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"Yes! I love licking, sipping sucking"
Tricia was 18 and stunning - tall and athletic in build, with long legs, a flat and firm stomach and full, ripe breasts that were firm and high. Her eyes were green and always with a twinkle, beautiful white teeth and long sandy blonde hair. She kept fit with plenty of surfing and rollerblading and sported a wonderful bronzed natural tan. She was also quite smart and despite my few years on her in age could always keep up an intelligent conversation with me which we had the chance to do quite often, as she was my younger sister Kelly's best friend, and over at our house all the time. Unfortunately she was "off-limits" with a boyfriend of a couple of years in addition to sister friend status . . . at least until a month or two ago when she caught her boyfriend rolling in the sand with some other surfers chick. What an idiot!

I was back home having broken up with my live-in girlfriend of 4 years a few months ago, so Trish and I had some good deep and meaningful conversations about relationships and we'd become good friends. As a surprise for my sister I had bought her 2 tickets to her favourite Sydney band, Kill the Shitkickers, which were some kind of punk / hardcore emo Sydney underground act apparently. Whatever! Not my thing but I wasn't going - Kelly was of course taking Trish. Both girls were excited, doing the shopping thing, getting outfits worked out etc - and the modelling for me was a nice benefit of giving the tickets as Trish was working her way into shorter and tighter skirts exposing more of those lovely long legs each time. So the big day approaches . . . and Kelly gets the flu and there's just no way she can make the concert despite all her remedies and attempts. At the last minute Trish is like "so who do I go with, all my friends are busy and can't do short notice concerts . . ." and Kelly tells her take me along. "Nah not my scene really" I protest but I gotta say Trish is looking hot in a very short skirt and loose blouse thing displaying her assets pretty well. Trish is unsure about even going now so I concede and get a big hug and a kiss for my sacrifice and the way she hugs me and pushes her firm breasts into me makes me think at least the ride there and back will be worth it.

So I quickly change into some decent jeans and a shirt, it's not really punk style but I don't care either, and we jump in my car and head off over the harbour bridge before the peak Saturday evening traffic gets too bad. Well that was the intent but as any Sydneysider will tell you, it might look spectacular but crossing the bastard when you are in a hurry and they convert those changeable lanes into outbound lanes and force everyone into 2 lanes inbound creates a logjam. Doesn't really matter though because Trish is really happy to be going with me and really chatty and laughing a lot - she has a wonderful laugh - and my spirits are high 'cause I'm taking this gorgeous chick out on the town and it's been months since I've been in a car with a woman and not having an argument over nothing. Trish has some kind of perfume on, like the jasmine flower, it's subtle but I'm getting a bit giddy, the vibe is awesome. I push the car gear stick into 1st and we jolt forward and I relax and let my hand drop off the gear stick onto Trish's leg and we both laugh, but then Trish puts her hand on top of mine and I'm getting tingles from the skin to skin contact. She looks at me, I look at her, right into her gorgeous green eyes, she licks her lips lightly and with a little flick of a cute tongue, and we both lean forward to kiss. It's like a bolt of electricity shooting through my body as our lips touch. It's only a brief kiss but it's meaningful and fortunately I stop the car again before running into someone and it breaks the spell and again we both laugh, but there's excitement in our laughter.

Eventually we reach the pub and park in a nearby shopping centre carpark, all horrible grey concrete and nasty fluros you know the type, and we rush off to the pub and get there just before KTS fire up. It's a kind of standing room moshpit at the front with standing room at the back of the "dance floor" and with some seats and tables behind that, all taken of course, so we slide into the back corner and stand together, with Trish in front of me and my head just above hers. I put my hands on her hips and pull her into me and kiss her ear and she giggles and wiggles her butt into my groin - and of course I start getting hard. The lights come on and the band starts up at full if not overwhelming volume, clearly their sound engineer believes louder = better, but I have to say, the band has some talent, particularly the lead guitarist who plays some spectacular riffs, and the drummer who is just awesome with excellent stick speed and variations. Trish chooses not to join the moshpit but stays in contact with me, swaying those hips to the rhythm and dancing in her own little space. She's a pretty good dancer.

