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Relaxed asshole have me sliding up and down the shaft with ease
It had been quite a long time coming, but I was finally getting a fantasy fulfilled.

Now before I go and tell you all about my fantasies I should probably tell you a bit about me. I am married, and have been for about eight years now. With that being said I would also like to state that I love my wife very much. It just turns out that we are not all that sexually compatible. Her idea of a healthy sex life is once a week, maybe, and only if everything on her lists are completed, and if she's not too tired, and she isn't thinking about something else, or isn't worried about something happening the next day, week, month. Even then there's not much adventure or daring.

To give an example of the last time we did anything daring, a few years ago she got the idea to have sex in the backyard. That got her going so well that we actually ended with her riding me to climax twice. The second time especially satisfying as I felt our warm juices puddling around the base of my cock and running down the inside of my thighs. Since then never again, even when I bring it up her response is that we've done that and it wouldn't be anything new. Never mind the fact that when I suggest something new she turns it down flat. Even if I keep it tame.

Oh, trust me, I've been down the path of every one of my fantasies from mild to wild. If I bring up the strap-on one more time I think she's going to leave me.

Anyway, I was getting so frustrated with this that it was causing a rift in our marriage, and I needed an outlet. Something that would allow me to pursue my fantasies with no relationship strings attached. Not an affair, just a mutual understanding that would let me try things I am curious about, and would get someone else off as well.

What I needed was a couple. Mid-30's to mid-40's. People who were secure with themselves and what they enjoy. People who have the time, People who won't get the wrong idea about what this is - pure getting off on each other. For this a couple who has been together for a while and has the relationship I would like with my wife would be perfect.

I signed up on various sites and began looking for my ideal couple. Then we began the "interviews." Since I own my own company it was fairly easy to make time during the day for this process. It took some time but eventually I met Bob and Linda.

A nice couple in their late 30's who had been together for some time. Now, they aren't supermodels but they weren't ugly either. Just normal folks, which is fine since that's me as well. After many emails back and forth we decided to meet, but I had to bring something with me based upon our email.

See quite a bit of my fantasies involve me being submissive. Not a sub like full on pain and humiliation, but just being told what to do. I think this is because in my normal daily life I have to be a type A+ personality so much that when I want to let go I would like to not have to make the decisions or instructions.

So, on to this fantasy that's about to be fulfilled. Linda and Bob are relaxing on their couch just in front of me. Linda's top is off and her bra is pulled down exposing her large breasts with their large thick nipples. Bob's pants are around his ankles as Linda is slowly stroking his stiffening cock. It's not a bad looking cock; but then again the only other one I've ever really seen close up was my own so I'm not exactly an expert.

As it is I'm nude and looking at what I brought with me sitting on the coffee table; one of my dildos and a bottle of lube. I happen to know this dildo quite well as I have used it many a time with good results. It's not my biggest, but it'll do for what I need today.

See today is about trust. Trust for me and for Bob and Linda. Trust to prove that this is something that can work for all three of us.

I'm looking at the dildo that's about 9" long and about 1.5" in diameter and begin to spread some lube on the head. Lifting my balls with one hand I spread the left over lube over and just inside my asshole. I glance up at Linda and her breasts are jiggling as she strokes Bob's now hard dick. She gives me a smile and with a bit of shyness I quickly look over at Bob. He looks me in the eye and nods his head.

I put my knees up on the coffee table and inch forward until I'm poised over the dildo. I give my dick a couple of long slow strokes and reach under myself to position the head of my rubber penetrator.

I roll my hips in a small circle to help spread the lube then with a deep breath I close my eyes and start to lower my weight down. The head of the dildo presses against my puckered asshole and bends the shaft. I take another breath and relax my sphincter as I slide my hand up the shaft to straighten it. With some moderate pressure the head presses against me and then slips past the resistance to pop through into me.

I give a small grunt when this happens, and I open my eyes. Linda is now resting her head on Bob's stomach while still stroking him. She gives a small gasp in response to my grunt, and Bob hums a deep note of approval. With the head in me I start to lower myself down. No stroking my dick just yet, I get off quick when I have something in me, and since this was basically the final step in the interview I needed to put on a good show.

Soon I bottom out as far as my knees will let me. There's a little less than 2" left. I can take it, and in fact have taken more but I'm ok for now. I slowly slide back up the length until the ridge of the mushroom cap just begins to distend my sucking hole. I then slide back down with a small hip rotation to make the head nudge my prostate deep inside me. There's no longer any need to hold the shaft. The lube and my relaxed asshole have me sliding up and down the shaft with ease.

