirt sods were shouting to us?"

"Twins, you two are twins and I'm your rich Uncle. Where did that come from?" Angela was almost crying with laughter. She told me I was like a rich Uncle who took care of them. The fact I had a big cock and fucked them was the best bit.

We arrived at the Restaurant early and went to the bar to have a drink. There were no tables and chairs around the bar only very high stools. Janet gasped when she saw them; "We can't sit on those, we'll show everything we've got."

Angela replied; "Keep your knees together and Ken can lift us up. It's either that or we stand?"

Their high heeled shoes were crippling them so they had to sit down no matter what the consequences were. I hoisted the pair of them onto the bar stools and sat between them. Angela was quite relaxed but Janet was blushing furiously, telling us; "That chap sitting opposite is looking straight up my skirt."

Angela leaned forward and whispered quietly; "You flashed you ginger minge at the bed salesman. That guy is younger and better looking; give him a treat and cross your legs."

Without any hesitation Janet parted her luscious legs and crossed them slowly, looking the guy straight in the eye. Janet did it just as the young guy was taking a drink. He sucked the wine straight to the back of his throat, coughing and sputtering as he fought to regain his breath. Janet swivelled round to face the bar, she and Angela dissolved into fits of laughter.

We chatted about our visit to the store. Angela asked when the bed was being delivered. I told her tomorrow morning, I wasn't sure what time; it would depend on how long it took the salesman to carry it from town. The observation provoked more laughter which resulted in the girl's large tits bouncing and trying to escape from their thin tight blouses. It was a sight that didn't go unnoticed by the customers and staff.

We placed our orders, and were shown to a table in front window. I sat with my back to the window, the girls both faced out into the street. As prospective male customers peered through the window they were treated to a quick flash of Angela's or Janet's dripping cunts. They pair of them were horny and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The more wine they drank, the more they flashed their cunts. I called for the bill, much to the disappointment of the girls. The head water told me; we were very welcome customers and he hoped we would return again soon. He presented me with a 25% discount voucher redeemable on our next visit.

I had never seen Angela so turned on she was pawing Janet's tight arse, as we walked the few strides to the car. No sooner had she clambered into the back seat she opened Janet's blouse and chewed her hard long nipples. She also thrust her long fingers into Janet's sopping wet cunt. Janet's breath rasped as she responded to Angela's thrusting fingers. I could hear her groaning louder and louder as I drove off quickly.

I saw in the rear view mirror Janet was writhing about and sliding down onto Angela's probing fingers. I looked back and saw Janet's mini skirt had ridden up her thighs; her ginger cunt was in full view.

I found the two of them very distracting as I drove home through heavy traffic. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road when Janet cried out; "I'm coming, eat my cunt and taste my juices." I saw her swivel round and raised one leg onto the seat. Angela immediately plunged her face into Janet's ginger cunt and slurped in it. Janet experienced a very noisy orgasm wriggling her arse around on the leather seat.

Quickly they changed places and Janet tended to the needs of her friend. She sucked and chewed Angela's nipples frigged her cunt and then ate it greedily. As Janet fingered Angela's cunt, she also probed her own. The noise they made filled the car. They gasped, panted, and screamed until they both shared an orgasm. They pair lay entwined in each others arms and legs kissing tenderly. It was very clear to me, that they loved one another deeply.

Their relationship; included but transcended the sex they just enjoyed. If I ever hurt either one of them I knew that our special relationship would be over.

I had been distracted and suddenly realised we were almost home. I turned and told the girls; "Get dressed, and start to look like a couple of whores again. At present, you look like rape victims your skirts are up around your throat and your tits are wobbling all over the shop."

They were both laughing as they dressed, and apologised. Telling me it can't have been much fun for me listening and catching the odd glimpse of their antics. I replied; "I could watch you two, all night. You are beautiful sensuous women with amazing bodies. One day I'll video you pleasuring each other and you will see exactly what I mean."

Angela asked if I owned a video camera. I told her that I didn't but intended to purchase one in the morning. I would video them when they christened our new bed. Janet and Angela couldn't conceal their excitement. The prospect of being filmed as they pleasured each other; rang their bell. I parked the car in the drive; the girls got out and walked into the house in their bare feet.
Once inside our home they walked straight up the stairs hand in hand, Angela told me; "Lock up and open a bottle of Champagne. We're going to have a quick shower; you can join me and our new roommate in fifteen minutes, not before."