Just before half time - I could tell by the way the bar staff were preparing heaps of drinks ready for the rush - I slip to the bar and grab a few, suddenly realising I don't know what Trish drinks. Vodka and orange, Southern Comfort and Coke, Kalua and milk and then some Tequila shots plus some water for good measure. I re-join her and clap with her whilst holding the tray of drinks and the band takes a break and the lights dim. My ears are ringing but at least the joint is smoke free, I lean in and half yell into Trish's ear "what would you like to drink?" "What have you got?" she yells back, and I think this yelling is stupid, so I sip one of the drinks and encircle her in my arms and then tilt my head down for another kiss of those luscious lips. She responds immediately, pushing her body into mine, and I open my lips a little and so does Trish and I gently probe her mouth finding her tongue and giving it a good lick. "Mmmm, Vodka and Orange juice, yep, I'll have one of those" she says softly but I'm lip reading so I understand and hand it over. It goes pretty quickly - she worked up a bit of a sweat dancing - and I sip another and she come forward quickly and this time her tongue is probing my mouth and tasting me. "No thanks - not a full coke girl" Trish smiles, so I down the Southo and Coke, then take a good mouthful of the Kalua and we kiss again. This time Trish is really tonguing me and I cup her butt in my free hand and squeeze gently and she half lifts her knee up against my leg so I can get a better grip on her butt cheek. I'm pretty hard now and Trish pushes in against me, and I can feel her heat too. We finish the Kalua and milk together sharing each others mouth.

"I'll be right back" Trish murmours and grabs the water bottle and takes off to the little girls room. I watch her go, admiring her body as she lifts her head to drink the water, tracing the line down her chin along her throat to her breasts. Stunning. Surprisingly soon she is back, considering the lineup of women for the toilet, and she's finished the water and smiling a little sneaky smile. "What else have you got to drink?" she whispers with her arms wrapped around my neck. I bring out the Tequila's and her eyes widen in delight. "Yes! I love licking, sipping sucking" she says with a wicked smile and I am sure my boner is obvious even in the darkened room. Together we lick some lines of salt, knock back the Tequila's and suck the lemon quarters, 3 each, and I am feeling very merry. With the drinks gone we mutually seek out the back wall corner and this time when we kiss I can grab both butt cheeks and push her into me. Trish grinds slowly, pushing herself against my hardness, and she is even hotter than before. We kiss deeply, passionately, constantly, and I drop my hand slightly down her leg to the edge of the skirt, and then slowly slide it up again. Her flesh is soft and warm, but I can feel the hard muscle under her skin flex and there's very little fat. I keep sliding my hand up, enjoying the warm flesh until I reach the top of her skirt. No panties! I slide towards her crack and keep kissing her, again I am getting giddy with the smell of her perfume and just the anticipation of the rest of the night. I reach her crack and slide down a little . . . no panties, not even a g-string!

"I took them off" Trish giggles into my ear. "That's why I was so quick!"

I whisper my appreciation and now put both hands on her naked arse flesh, and push her into me, and this time because of my hands the skirt has ridden up enough so that Trish's pussy is touching my jeans and the monster in the lair knows there isn't much fabric between them and hardens even more, I am throbbing now, and I can tell by Trish's pushing that it feels good to her too, as she gently slides up and down my body. Just then the band comes out for their second set, and they are great, I'm getting into it myself now. After a while Trish stops dancing so strongly and settles back against me to enjoy the show. I hug her allowing my hands to cup her breasts and give her a gentle squeeze, so Trish slides one of my hands into her blouse and I can feel her bra - a lacy number - and a fair bit of tit flesh. She pushes her butt into my groin and again I feel my cock stir - it had gone to rest with the lack of action - and I give her ear a bit of tongue, Trish shudders, and reaches a hand behind her, and slowly unzips my fly. Trish gives my jeans a little side to side swish and deftly places her hand through my fly and strokes my cock through my boxers. It hardens even more, growing under her touch, and I slide my hand under her bra and feel her nipple, as stiff as my cock, and I gently pinch it. Trish grabs the back of my head and pulls me forward and we tongue kiss again.

Finally the show is over and just before the lights come on Trish withdraws her hand and zips me up, quite discreetly, and I reluctantly withdraw my hand from her tit. She turns to look at me and I jerk my head towards the nearest exit and mouth "lets go". We run for the carpark, hand in hand, neither of us are unfit, but we are panting anyway. We jump in my car and take off, eager to get home. I am driving quickly, weaving through traffic and we make good progress, finally getting stuck in a turnoff lane to North Sydney, so I drop my hand onto her leg again, and again Trish places her hand on top. We both slide our hands along her leg towards her pussy, and Trish inches forward in her seat letting her skirt ride up to give me easier access. Her pussy is wet, and smooth . . . and bare! Not what I expected from Trish but then this night so far has been completely unexpected. I gently start rubbing her pussy, feeling her lips part slightly, and Trish is pushing my hand harder against her pussy and moving herself against my hand, pushing harder, and her rhythm is getting faster. Her lips are parted and her head is tilted back, she is spreading her legs as much as she can in the car seat, and she starts moaning.