I revel in the feel of the veins of the phallus sliding in and out. The alternating feeling of fullness and emptiness drive my lust. The rhythmic bumping of my prostate causes precum to begin to dribble from the tip of my dick.

I wipe the head with my finger and suck it off. I like the taste of my precum. I have no idea if other's precum tastes like mine, but I want to find out. This is just one of the reasons I'm here.

I look down and Linda is really stroking Bob. Not quick jerks, but long deliberate strokes. She keeps looking from my crotch to my face. Bob is relaxed with his eyes half closed. He's watching me and stroking the side of one of Linda's breasts.

I decide to really give them a show. I lower myself down a good ways and then lean back pushing the head of the fake cock hard inside me. I jerk my hips downward causing a thick dribble of precum to be squeezed out of me. I wipe this up and clean my finger before really getting to work.

I start jerking my hips up and down while stroking my cock. Slowly at first, but soon much faster, and in time with the rise and fall of my hips. As I said I don't last long when something is in me. I start to shoot my load on my chest and belly. Each shot in syncopation with each hard rub of the rubber dick in my ass against my prostate.

The torrent of spurts subsides, and I reach down and withdraw the phallus from deep inside me. A small river of cum flows from my dick with just enough pressure to dribble down the head and pool on my belly.

My knees are shaking and my breathing is fast as I slide to the edge of the coffee table and sit down. I'm a sticky mess and the thick cum has begun to lose its fight with gravity and slide down the front of me.

Raising my right hand I lick the dollop from between my thumb and forefinger and swallow. This seems to have quite the effect on Bob and Linda. Bob's reaction is a deep moan and a lifting of his hips. This is in no doubt also in reaction to what I have caused Linda to do.

Her hand is moving like a rocket beating his meat in a frenzied blur. I quickly scoop a large glob of cum off my chest with two fingers and shove them in my mouth. This has the effect I was hoping. Linda groans and tries to go faster glancing back and forth from my clean up to her husband's now very engorged and purple dick. It's a race - can I clean myself before Bob shoots?

The faster I scoop, lick and swallow the faster she goes. Suddenly Bob arches back, grasps at the couch and starts to shake his legs. He's cumming and cumming hard. Several arcs of ropy white jizz land across Linda's face, neck and chest. Bob's thrusts become less urgent and finally he relaxes. Linda rolls back to sit on the couch and looks down at the mess of sperm starting to leave slimy sticky trails down her chest. She looks at Bob and he looks at her adoringly.

She stands up and walks in front of me. Pushing me back on the table she leans over me and utters one word.


I begin to lick as she moves her neck and chest above my mouth. I try very hard to get one of those large thick nipples against my tongue but she won't let me. I have to swallow several times and find the taste not unpleasant. Somewhat like my own cum but different. Linda stands up and walks out of the room.

Bob, his pants now pulled up, says go ahead and get cleaned up. I go to the bathroom and clean up as best I can. Upon exiting the washroom Bob leads me to the door.

"I'll talk things over with Linda, and you think things over yourself. We'll all chat in a couple of days to see how everyone is doing and to see if everyone is in."

"What do you think?" I ask.

"I go with Linda." was his enigmatic reply.

As I walk out the front door I can only hope Linda goes for it. I'd like to know what things taste like licked or sucked from other places.
It was mid-morning when my cell phone rang.

No greeting on the other end. Just a voice, "Linda wants to see you."

I quickly wrapped up what I was working on and with nervous anticipation drove to Bob and Linda's house. I rang the doorbell, and Bob answered.

He looked me up and down while opening the door wide. "Upstairs. Go to the bedroom."

I entered the house passing the couch and coffee table where our last meeting of mutual gratification took place oh so long ago. I heard Bob close the door behind me and lock it as I made my way upstairs with him close behind.

Upon entering the bedroom I found Linda sprawled on a large four poster style bed. She was nude. Her breasts capped with her large areola, and thick nipples stiff. Her legs were spread and overhanging a corner of the bed.

Her eyes were closed, but opened upon our arrival in the bedroom. I took in the scene, and quickly understood why her legs were hanging over the corner of the bed. Her hips were rolling and she was thrusting herself upon a dildo. It was generously sized, and from what I could tell from the inches sliding in and out of her was at least 10" long, and 2" in diameter. What held it in place was that it was tied to the post of the bed.