I knew better that to argue. I got the bottle of Champagne and three glasses; put them all in an ice bucket. Then I poured myself a glass of red wine and sat down at the kitchen table. Angela called down telling me to bring the Champagne up. I hurried up to the master bedroom walked in and stopped in my tracks.

They both lay on the bed side by side naked. Their arms were stretched above their head and handcuffed to the metal bedstead. They wore blindfolds and had their legs parted. Angela and Janet were giggling and breathing hard.

Wow what a sight, their magnificent bodies were, mine to do with whatever I wished. I just stood at the end of the bed looking down at them smiling. Angela's body was tanned all over; even her naked cunt was bronze. Janet's skin was much paler; her small body looked as if it had been chiselled from a block of flawless alabaster.

Her tiny frame was complimented, by her neatly trimmed delightful bush of bright ginger pubic hair. Their delicious bodies were toned, tummies flat and defined from hours spent at the gym. Despite them laying flat on their backs their large firm tits retained their shape and their hard nipples stood erect.

My cock was straining at the front of my slacks. I just wanted to mount them both and fuck them until my cock fell off. But who should I fuck first.

This was a dream come true, without saying another word I crept out of the bedroom went down to the kitchen. I selected a few items; I could use to fulfil my favourite fantasy.

I returned to the bedroom and quietly I opened the drawer of the bedside table I picked up a selection of large vibrators and slid two of them into the bucket filled with ice cubes. I undressed and tiptoed to the end of the bed, and stared down at their different but very beautiful naked bodies.

Picking up two lengths of string each with a knot tied on the end. I touched them onto the blindfold girl's tits. Slowly I dragged the knot over and between their hard globes. Janet cried out, that she had a spider crawling on her tits. Angela told her it couldn't be; as something was inching its way over hers. I told them to not to speak as I dragged the knot slowly over their flat stomachs. Watching their muscles tense as the knot passed over en route to their waiting cunts.

Angela cunt gaped and the knot easily descended into her pink slit. Janet's cunt had a covering of ginger hair which snagged the knot making it tug on her pubes. Her body and cunt twitched, as the knot dragged through her pubes she groaned loudly.

As I tantalised Angela's bald cunt I watched her lips slowly part. Her cunt slowly opened like the petals of a flower when the warm sun fell on them. Angela's gaping cunt reveal her pale pink shimmering clit, when I danced the knot on its pointed tip Angela growled like an animal.

Her clit twitched responding to the knot dancing upon it. Her cunt gaped wider allowing the knot to slide down dance around its root. Angela's clit and cunt lips turned from pale pink to a bright vibrant pink as blood engorged them. Her clit grew longer and twitched repeatedly as it tried to locate the knot tantalising it. Angela tried to keep her pulsing cunt still to allow me to tantalise her more. She groaned loudly and her body arched trying to recapture the knot when I snatched it away.

Janet raised her knees and opened them to allow the knot access to her small cunt. Her reaction when the knot tantalised her clit was immediate and violent. Her small body arched and trembled as she tried to clutch the knot between the lips of her pulsing cunt and stop it annoying her clit.

Putting down the string I picked up a feather duster and brushed it gently over the tips of their hard erect nipples. They both wriggled and groaned as the duster flicked over them. When it brushed over their flat stomachs they both wriggled trying to escape it.

I told them to raise their arses when they complied. I slid a pillow under their glorious round buttocks and asked them to raise and open their legs wide. I ran the duster through their gaping cunts and over the exposed wrinkled roses of their arse.

Removing two feathers from the duster I circled them around the rose of their arse. They both responded immediately wriggling and contracting the rose tightly. When the tip of the feather tried to burrow its way into their arses Janet and Angela were wriggling, moaning and groaning in unison.

I retrieved the two large vibrators from the ice bucket and applied a liberal coat of lubricant before thrusting them deep into their arses. I couldn't believe the response.

Both the Angela and Janet's bodies jumped then they screamed as they told the other about the freezing cold vibrator buzzing in their arse. A warm vibrator applied to the tip of Angela's clit made her go berserk. Screaming and bucking her hips she came violently. Her fluids tricked from her pulsing cunt onto the pillow supporting her arse. She told Janet, I'd saved the best till last; "I'm coming so hard, I think my tits are going to boil."

Janet's reaction to the vibrator being applied to her clit was no less violent. She planted her feet and arched her back her whole body was trembling. Her arched back allowed me to look straight into her gaping pink little cunt. I watched it pulse repeatedly as juices trickled out. Every time her cunt contracted Janet's hips thrust skywards, as if she was trying to impale herself on an imaginary cock.