"Yes, Stewy, like that, don't stop. Oh it feels good, your hand is perfect there. Like that, keep pushing hard, ooh, that feels good."

She is humping my fingers now, taking control of the pace and the pressure. I lift my hand a bit higher and feel for her clit.

"Oh! Oh yeah! Oh touch me there, like that! Oh that feels unreal! Keep going Stewy, keep stroking my pussy, I am feeling so good, please don't stop!"

There's no way I'm going to stop, this is turning me on enormously, having a beautiful woman in my car wrapped around my hand panting for more. I feel her juices running, her pussy getting slicker and wetter, and her small clit-bump becomes more sensitive.

"Oh yeah! Oh I love what your fingers are doing! More! Oh God, that feels fantastic, keep rubbing my pussy! Ohhh, mmmmm, yeah like that, Stewy, stick your fingers in me, I want you to stick your fingers in my pussy and don't stop rubbing! Like that, yeah, harder, faster! Oh!

Difficult as it is, I curl my middle finger into her, and use the palm of my hand to keep pressure against her pussy and clitoral area. I can feel her softness, and her pussy flexing as she moved her butt forward and back in the seat, and I could see her stomach muscles tensing and relaxing with her thrusts. She spread her legs even further apart, and started thrusting up out of the car seat against my hand.

"Oh Stewy! Mmmmm, that's the spot, push there, harder, back and forth faster, Oh I'm going to cum! Oh that feels unreal, keep going, please don't stop, push that finger inside me, Oh, use your hand like that, I'm so wet for you, what you are doing is driving me wild, don't stop! Oh I'm gonna cum! Keep rubbing! Yeah! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your car! I'm gonna cum all over your hand, please don't stop, push harder, Yes! Use your hand like that! Oh! I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming!"

I could feel her pussy squeezing my finger and her whole pussy and lower stomach spasming as she screamed her ecstacy. Her juices flowed even more freely and she frantically rubbed my hand up and down her snatch as she came and came. It was intense, especially for a hand job, her orgasm was so powerful her whole body was rocking and shaking. Eventually she came down from the natural high and realised where she was - in my car, in a traffic jam, with legs spread - but to her credit she didn't get all embarrassed but simply closed her legs and wiggled her way back up the car seat, giving me a wonderful smile as she did so. She had long lashes framing her green eyes I noticed now, strange thing to notice at a time like this!

Trish leaned in towards me and gave me a slow and deep and passionate kiss. "That was amazing" she whispered, "I've never had anyone that could do that for me". "What about your ex?" I asked, forgetting that rule about not talking about ex'es on dates - surely this qualifies as a date now!. "No, he was more a wham bam thanks maam kind of guy" she shrugged. "And he's the only guy I've ever slept with".

Wow, so that jerk was a shit lover and now who knows what we are headed for! Seems like Trish is almost a virgin, well an inexperienced non-virgin if you know what I mean. The night was looking up!

"Well I can't wait to get home now" I said, possibly overstepping the mark in arrogance.

Trish leaned across and draped an arm on my chest and began nibbling my ear. "We don't have to wait to get home" she whispered, and I got harder still. Trish dropped her arm to the belt buckle of my jeans and with a flick of the wrist opened it and then unzipped my fly. My cock sprang to attention now it had room to do so, and it was straining the boxers in no small measure. Trish pulled the top of my boxers down over my cock, so that my cock slapped against my stomach with a hard smack. Trish then cupped my balls - at last, her hands on my cock flesh - and nibbled my ear again. "You are so hard" she said, "I've never seen one so hard and straight up". I smiled and Trish then moved her hand from my balls to grab my cock. I almost came, I'd been so worked up for so long tonight, and it had been so long since my cock had had any action, and her hand felt so good, but I held back. Slowly, Trish gripped my schlong and slid her hand down towards my balls, her fingers and hand moving down over the head and along the shaft, stopping at my sack, then starting back up again. Continuing to nibble my ear she kept stroking me, slowly building speed.

"That feels great" I said, "just slow down a little bit". Trish slowed the pace but made her movements more deliberate, going the full length, almost sliding her hand off the head, and pushing down until only her thumb and forefinger circled the base of my shaft above my balls. I started looking for somewhere to park, anywhere, this was feeling exquisite and I didn't want to crash in North Sydney despite being so close to home. I spotted an empty car parking space and pulled over, thank goodness it was dark and there was no foot traffic at this time of night. Having realised we had parked, Trish un-did her seatbelt and lowered her lips to my cock.