Her lips clung to the rubber phallus with each withdrawal, and were pushed inward with each thrust. Looking at us with half closed, post orgasmic eyes she told us both to disrobe. I guess I had missed her latest orgasm, but wanting to make up for lost time I quickly took my clothes off.

My cock, already half erect, and thickening rapidly with the site of her humping this rubber phallus sprang a bit when I pulled my boxers down. I looked to my left, and Bob was already fully nude, his dick growing stiffer with each pulse of his heartbeat. He certainly didn't waste any time as I was still pulling off my shirt.

Linda backed up onto the bed, and the large dick popped out of her with a wet sound. Her hole was gaping from her artificial lover, and dew I hoped to know more intimately clung to her swollen labia. The dildo flopped a bit at her setting it free, and shined with the moist juices that she had covered it with so generously.

She pointed at me while she slid further upward, leaning back on the pillows piled against the headboard. She pointed at me, and her words were simple and short, surprising me. No "hello" or "how are you" or even a simple "nice to see you."

Instead it was one single word. One single syllable that carried the full weight and meaning of what she wanted. She pointed from me to the dildo, and that word was simply, "on."

I decided this was no time for chit-chat. Hell, I'm not even sure how I would strike up a conversation under these circumstances. It was very clear that she wanted me to do one thing, and nothing else until she asked or told.

I climbed onto the bed, slid to the corner, and slid downward. I reached downward and grasped the slippery fake dick in my hand. Scooting myself closer to the corner of the bed the tip of the dildo bumped against my balls, and my cock twitched hard in reaction. I slid the tip down my balls until I felt the dull, rounded end press against my asshole. It was throbbing, almost gasping, as if it knew what was coming.

I took a deep breath and hunched myself forward. I could feel it pressing against me hard, my sphincter contracting against it in little spasms. I clenched my hole hard, feeling the shaft of the dildo flex a bit as the head was pushed back.

I looked up. Bob was lazily stroking his cock while he watched me. With a deep breath I unclenched my ass, and pushed hard against the phallus. The blunt head pushed against me, spreading me open, and started to go in. I pushed a little harder, forcing my ass to relax. I felt the crown of it push into me, and pop past the ring. I let my breath out, and breathed in again as I contracted my ass around the head of the cock. I felt it flex again, but by holding the shaft straight it did not pop out. I let my breath out long and slow as I hunched forward while relaxing my ass again. A couple of inches slid into me.

My eyes opened wide at the invasion and I moaned softly. I lay back on the bed, and hooking legs over the corner of the mattress pulled myself downward. More of the cock slid into me. I groaned as I felt the head and then shaft press further into me pressing hard against my swollen prostate as it slid further in. The head of my cock swelled, as my whole dick and balls contracted.

I tilted my head back to see Linda cupping her crotch as she rubbed her clit with the heel of her hand. Her fingers closed over her oh so beautifully swollen and moist lips making them swell larger and seem so thick and large.

I shoved down further until the backs of my knees met the corner of the mattress. I'm not sure how much of the thick dildo was in me, but it was as far as it would go, and it had to have been many inches. I instinctively began to try and hump the dildo, but there was no leverage from my position. I shifted around a bit and found that my thrusting my hips up and down I could make it slide in and out of me. Slowly at first, but my speed grew steadily. I could feel it slid in and out of me. The veins sliding in and out of my clenching ass, and the shaft and head rubbing deep inside me in that spot that makes me quiver like nothing else does.

I was thrusting into the air, humping up and down, my almost hard cock bouncing up and down in time to my thrusting. I was in bliss. I closed my eyes and focused on the cock inside me. It slid in and out, my own cock flopping about with smacking sound as it hit me on each upward thrust.

I felt the bed move and weight shift near me; next to my head as a matter of fact. I opened my eyes, and was greeted by the site of Linda's beautiful pussy, lips wet and swollen, her hole still gaping above my face.

I lifted my head and tried to lick her clit. I could just barely reach. The musky aroma of her scent drove me mad, and the tangy taste of her juices just teased my taste buds. She held herself there, above me, my neck straining to try and lick her. I tried to lick her for her pleasure; for my pleasure; for both of our pleasure.

I tried in vain to hold my head up, but couldn't. I relaxed my neck muscles and just watched her beautiful pussy sway above me, when I felt the mattress sag. I looked, and Bob was climbing onto the bed.

His dick was rock hard, and bounced as he straddled my chest. I couldn't believe it! He was moving into position to mount her from behind. Right above me!