Janet came again screaming and clenching her firm buttocks onto the vibrator buzzing in her arse. Suddenly the vibrator shot out of her gripping arse. It flew like a guided missile and landed on the carpet two feet from the end of the bed, Janet came violently. She asked; "What happened, where's the vibrator gone?"

I told her it had shot out of her cunt like a bullet and landed half way across the room." I watched Angela and Janet thrashing around on the bed until their orgasm subsided.

The handcuff keys were on the bedside table; I picked them up and released my satiate prisoners. They removed their blindfold kissed each other then both kissed me thanking for their thrilling experience.

Angela asked me to describe what Janet had done with the vibrator which was still buzzing away on the carpet. I told them about my visit to a sex show in Amsterdam. Where I'd seen a small woman smoke a cigarette in her cunt then blow smoke rings from it. Next she inserted ping pong balls in it and blew them out into the audience.

I told them that trick was child's play when compared to Janet's performance. "She was thrusting her hips in the air gripping the vibrator so hard, it shot out of her arse and landed on the floor."

Janet buried her face in the pillow her muffled embarrassed voice telling us; "I'm such a slut shooting vibrators out of my arse. What will I do next?"

Angela asked if one day I would take them to Amsterdam and catch a sex show; "Why not, I'm sure you'd enjoy it Amsterdam is a fascinating city."

Angela nodded at my hard proud cock. Janet immediately slithered down the bed, and took it into her delicious mouth, plunging it almost into her throat; "Am I getting better I've been practising for days?"

Angela told me Janet had another surprise for me; she clambered over me and knelt alongside Janet. She pulled apart the cheeks Janet's lovely arse; "We washed it out and filled it with lubricant, it's ready to accept visitors. Can I watch? We can munch each others cunt while you fuck Janet's luscious little tight arse."

Angela lay on her back with her head at the end of the bed. Janet eagerly straddled her face and began lapping her tongue through Angela gaping wet slit. Angela groaned as she told me the lubricant was in the bedside table; "It's Strawberry flavour and tastes wonderful."

I grabbed the bottle from the cabinet and applied a liberal coating to my hard cock. Angela pulled the cheeks of Janet's round firm arse apart whilst I inserted the long pointed snout of the bottle into her dark wrinkled rose. I squirted copious amounts of the lubricant deep into Janet's bowel. She groaned loudly into Angela's cunt as she felt the cool viscous liquid coating the inside of her arse.

Angela grabbed my cock and rubbed its large head, around Janet's crinkled rose. She told Janet to relax; it wouldn't hurt nearly so much now it was properly prepared. Janet just groaned louder.

With one quick thrust I buried the head of my cock into Janet's beautiful arse. I watched as it stretched then suddenly open and swallow the large head of my cock. The dark rose of Janet's arse clamped around the large head of my cock and the muscles in her back rippled as her arse stretched.

Angela whose face was only inches away told Janet who was panting and groaning; "It was amazing to watch your tiny arse swallow Ken's cock then grab it and lock it in."

Janet told Angela; "I felt your cunt grip my tongue when Ken's cock went in my arse. It doesn't hurt but it's very tight. I can feel my insides stretching."

Angela resumed ministering to Janet's cunt trying to get her arse to relax. After about a minute; Janet threw her head back, and wriggled her arse onto my cock. I pushed gently forwards to help her ease more of my thick long cock into her slippery tight arse. Angela watched, she groaning loudly and frigging her cunt.

She watched inch after inch of my long cock being swallowed by Janet's pulsing arse; "God this is incredibly erotic Janet. Ken's cock reminds me of a huge ship sliding slowly down a launch ramp into the river."

Janet replied "It feels like a ship is inside me, how much more is there left?"

Angela lied; "About two inches that's all, push back hard."

Janet thrust her arse backwards burying four more inches of thick cock in her stretching canal. She screamed when my balls slapped against her throbbing cunt; "That felt like two feet not two inches. The head of Ken's cock feels as if it's lodged in my chest, somewhere behind my tits."

Angela screamed out that she was coming; I could feel her body thrashing about, Janet resumed eating her cunt. Janet's small body started to quiver as her orgasm approached. Slowly I slid my cock back about four inches. Janet groaned loudly and wriggled her delicious gripping arse.