The feeling of those soft, wet lips around my cock was magnificent, and I grew even harder and bigger. Slowly Trish worked her way down my shaft, careful not to scrape her teeth on me, with just a light sucking pressure. She lifted her head back up my cock, up and down, with soft slurping noises attesting to the excellent technique.

"Yeah Trish, suck my cock! That feels fantastic, wrap those gorgeous lips around me and take me deep! Yeah like that! Oh! Your mouth feels sooo good on my meat, keep sucking me, work it up and down, yeah like that, that's beautiful!"

I slid a hand under her body and grabbed her breast, albeit it through her blouse and bra, no time now to work my way inside.

"Ohhh, yeah, Trish! Keep going! Suck me hard! Yeah like that! Harder and deeper! Oh you feel fantastic, you gorgeous babe! Wrap those lips around my cock! Suck me deep! Yeah take me deep! Yeah like that! Oh, keep sucking, that's it, a bit harder now, yeah, ohh your tongue feels unreal, I'm gonna cum! Oh let me cum in your mouth! I want to cum in your gorgeous mouth! Keep your lips wrapped around my cock until I cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Uh! Uh! Uh!"

I exploded into Trish's mouth, shooting gobs of thick ropey cum deep into her mouth and halfway down her throat. The wonderful creature kept her lips locked to my cock, with just the head in her mouth, as I fired shot after shot, my cock jerking powerfully before gradually subsiding and becoming extra sensitive. Eventually with a "plop" I slipped out of Trish's mouth and she licked her lips and swallowed, and then slid her body up mine and kissed me. I kissed her back, tasting my saltiness on her, and the remnants of those tequila slammers. I stuffed my cock back inside my pants and we took off for home, with both of us keeping a hand in the others crotches the whole way - me getting hard again and growing harder as I felt Trish grow wetter.

We made it home without an accident, no small wonder, and dashed up the steps and inside to my granny flat. As soon as we got inside the door we were tearing our clothes off, me kicking my jeans and shirt across the room and Trish soon followed with her blouse and shoes, before I lifted her up onto the kitchen counter and spread her legs and pushed hard against her, again kissing her deeply. Almost frantically I pulled her skirt up above her waist, exposing her bare, wet pussy to me, and popping her bra off, pushed her whole body into mine, hard. Just as frantically Trish dropped my boxers and now my cock was standing straight up and aiming right into her hole. Letting her nipples slide across and down my chest I grabbed Trish's arse and pulled it towards me, positioning myself at the entrance to her wet pussy. I looked into her eyes again for permission, and she nodded desparately, as eager to impale herself on my cock as I was to penetrate her.

I moved my cock-head against her pussy, sliding it up and down her crack a couple of times, coating my cock in her juices, revelling in the anticipation of what was to come. Her bare pussy was so smooth and wet it was amazing, and that was only the outside! With a little hip movement I again positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and then slid into her. Trish was so warm and wet, but also tight, probably from no sex for a while. It felt fantastic. I held myself inside her, enjoying the moment and the sensation of being inside a beautiful woman who was so turned on. I knew I could last a little while because of the recent blowjob Trish had performed, so with confidence, I began moving in and out, slowly at first, allowing Trish to get used to me and this angle - I doubt Mr wham bam thanks maam had ever fucked this girl anywhere other than bed. Slowly I increased my penetration, until my entire cock was buried in her pussy, with my balls slapping against her pussy lips. Using the bench to support her weight, I pulled her forward a bit more and lifted her legs slightly. Trish could sense the slight change in position, and lifted her legs further, which meant the penetration was further again, and quicker on each thrust. And thrust I did, slamming into her, going like a machine, pistoning away. I moved my hands up her legs - well down really as her knees were above my butt now - and placed each on her arse cheeks, using them to push her hard against my cock.
Trish wrapped her legs higher and harder around me and climbed up on me a little, hanging around my neck. She started moaning again:

"Oh Stewy, that feels unreal, you are so deep in me, no-one has ever been that deep before, keep going, it feels fucking awesome, pound my pussy, oh, yeah, like that, yeah keep going like that! Oh! Fuck my pussy! Oh! Drill that dick into me! Pound my pussy! Your cock is so hard and huge! Oh, I'm feeling soooo good again! Don't stop, fuck me hard, fuck me so hard, I'm gonna cum again! I'm gonna cum!"

I slowed down a little and lifted Trish off the bench, practically holding her by the butt cheeks and lifting her up and down on my cock. Her pussy was so wet, juices were running out and down my balls and down my leg, and the sound and smell of sex was filling the room. I got a better grip with my hands, bringing them closer together, with the fingers under her pussy and near her arsehole, everything getting stretched as I pounded away. My fingers got coated in her wetness and began sliding on her skin, and I again shifted my grip so that this time my middle finger of my right hand was touching her arsehole, sliding back and forth across the bud as we fucked.