He scooted forward, and wrapped a hand around his dick. Shifting his hips and moving the tip about he sought the hole to Linda's glory. I could see the head slide between her lips, spreading them. When it rubbed across her nub I saw her shudder.

Finding the hole Bob began to feed it into her. He slowly pushed forward, and the lips spread around his cock as the head went in, and the shaft slowly disappeared. He began to thrust into her, and his balls swayed forward, and smacked her clit with each thrust. I had heard of this happening, but never actually seen it before, and certainly never this close!

I looked up, and Linda was looking down at my from between her hanging breasts.

"Fuck!" She ordered me.

It was then that I realized that I had stopped humping the dildo. I began thrusting up and down again, humping the air to make the dildo slide in and out of me.

I looked up, and watched as Bob pounded away into his wife. I found myself trying to time my thrusting with Bob's. Each time he thrust into her I let my hips fall to the bed. Each time he pulled out I pushed my hips upward letting the dildo slide out of me.

Up and down. In and out. Bob thrust. I thrust. Someone started moaning. I'm not sure who it was. Maybe Bob, maybe me, maybe Linda, maybe all three of us. Either way, we were all getting close to the brink, and it the excitement was building. Bob began to thrust harder into Linda. His balls flapping back and forth, banging harder against Linda's engorged clit that poked between her lips. His dick was shiny with her juices.

I matched my speed with his, and soon found myself slamming my hips down hard on the bed. Between my thrusting, and Bob's humping the bed was bouncing around quite a bit. I lifted my head and looked down between Bob's legs. My cock was full erect, swollen, and had been leaking pre-cum from the tip onto my belly. All the flopping around had caused small droplets of it to rain all over my abdomen.

I put my head back down, and Bob was really going at it! He was pounding Linda for all he was worth, and she was groaning with each hard thrust into her. I reached up and rubbed my fingers over her clit. She must have been really close as she let out a wail and pushed hard back against Bob as she started to cum. I could see her hips roll in small movements, Bob's dick, embedded deep into Linda, appeared and disappeared a tiny bit with her motions as I felt the muscles in her legs contract. Her arms gave out and she flopped her face onto the bed as Bob returned to fucking her.

With each thrust she moaned, and Bob's balls wetly smacked against my hand still gently rubbing her button. I slid my hand down and cupped Bob's balls. First time I had ever done that, and it felt good. I could feel the weight of them sliding back and forth in my palm as Bob kept his frantic pace of humping.

I gave a small squeeze, and suddenly they contracted. Bob let out a loud moan and slammed his hips into her ass as his muscles tensed up. His balls bounced in my hand, and I could imagine the cum pouring from them and into his wife. It must have been a huge load as some of it squeezed out past her lips, and onto his balls and my hand.

Bob shook hard and pushed into her with little thrusts as each jet of his seed shot forth to coat the inside of her. He held himself there against her as he did this until each micro-thrust got smaller and smaller until he stopped.

Bob relaxed and began to scoot his knees backward. Slowly he withdrew his cock from Linda. As it slid out I could see that it was covered with his cum. It glistened with moisture, and a small bead of his spunk squeezed out of the tip and clung there.

Without thinking I slid my hand from his balls to wrap around the base of his dick, and pulled him down. I lifted my head as I pulled down, and opened my mouth. I licked my lips, and then, did the unthinkable. Something I thought I would never do in my life, I licked the small blob of cum from the tip of his dick. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and swallowed, the salty flavor just teasing my taste buds. I pulled him down harder, and opening my mouth I wrapped my lips around the tip, swirling my tongue over the head of his dick. He shuddered, and the taste was enhanced as more cum dribbled out.

With a moan he pushed forward meaning he accepted what I was doing, and I didn't need to pull any more. The shaft slide past my lips and I could feel the head slide along my tongue to my throat. He groaned as I felt the head swell, and he thrust in and out of me a few times. My lips pushed the slimy mess down his dick leaving a musky, salty coating to my lips as he did this.

After a few thrusts he pulled back while I sucked hard trying to coax more cum from him, and with a pop his softening dick came out of my mouth. As I licked my lips he backed up and then climbed off the bed. I watched him until I felt something drop against my cheek.

I looked up and Linda was still above me. A long string of Bob's cum clung between her red swollen pussy lips and my face. Glancing up I saw she was back on her hands and looking down at me. Without a word she spread her legs further apart and began to lower herself toward my face. I could feel the heat of her pussy as she got close, and without any teasing, without any delay, without any apprehension, and without any chance for me to protest she mashed her pussy against my mouth.