Janet cried out; "I can't describe what that feels like. I can feel your cock it's trying to pull my arse inside out, it's wonderful. Do it again please, slide out some more and push it back in."

Slowly I dragged my cock further out of Janet's resisting cunt then slid it back. If I withdrew my cock four inches, I could slide back only two. The remaining two inches of my cock had to be forced into Janet's gripping void, but she loved it. Angela, who had the best view, was enthralled by her close up of my long cock sliding slowly in and out of Janet's gripping arse.

She grabbed the vibrator from the bed, handed it to Janet and told her; "Show me what Ken's cock feels like in your arse."

Janet's arse was becoming ever more accustomed to the welcome intruder and slowly was relaxing its fearsome grip. I took this as my cue to slide my cock quicker in and out of her slippery arse. Janet was thrusting the vibrator into Angela's willing arse and resumed eating her cunt. The pair of them was wriggling and moaning as their orgasm intensified.

I withdrew my cock completely from Janet's arse and looked into the bright pink gaping hole between her round buttocks. The rose of her arse was now red and formed a perfect circle which was reducing in size slowly, before her arsehole closed completely. I thrust my long cock as deep into her bowel as I could. Janet screamed; "Do that again and again until you come."

I was only able repeated the feat three times before my balls started to twitch and my cock throbbed. Angela could see that I was going to come again; she popped my balls into her delicious mouth and rolled them around it with her tongue.

Angela allowed my aching balls to pop out of her mouth when I slammed every inch of my cock into Janet's throbbing arse. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back impaling her superb little arse on my aching cock.

Both of our bodies twitched and jumped. I came in torrents into Janet's bowel grunting madly as my cock pumped my warm semen into her arse. Janet was screaming and trembling telling Angela; "It feels like Ken's coming into my throat. I can almost taste it in my mouth."

Angela announced gleefully; "I can taste it, as Ken pumped come into your arse, it was squirting out into my mouth and all over my face. I'm covered in it. Would you like to lick it off while I clean your arse?"

There was a loud squelching sound followed by an audible pop as my cock flopped out of Janet's slippery tight arse. It disappeared straight into Angela's waiting mouth. Janet saw it and cried out; "Angela that's cheating, you said we would share."

Reluctantly Angela released my cock and allowed Janet to collect her share of my thick come; Angela licked the sticky coating from Angela's beautiful smiling face. "Pour the Champagne; let's celebrate the arrival of our sexy little housemate."

I poured the Champagne and handed glasses to Angela and Janet who were propped up on pillows. I raised my glass and proposed a toast; "To my beautiful sexy whores." I clambered onto the bed between them as they raised their glasses and drank.

Angela said; "Look at her Ken, isn't she the sexiest creature you have ever seen? She was built to fuck."

I thought it safer not to reply. We lay on the bed naked for over an hour, chatting and fondling each other without the slightest hint of modesty or embarrassment. When the Champagne bottle was empty we went and showered together.

We climbed into bed and took it in turns to have our body explored by the other two. I have never had so much fun or sex in my life, I was exhausted. I fell asleep with my fingers buried in Angela's wet cunt and my mouth sucking Janet's long nipple like contented baby.

At 10-30a.m, we were woken by the doorbell. I ran over to the window and saw a large vehicle parked at the bottom of the drive; "The bed has arrived pull the sheets off the bed and take them into the bathroom. Stay out of sight until they've gone."

We were all running around the bedroom dementedly. I jumped into a pair of slacks and a jumper and went downstairs to answer the bell which was still ringing. The two men carried the huge bed to the master bedroom and took the old bed to their van. The men returned and set up our new bed.

One of the men pointed to the vibrator on the floor; "You don't live alone then. Where's the missus hiding in the bathroom I bet?"

I told him there were two women hiding in the bathroom that's why I need such a large bed. The older man laughed; "And your a film star I bet, call them out and let's have a gander."

"Angela, Janet can you come out please? These guys think you're a figment of my imagination." The two girls sashayed into the room with a small towel wrapped around their shapely naked bodies. They walked to each side of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

The delivery men gawped, the older one said; "You luck bastard, you must be well hung if you can keep those two happy."

Angela smiled sweetly stroking my crotch, she replied; "He is, and he does, were ecstatic. Thank you for asking."

I showed the two delivery men to the door and found £10 which I gave then as a tip. When I ran back to the bedroom Janet and Angela were having a shower. I joined them and soaped them both up, Angela warned me to be gentle with Janet's arse it was still a little sore.