"Oh that feels soooo goo, keep fucking me hard like that, keep fucking me deep like that, push your cock deep into me like that, yeah, like that, oh it feels good, I'm gonna cum! Pound me! Fuck me! Stewy you stud keep going until I cum!"

Suddenly Trish must have felt my finger pushing against her date, she tensed up a little bit, I could feel her arse contract and tighten and her pussy got tighter as well.

I re-assured her: "You gorgeous creature, I'm gonna fuck your pussy until you come, your pussy is so smooth and wet and tight around my cock, you feel fantastic, keep moving your pussy on my cock, just relax and go with it. We don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Remember how much you enjoyed the rub in the car?" I said. She nodded.

I wiped a bit more of her juice onto my middle finger and pushed it back to her anus. Gently I slid across her arsehole, spreading her natural lube, and then cupped my hands on her arse cheeks again and resumed my pussy pounding. Quickly Trish got back into rhythm, and I could feel her body relax again as she got used to my finger. I lifted my hips even more and pushed harder upwards into her pussy, spreading the lips and again having my ball sack slap her crack. I increased my tempo and again changed my angle slightly so I could get deeper penetration, and Trish responded.

"Oh, yeah, fuck my pussy, pound my pussy, stick that gorgeous cock in me until I cum! Oh yeah like that! Oh that feels good! Keep going! I can feel you inside me so deeply, I'm gonna cum again!"

Sensing Trish was much more relaxed and focussed on her pussy and pussy sensations, I slowly slipped my middle finger into her arse, up to the second knuckle. I could feel my own cock through the wall of flesh between her arse and pussy, as I slid back and forth in a strong and long rhythm. I increased my pace, pounding her pussy as hard as I could, letting her whole body weight drive her pussy back onto my cock, feeling the wetness and heat around my cock, and looking down and seeing my whole cock buried deep in her, and her pussy lips engorged and glistening and they wrapped around my pistoning cock.

"Oh Stewy that feels unreal, keep going, fuck me, fuck me! FUCK MY PUSSY HARD! Pound that cock into me! Oh yeah like that! Don't stop, keep going, keep going, mmmm, yeah, that feels unreal, I think I'm gonna cum agin!"

"Thats the way babe, squeeze my cock, impale yourself on my cock, can you feel my finger up your arse? I can feel my cock in you! I can feel your pussy from both sides! Oh yeah, keep bouncing up and down on my cock and my finger, yeah babe, how does it feel to have a finger up your arse? Do you like my cock in your pussy? Do you like my finger up your arse? Keep bouncing, keep fucking my cock, keep fucking my finger! Yeah, like that!"

"Oh yeah! Stewy I love your cock in my pussy! Yes! Like that! I can feel you so deep! Keep fucking my pussy! Yes! Keep fingering my arse! Everything is feeling soooo good! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck my pussy! Pound my pussy! Push harder and deeper! Oh yeah, like that! Keep going, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

With a loud scream Trish started coming and buried her face in my chest and screamed into me. I lifted her up a bit more and kept pounding, I could feel her pussy contracting again and spasms shaking her body again, only much stronger this time. As I lifted her up, I pushed my finger deeper into her arse, and Trish started screaming again.

"Yes! Push that finger up my arse! Oh keep that cock in my pussy!"

She started coming a second time, well third time really, this orgasm rolling over the top of the previous one as her body shook. I kept my cock buried in her and stroked my coke using my finger up her arse. Trish was grabbing me tightly and pushing her whole body against mine, her nipples rock hard and erect, pushing into my chest. I bounced her on my cock a few more times until her orgasm subsided.

Trish looked at me. "I had no idea it could be like that!" she said. "I've never done it in this position before, standing up. I can't believe how good it felt, how deep you could get, I can't believe I came with your finger up my arse."

I smiled again. "You are one stunningly sexy woman" I said. " You deserve more than this!"

Trish suddenly realised I was still hard. "You didn't come?" she asked.

"Not yet" I grinned.