Once we'd dried each other off Angela told me we had to go back to the department store, we had no bedding to fit our new bed. We also had to buy the video camera I'd promised. I received assurances that they would dress more conservatively than on our previous visit.

We drove into town picked up the new bedding and a good quality video camera. We had lunch before returning home at around 1-30p.m. after a brief conversation we agree that Janet and Angela would defer their video session until another day, we were all exhausted.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting. I knew very little about Janet, except she was ravishing, sexy, had an exquisite body and was married to the local Vicar. We discovered that she had been subjected her to enormous pressure to reconcile her broken marriage. The interventions had delayed her decision, to leave the matrimonial home. Janet told us that she realised her happiness and welfare were of no concern to her husband.

His priority was to ensure that details of her husband's adulterous relationship did not come into public domain. Janet was expected to maintain the veneer of respectability for the public. What happened behind the closed doors or in their marriage was not for public consumption. That was when I told my husband that I had made my decision and intended to seek a divorce."

She told us her husband gave her the name of a Solicitor whose bill would be paid by the by him. The Solicitor would help her obtain a quick divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. No mention would be made of his adultery. She would receive a generous allowance from her him if she signed a legally binding document and abide by certain conditions.

Angela and I were furious her husband was in effect trying to buy her silence Janet said; "After I heard that I went straight upstairs and packed."

Angela asked why she hadn't telephone us and come straight here. Janet couldn't give an answer. We talked for hours Janet told us what her life had been like as the wife of a vicar. She had spent the majority of her days alone. "He was always attending meetings and I hardly ever saw him, except for an hour or so in the mornings."

She told us that until she met Angela her life was boring and lonely. Angela had introduced her to the Gym, taken her shopping and shown her how to have fun. I laughed and told Janet I already knew about the fun they had. She replied it wasn't just about sex, but the lord knows she had loved discovering that. It was more about feeling loved and cared for, she felt safe when she was in our company. "I can be whoever I want to be, not just the wife of the Vicar. Married to him, I was nothing; I wasn't a person in my own right."

Janet smiled as she told us, that yesterday. She had dressed and acted like a whore and had so much fun doing it. She felt safe, self confident and proud of her body.

She told us how she had been aware of her nipples tingling when her tits bounced and rubbed on her blouse. Feeling the wind blowing up her skirt over her naked arse and cunt had helped to turn her on, making her cunt juices trickle onto her thighs.

Finally when we returned home and Angela helped to prepare her arse to receive my cock, she said that was a very liberating experience. She told us how she felt when my cock was buried in her arse and she had felt my come splattering her bowel. "For the first time in my life I felt like a real woman. I was free to do anything I wanted. I felt no pressure to do anything I didn't want to."

Tears clouded in Janet's beautiful green eyes when she told us; "You two have set me free. I know that you love me and you will always look out for me."

I looked at Angela and she also had tears in her eyes. Angela stood and held out her arms to Janet and I. We hugged and kissed each other, wiping their tears away I told them; "That is the last time I ever want to see either of you with tears in your eyes. Until today I was uncertain how the three of us living under the same roof was going to end. I know now that it never will."
I went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of cold Champagne and we drank a toast, "To the three of us."

Three months living, sleeping and fucking together flew by; I lost fourteen pounds in weight and had to purchase new clothes. The girls escorted me to Christine's Boutique; they didn't help me choose my clothes, they instructed me what to buy and what not to. Christine joined the girls as they laughed when I emerged from the changing room wearing a hideously mismatched outfit that I had selected.

Christine the Boutique owner was not judgemental or disapproving of our relationship, she told us; "I have never seen Ken so relaxed and happy in all the years I've known him. You three may be the talk of the Town, but you're a perfect fit and I wish you well."

All three of us kissed Christine and thanked her for her kind words and good wishes. We left the Boutique laden down with bags and went to a nearby pub for our lunch. I walked straight to the bar and ordered our drinks leaving the girls to find a table. When I returned and set the drinks down on the table a voice I recognised as being that of my ex wife announced; "I don't know how you can have the brass neck to bring those two slappers in here."

I turned around and saw my ex wife, she was standing alongside a man I didn't know, her face contorted in rage. I told her this was not the time or the place and asked her to leave us to enjoy our drink and a meal. The man agreed and took hold of her arm trying to lead her away but she wasn't having any of it, spitting out; "This is my local and he knows I drink here. He walks in my local with those two scrubbers; he's trying to rub my nose in it."

I tried to keep my voice calm and said I had no idea she was in the pub and we would leave immediately. The Landlord of the pub appeared between us and said "This is my pub and I say who can drink here and who can't. Sit down please Ken; you and your friends are welcome here anytime."

Turning to face my ex wife and her male friend he told them; "Your barred until further notice. I'm not having anyone creating a scene in my pub."

Greta was beside herself with anger telling the Landlord; "You're barring me and letting those two drink in your pub? You're a joke."

Angela stood and replied; "You left Ken for your tennis coach, what possible concern is it of yours what he does now?"

The Landlord took Greta's arm and showed her and her male friend to the door. I sat down at the table and asked the girls if they wanted to leave and go home. The Landlord returned held out his hand and shook mine warmly, apologising profusely.

He asked me to introduce him to Angela and Janet, who he had not previously met. When I did he shook their hand and apologised to them, telling us all we were welcome to visit his pub anytime. He would not allow any repeat of the situation.

We were asked if we had intended to have lunch, Angela replied; "Yes please."

The Landlord walked to the bar brought us three Menus and told us our meals were on the house, he'd return a couple of minutes later to take our order. When he left us I looked at Janet first then at Angela, I was shocked to see them both smiling happily back at me, I told them; "I was worried that my ex wife's ranting would have upset and embarrassed you?"

Janet surprised me even more when she smiled and replied; "We both knew something like that would happen sooner or later. We've discussed it, and we were ready for it. Our relationship is to say the least a little unconventional. But we love each other and we're happy, and that's all that matters."

I replied; "I feel like jumping up and punching the air, shouting, yes! We've sailed though our biggest test and it's changed nothing. I can't believe it could be so easy."

Angela and Janet both kissed me, Angela told me; "We're not little girls and we're not made from cotton wool. We know what people think and say behind our backs. But that's their problem not ours. We don't have any problems, we just love each other."

I ate the excellent pub lunch seated between and chatting to the most beautiful and perceptive women in the world. I could never imagine them having thought about and talked through the problems we might encounter, but they had. Also they had agreed a strategy to deal with it.

"Let's go back to Christine's Boutique I want to buy you both a present. How about two expensive sexy Evening Gowns? You could wear them when we attend the Presentation Dinner at the Golf Club."

Janet replied; "That would be wonderful, we didn't think you were going to take us both."

I asked why on earth they would think that; "You didn't think I could take only one of you, and leave the other at home like Cinderella. I'll be the envy of every man there when I walk in with you two gorgeous creatures on my arms."

Angela told me she and Janet would visit the Boutique alone. I had to telephone Christine and tell her to charge whatever they bought to my account. Janet and Angela were laughing when they told me they would probably bankrupt me, but they'd make certain I was proud of them.

Before we left the pub the two girls went to the bar. They both hugged and kissed the landlord, thanked him for the wonderful meal and his hospitality. I'm not certain his wife was impressed by their show of affection but as the girls told me, that was her problem.

We made our way back to the car and drove home and sat in the lounge to talk; we made a point of doing this every evening. Angela had insisted on it when Janet moved in. Good communication she said was vital in a complex relationship like ours, as always she was correct.

We talked about anything and everything all airing our point of view. The two girls often laughed at me when I gave my opinion on some female topic under discussion. They could never understand why I failed to get the point they were trying to make.

I seemed to get everything, arse about face, picking up on some minor issue whilst completely missing the point the girls thought, was of importance.

More often than not our sessions ended in the two of them rolling around on the sofa crying with laughter. My failure to grasp what they were talking about was a source of constant amusement. It wasn't a bad way to end our communication sessions though. The girls were usually amused but occasionally exasperated by my constant failure to understand them. "He's a bloody man" Angela used cry out.

I woke up first the following morning and found myself lying flat on my back with two of the most beautiful women in the world beside me. Janet laid on her side sleeping peacefully, her head on my chest, her tousled ginger hair looked beautiful.

I looked down and watched her firm large breast rise and fall; her nipples were sticking out proudly. Janet nipples easily measured a half an inch in length. I had never seen a woman with nipples so long. Janet stirred and rolled over onto her back, revealing her closely cropped bush of ginger pubic hair.

Angela's hand grabbed my stiffening cock; she tugged my foreskin back, and popped its swelling head into her beautiful mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. She drew her head back until with a loud pop my saliva coated cock sprang from her mouth. Angela was grinning at me, and looking at Janet's magnificent sleeping form. "She's a perfect isn't she? Looking at her wonderful small body, makes you're cock hard and my nipples and cunt tingle. Shall we wake her up?"