I grabbed her tightly and lifted her up and carried her to the bed, and let her half drop onto it, but keeping a hold of her so it pulled me down on top of her at the same time. We lay like that for a little while, with in between her legs, kissing and running our hands over the other's body. I was staying hard just touching her again, tracing my fingers up her flat stomach, around her breasts and gently squeezing and pinching and then sucking her nipples. Trish moaned and pushed her hips up at me, and I slid into her, easily now that she was so wet and stretched. It might have been basic missionary but it still felt fantastic, and I started a slow rhythm and continued to build it. Trish moaned again and lifted her knees up, so that I could penetrate her more deeply, as we'd done on the kitchen counter a few minutes ago, and I was aware of the angle I was pounding into her stimulating her clitoris again and building her pleasure. I again moved my hands down to her butt, cupping both cheeks in both hands and stretching them apart, as well as arching my chest up high and increasing the pressure and weight on her pelvic area, whilst maintaining a strong and fast pace thrusting action.

"Ooooh Stewy, you are splitting me, it feels unreal, keep going, fuck me harder, drill into me, pump my pussy, oh yeah, like that, keep going, it's unreal, keep going, uh, uh, yeah!" Trish moaned.

I obeyed, and again began touching her pussy with my finger, collecting her juices as I pistoned in and out, and coating my middle fingers in her sweat and pussy juice. Again, like the kitchen bench minutes before I brought my finger to her bud, now stretched more than before, and pushed it slowly in to the first knuckle. Trish felt me do it, but relaxed and just pushed her hips into me and urged me on faster, so I increased my tempo and really started pounding away.

"Oh that feels good, oh that feels great, keep going, you are going to make me cum again, oh yeah, pump that wonderful cock into my pussy, oh yeah like that" Trish whispered and moaned in the sexiest way.

"You gorgeous woman, I have never been more turned on, I love the way you are pushing your hips at me, now squeeze your pussy and milk my cock" I said, pretty demandingly, but Trish responded anyway. "I want to fuck you doggy style, I want to drill you from behind Trish, can I flip you over and fuck you?" I half-asked, half demanded.

"Mmmmm, yeah, you can do whatever you want, as long as it makes me feel so good" Trish answered.

So I pulled out of her and grabbed her legs and rolled her over onto her side and then onto her front, and then grabbed her hips and pulled her up and back against me so she was on all fours with her head on the bed and her legs spread. I leaned forward, lined my cock head up against her pussy and pushed in quickly, gone was my earlier gentleness in the urgency of my state, and began pounding away, pulling her hips back into me with each stroke, and lifting onto the balls of my feet a little as I pumped forward, driving my cock as deep as it would go. Trish's breasts were hanging down and swinging a little to our rhythm and she was moaning into the bed.

"Oh yeah, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard, I'm gonna cum again, don't stop, keep going!" Trish said and with some volume and desperation.

"Rub your clit, bring your hand back and rub your clit whilst I fuck you" I commanded, and she did so, and I could feel her body heading for another orgasm. I brought my right hand up near my mouth and spat a fair bit of saliva onto my thumb, and then lowered it onto her rosebud winking up at me. My thumb went straight in, stretched as it was, and I could feel the pressure on the side wall as I fucked Trish hard, and I could see her arsehole widen and stretch further as I pounded her pussy. The sight of this stunning 18 year old on all fours on my bed rubbing her clit whilst I pounded her pussy from behind and thumbed her arse was too much for me, and again I felt my own orgasm building.

"Yeah Trish, keep squeezing that pussy as I push, yeah like that, so wet and warm and tight around my cock, that feels unreal, oh yeah, keep rubbing yourself, I want to cum inside you, I want to cum deep inside you" I hissed.

"Yeah fuck my pussy, keep going, I'm gonna cum too, cum inside me and make me cum, oh that feels unreal, pound my pussy, pump my pussy!" Trish moaned and groaned.

I felt my orgasm start so deep in my balls it was unbelievable, it just built and built and I was unstoppable as I pushed hard into Trish and filled her with my cum. Squirt after squirt, jerk after jerk, finally it started subsiding, but Trish had felt me explode and it sent her over the edge too, still rubbing her clit. I could feel her pussy throb and squeeze me, milking me, and our juices run out mingled and down the inside of her thighs. I stayed still inside her, savouring the moment, and enjoying the super sensitive moment that comes after such a powerful orgasm. Eventually I pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her, and she rolled over to face me and smiled, a smile that lit up her whole face.

"That was so fantastic, I can't believe how good sex is, you are amazing" she said.

"Well you are pretty hot stuff yourself" I answered, "and it's good that you are willing to try new things and relax and let yourself enjoy them."

"I never done it standing up, I've never done anything in a car like before, I've never done it doggy style and I've never even pulled my knees up so high when lying on the bed under you" Trish marvelled. "It all felt so good, so natural".

"Well I'd like to continue trying new things with you, if you trust me to" I said.

"Of course I do," Trish said. "I have had the best night, thanks so much for buying us tickets to the concert and the drinks, and of course, this!"