Angela didn't wait for an answer; she clambered over me, and took one of Janet's long nipples in her mouth. She gently sucked it in and out, sliding it between her wet lips keeping perfect tempo with her shallow breathing. Janet murmured and her body squirmed a little, but she didn't wake.

Slowly I climbed off the bed; initially intending to explore Janet's ginger cunt. Instead I grabbed the video camera and tripod, and quietly set it up to record the scene.

I zoomed in on Janet's pretty face framed by her tousled long curly ginger hair. She looked like Cinderella, a picture of sleeping innocents. I slowly pulled the shot back to reveal Angela kneeling over Cinderella, sucking gently on her nipple. Angela dipped her fingers into her own cunt to get them wet. The she circled hem around the large purple areole that surrounded Janet's large firm breast. A low moan escaped from Janet's open mouth, and her head moved from side to side on the pillow before it settled again.

There was the faint trace of a contented smile when I focussed the camera on Janet. I was she Janet was going to awaken, but she didn't. Her small shapely body began to stir so I pulled the camera shot back. Janet bent her left knee revealing her slit, previously hidden under her ginger minge.

Angela was pointing down at the sleeping Janet's gaping cunt. I already had the camera focussed onto it on max zoom. I looked at the small view screen as Janet's pink cunt lips filled with blood, and slowly opened. It was like looking into a delicately orchid of multiple shades of pink.

Janet's cunt lips slowly turned a much richer and darker shade of pink. They contrasted sharply with the paler pink of her delicious glinting cunt walls. I could see Janet's tiny clit start to harden and twitch as her breathing quickened.

She was beginning to respond to Angela manipulating her erect nipples between her expert lips and fingers. My cock was as hard as iron and was jumping and twitching. The camera remained focussed on Angela, toying with her sleeping friend's lithe pale body.

Janet was still in a deep sleep and must have thought she was dreaming as the erotic exploration of her body continued. She looked happy and relaxed, her breathing became more rapid. Angela continued to massage Janet's hard nipple between her lips, she also reached down and ran her finger through Janet's wet slit.

A loud groan escaped from Janet as she wriggled her gaping wet cunt in response to Angela's deft touch. Janet gasped audibly when Angela applied pressure to her clit, and rolled it under her probing finger. The video close up captured Janet's cunt as she raised it and slid Angela's probing finger deep inside it. She moaned loudly when Angela's fingers entered her. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.

Angela located and stimulated Janet's G spot still rolling her thumb over Janet's twitching clit. Janet's knees raised and opened, she planted her feet on the bed and bucked her arse involuntarily moving Angela's, expert fingers over her G spot. Janet's arms straightened she started moved her head from side to side; her long ginger hair was sticking to her sweating face and torso. She gasped for air, and expelled it moaning loudly.

Her tummy contracted as an orgasm ripped through her body and shimmering cunt. Janet's eyes opened wide, she grasped Angela's hair, and forced her mouth down harder onto her hard breasts.

"Don't just bloody stand there smiling at me. Bring your huge cock here and Fuck me!"

I moved the camera to the side of the bed, and allowed the auto focus to record the scene. Then I knelt between Janet's parted thighs picked up her hips and slid my cock deep into her sloppy cunt. I pulled Janet up into a squatting position and buried my face into her breasts, chewing and biting her hard long nipples.

Janet was riding on my cock sliding up and down on it as she came repeatedly screaming for me to fuck her harder. "I thought I was having a wonderful sexy dream. I woke up and found I was having wonderful sex. It's being recorded so I can watch it over and over again."

My balls were throbbing and my cock jerked in Janet's gripping cunt as I emptied my semen deep inside her. Janet thumped her cunt onto the root of the cock one last time and came again, wriggling her arse and manoeuvring my cock around in her throbbing cunt.

Janet's small body shuddered as she probed my mouth with her tongue. "Moving in with you and Angela was the best decision I have made. Sex with you two never boring it's delicious; it's exhilarating and it's great fun."

I allowed Janet's small body to flop back onto the bed my cock slid out of her cunt, only to be gobbled up by Angela's delicious mouth. When she was satisfied she had sucked it clean. Angela inserted her tongue into Janet's gaping cunt and scooped up my thick semen. She crawled up the bed, to share it with her satiate friend.

Once they had swallowed their fair share of semen. Janet started playing with Angela's wet cunt; I chewed her hard nipples and squeezed her wonderful tits. "It's my turn next to wake up and find the two of you are pleasuring me, and don't forget to record it."

Janet asked if we could watch the recording back this evening, Angela replied; "Ken can bring the large screen TV from the lounge, and set it up at the end of the bed. I bet we can't watch it through before one of gets fucked?"

Angela was correct, we have watched the video on a least four occasions, and never seen the end. We always end up in a tangle of arms and legs, as we suck and fuck each other. It really is the best porn video I have ever seen.

A couple on months ago, Janet and Angela left the house, to make their daily visit to the gym. From the gym they intended to go in Christine's Boutique to choose their evening gowns. Our trip to Golf Club Dinner was at the forefront of their thinking. To ensure I didn't stray and fuck the next door neighbour's wife. The two of them decided they should fuck my brains out and ensure I had nothing left for the next door neighbour; who popped round on some pretext or another frequently.

I went to my office and tried to begin my new story but it was impossible. Erotic pictures of Janet and Angela cavorting with me kept flashing though my head. I went into the bedroom and flicked through the stations on morning television and found nothing worth watching. I saw the video recorder and decided to watch the recording we'd made of Janet.

The girls arrived home unexpectedly early, and caught me watching the video. They teased me telling me I was trying to get my cock hard, to service the next door neighbour. I explained I couldn't get the fucking they gave me out of my head; they'd prevented me from thinking up a new storyline.

Janet first mooted the idea; "Write about something you know and you're good at." I told her that writing was what I knew, but that would make for a very boring story. A man alone with his thoughts, in front of a computer screen was hardly a potential best seller."

Angela countered; "You're good at fucking we can vouch for that. Write about fucking us." Once again, I couldn't believe what Angela was saying. Janet started jumping up and down excitedly. "I have a great idea; write about fucking me and recording it, wouldn't that be exquisite?"

Angela agreed instantly telling me that the video of Janet would be a best seller, if it we ever marketed it. I could even use their Christian names, only we would know the story was about our adventures, and was not fiction.

I couldn't refuse them; lord only knows what my publisher would say. It certainly wouldn't be anything like the other short stories I'd written. As I walked into my office to pick up my laptop, the girls ran down the stairs to go shopping. Janet shouted up "Were going to lock the door, so Mrs. What's-her-name next door can't get at you."

I heard the door close and the key turn in the lock, and the two of them run to the car laughing. A few seconds later I heard the door open and Angela shout; "The sequel can be about our trip to Amsterdam, just don't take notes whilst were fucking take the video." The door slammed the key turned in the lock again, and they were gone. I put my laptop on the bed and switched on the video recorder and began to write while I watched the recording.

A few days later at our evening talk session Janet asked how her story was coming along; "Were both dying to read it will you bring you're laptop down. I brought the laptop into the lounge opened the file and handed it to them.

Angela complained I kept referring to Janet's pretty face exquisite body, her gorgeous ginger cunt and firm tits; "When you talk about me you just mention my cunt and tits no mention of how wonderful they are."

Janet was giggling; "Now look what you've done, you've succeeded in making Angela jealous."

I told Angela; "This story is about how we pleasured Janet. I don't mention my magnificent huge broad cock, manly chest and tight buttocks. That wouldn't sell the story." When she was in the shot the camera focussed on her mouth and lips manipulating Janet's nipples and cunt. I had only described what the camera saw.

I told Angela that when I wrote her story, I would need every adjective in the book to adequately describe just how beautiful every part of her luscious lithe sexy body was. Janet's small finger's slid under the hem of Angela's short skirt and manipulating her throbbing bald cunt. Angela closed her striking pale blue eyes. She laid her head on the backrest of the sofa revelling in the attention her delectable cunt was receiving.

"That's how I want to write about me, only better Angela announced as she finished the the paragraph. "Now take me upstairs bathe me and ply me with cold Champagne, then you can both fuck me senseless."

Angela's body was shaking as she laughed; she told me give them ten minutes to prepare then bring the Champagne. "I feel like eating Janet's lovely ginger cunt. She can lick mine and watch you fuck it until I come like a lunatic." Then I want you to shove your gigantic killer cock into my wonderful tight receptive arse and fuck it until I scream for you to stop. Are you two up for it?

Janet bolted off the sofa and up the bedroom staircase as if the devil himself was trying to catch her: "I think the answer to your question is yes." I replied.

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