I kissed her again, passionately and deeply, and enjoyed her embrace, then I started kissing my way down her body, spending a fair bit of time on her wonderful breasts and nipples, and trailing my tongue slowly down her fantastically flat stomach, towards her sweet nectar. Trish could sense what I was doing and where I was going and I could tell she was becoming aroused again, as was I. I slid off the bed onto my knees, and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, so her feet were at the edge and her knees up in the air and spread, opening her pussy lips to me. I went to work on her pussy, wonderfully puffy and warm and wet from our lovemaking, slowly sliding my tongue around her lips, and flicking her clit, which was quite an aroused little button and easy to pick. I started increasing the length and strength of my licks up her lips, occasionally putting my tongue inside a little bit, and sucking gently. Trish was squirming with pleasure again, and I brought a hand up to help, softly rubbing the side of her clit hood whilst licking elsewhere, and putting a finger in her pussy whilst gently licking her clit. Her juices began flowing and Trish began moaning, and one hand went onto the top of my head and pushed me gently into her, encouraging my efforts. I lubed up a finger and slid it into her arsehole, it slid in easily to the base, this angle and my previous ministrations opening her arse up to me. I went to work on her clit with my tongue, little flicks and long soft strokes, and judged by Trish's moans that she liked the soft strokes more, so stopped the flicks.

I slowly pushed a 2nd finger in, and Trish stiffened a little, so I increased the pressure and frequency of my oral strokes on her clit, and she relaxed and resumed a soft panting.

"Yesss, keep licking me there, yes, like that, ooooh, nice and soft, oh that's great, that feels great, oh suck my pussy, suck my clit" she panted.

I obeyed but also started moving my fingers in her arse in and out slowly, very slowly. I was getting very hard again.

Trish started moaning and panting more loudly, and I went a little faster in my licking and sucking, but also my finger strokes in her arse. Trish starting pushing my face into her pussy firmly and urged me to keep going.

"Stewy! Oh yeah, suck me, suck my pussy, lick my pussy, oh that feels great, what a tongue, oh I'm going to cum again, I'm going to cum with your tongue up my pussy!" Trish moaned.

Suddenly she came, gushing her juice onto my tongue, even squirting a little, and pushing my head firmly into her, trying to bury my face in her pussy. It was a wonderful sensation, a beautiful woman highly aroused and smooth and bare coming without restraint whilst I tongued her clit and moved 2 fingers in her arse. Slowly she subsided and I withdrew my tongue and fingers, and slid up next to her. She hesitated a bit, then kissed me, tasting herself and devouring my tongue whilst her hands roamed all over me, cupping my arse and pulling me into her pussy so my hard cock was lying along her crack.

"You have made me feel so special, so wonderful, is there anything I can do for you that is special?" Trish asked, looking me in the eyes. I could tell she was sincere, genuinely wanting to please me, but not sure how to do so best.

"I'd love to take your arse" I replied."I know you haven't done it before, but it can feel really good - maybe not the first time for you, but I will go slow and be gentle, and it really feels fantastic for me. I had 2 fingers in your arse before when I was going down on you, and you are stretched and ready. I understand if it's too big a step for you now, but that's what I'd love to do."

Straight away I could tell Trish wasn't that keen on the idea, despite the fact I had had a finger in her arse - or two - most of the night, actually discussing it was a bit confronting. Eventually she took a deep breath and agreed, as long as I would stop if it hurt.

I wasted no time and grabbed some massage oil from beside my bed and lathered my cock in it.

"So what position do you want me in?" Trish asked. "Doggy style?"

"No, throw me that pillow and slide down the bed and lift your knees up to your chest again" I said. She complied and I put the pillow under her butt and pushed her knees into breasts a bit harder. Her anus was looking good, I squeezed a fair bit of oil onto her crack and let it drip down inside her rosebud, then slowly worked it inside with one and then 2 fingers, all the whilse murmuring reassuring comments about how gentle I would be, how gorgeous she was (true!) and how much she turned me on. Having finished lubing almost excessively - well too much is almost enough in my opinion - I placed my cock head at her arsehole and slowly lent forward, lowering myself inside her.

"Just relax" I whispered.

Trish kept her breathing slow and deep but I could feel her starting to tense up. I pushed a bit harder and my head slipped inside her arse, and I stopped, waiting for her to accept me, and enjoying the feeling of her so tight and hot around my cock. I pushed forward a little more and began sliding into her, not really giving her a chance to stop me but not hurting her either. Eventually I was two-thirds buried inside her arse and just the sight of it was almost enough to make me lose control. I slowly slid back out, revelling in the tight, slippery sensation, and then slowly pushed back in, a little further this time.

"Oh Trish, that feels awesome, just relax your arse and let me fuck you up the arse, let me move inside your arse until I am buried deep, oh yeah, you are so hot, I am so turned on, oh just relax and let me slide, yeah like that" I moaned, starting to push a little harder and deeper on the in stroke.

Trish bit her lip a little bit, I could tell she wasn't enjoying it that much, well at all, but at least she was letting me enjoy it, and enjoy it I was.

"Trish, tell me to fuck your arse, tell me to cum in your arse" I whispered.

Trish looked at me and smiled. Now that's my kind of woman, I am buried in her arse, fucking her for the first time anal-style, she's not really into it, but she wants to please me and return some pleasure I have brought to her all night.

"Stewy you big stud, fuck my arse, stick that big cock in my arse and fuck me, keep fucking my arse like that, yeah, cum in my arse, but be gentle!" Trish murmurs.

I keep my rhythm going, it is getting easier now to slide full length into Trish, not as much resistance as before, it is still tight and hot though. I start to rub Trish's clit, it's an easy position to do so as her arse is lifted up on the pillow, and eventually I sense her arousal at least through her pussy and clit. I keep up my arse fucking, sliding in and out, gently and slowly but full length, burying my cock in her arse until my legs / waist are pushing hard against Trish's firm butt, and flexing my cock at the full penetration. Oh it feels good.

Trish is relaxing a bit more as I rub her clit, the pleasure from that is taking away a bit of the focus on the sensations in her arse, so I dribble a bit more oil onto my cock and slide into her arse again, a bit quicker this time.

Trish keeps talking dirty to me, telling me what I want to hear. "Yeah Stewy, fuck my arse with your cock, slide that massive cock into my butt and butt fuck me hard, fuck me up the arse until you cum, and keep rubbing my clit it feels sooo good too" Trish moans.

I keep sliding into her arse, I can't believe how good it feels, so tight and warm, and Trish starts pushing back against me, ramming my cock as deep as possible in her arse.

"Oh yeah Trish, push that arse back into me, wrap yourself around my cock, yeah, keep going like that! Do you like my cock up your arse? Am I filling your arse with my cock? Am I going to cum up your arse? Keep pushing back at me like that! Oh yeah! Oh that feels good! Oh yeah, I love fucking your arse! You are so tight and hot! Uh! Uh! I'm gonna cum again! But this time I'm gonna cum up your arse! Push that arse back at me like that! Let me cum in your arse!"

"Yeah baby, fuck me in the arse Stewy, fuck my arse deep and hard! Keep rubbing my clit please! Make me cum too! Cum in my arse! I want to feel you cum in my arse! Fuck my butt! Fuck my arse! Cum in my arse! Oh! Oh yeah! Keep rubbing my clit, harder, keep going, don't stop, keep rubbing! Oh! Cum in my arse!" Trish screamed.

For the 3rd time that night I exploded deep in her hole, pushing all my weight down to bury myself as deep as possible as Trish pushed her arse back against me. I could feel my cum squeeze down her arse and around my cock, coating it in cum and then some of it dripping out and down my balls. I kept coming and shaking a little, the power of the orgasm almost making me weak-kneed. Trish came too as I kept rubbing her clit, nowhere near as powerfully as me or as she had before, but she was certainly a multiple orgasm kind of woman, and just the fact she was relaxed enough to orgasm as I pillaged her arse spoke volumes.
Finally I stopped coming, and collapsed onto the bed, pulling Trish sideways into a spoon position, with my cock still inside her arse, although somewhat deflated now.

"Thank you gorgeous, that was fantastic" I breathed into her ear."You are a wonderful lover, beautiful, sexy, selfless. That was unreal. Thank you for letting me fuck your arse. Are you OK?" I asked.

"It's a bit tender," Trish said, "but I am glad I could do something special for you. The whole night was so special for me, I had a wonderful time."

I pulled up the blanket and threw an arm over her, cupping her breast, and we fell asleep. Sometime in the night my cock slipped out of her arse, thoroughly deflated but not defeated, and when morning came I woke up with Trish snuggling up to me, pushing her butt onto my hard cock, so that it ran between her cheeks. She clenched her but cheeks until I became rock hard, then we got up and enjoyed a shower together. We continued dating and had hot sex for a couple of years with the occasional butt fucking session but she never really enjoyed it, enduring it for my pleasure. Eventually we moved on but stayed excellent friends and still are, but I have never told her that was also the night I fucked a woman in the arse for the first time.

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