I opened my lips and drank with the heady scent of her sex mixed with Bob's semen. I could taste their coupling, and could feel the cum ooze into my open mouth. My lips mashed against hers I sucked gently, and my mouth was filled with a rush of thick cum forcing me to swallow the mix of erotic flavors. My head swam and I was dizzy with pleasure. I thrust my tongue upward as deep as I could into her pussy trying to fuck her with it. I could feel the torrent of their mixed juices run down my tongue as her pussy clamped on me.

My breathing came hard as I fucked her, and her hips began to move smearing the slippery mess over my lips, cheeks and chin. I heard her start to groan so I shifted my position and sucked hard on her turgid clit. She rocketed into orgasm almost instantly riding my face hard, mashing her swollen lips against me.

With a scream she shuddered and came hard on my face.

Rolling off of me she panted. I looked over at her, and a light sheen of sweat glistened on her body. Her pussy was gaping open, winking at me while a thin line of fluids that I had missed dribbled from her to gather on the bedclothes.

I felt some stirring of the dildo still embedded deep in me, and I looked down. Bob was untying the dildo from the bed post. He released the straps, and stepping to one side placed a hand under my thigh and the other on my chest. He held my chest down and lifted my leg until I got the idea, and helped him. I swung my legs up over my head placing my feet on the bed. Bent double I could almost suck my own cock. It was merely the smallest of inches away from my mouth. I stretched my tongue out to try and lick the tip to taste the clear drop of pre-cum clinging to the tip. It was frustratingly out of reach.

I felt the bed move, as Linda got on her knees and crawled over to me. She reached out a hand and cupped my balls. I spread my legs, and she scooted between them almost grinding her crotch against my head. Her hand slid down to grasp my shaft, and she squeezed it hard. A groan escaped my lips. She put her thumb at the base and gave it a long, hard stroke causing more pre-cum to squeeze out the tip.

It dangled for an eternity then fell on my messy wet lips. I quickly swiped it up with my tongue savoring the salty flavor. She started jacking me off in long, deliberate strokes, and I was able to watch her hand move up and down the shaft. She started squeezing harder as she stroked and I groaned again hunching my hips desperate to close the distance between my mouth and my dick.

I saw her reach up and grab the base of the dildo. She started to pull on it, and I could feel the emptiness in my ass as she pulled it out. She then rammed it home, filling me to capacity while milking downward on my swollen, purple headed cock. She pulled it out again, and then quickly rammed it home again. She started doing this faster and faster. The hand though continued to stroke slowly. Up and down my cock. Soon my dick was leaking pre-cum constantly, and with her stoking left a long sticky, stringy trail of it over my nose, my cheeks, across my lips, sometimes (thankfully) across my waiting tongue, and my chin. I tried in vain to catch all of it, but to no avail.

She didn't have to keep up this routine for long though as my legs began to start shaking and my asshole spasmed around the dildo. The head of my dick flared and my legs began to shake. My feet lifted off the bed as my ass and leg muscles tensed in anticipation of what was about to happen. I started to cum. With a huge gush my cock began to spit, and after the first shot Linda began to aim. Each subsequent explosion went straight into my mouth, and my dick spewed hard with each thrust of the dildo. After several shots of thick, ropy jism that sprayed my tongue and tonsils she pulled the dildo from my ass with a loud plop, and a thin stream of cum flowed from the tip. This last bit was a little more bitter than the sweet yet salty individual shots that had now pooled at the back of the throat, but it tasted just as good as it flooded my taste buds to mix with the thick puddle of my spunk.

When my cock stopped spewing forth my seed I closed my mouth, closed my eyes, and swallowed. That thick load slid down my throat in one swallow, and I felt a fire spread through me when it hit my belly.

I opened my eyes to Linda getting off the bed, and walking out of the room. I looked over at Bob and he was opening a drawer to the nightstand. He handed me a bunch of tissues.

"Get yourself cleaned up. Linda has plans for you, but you'll have to wait until we call."

I cleaned up, went back to work, and spent the rest of the day, and many thereafter wondering what exactly Linda's plans were.
Just like last time the phone rang.

"Linda wants to see you."

I was starting to wonder if this would be the usual way of operating when it came to these little trysts. Difference was it wasn't months between contact this time. It was just a matter of days. Hell, my extreme horniness, will do anything "batteries" hadn't even fully recharged yet.

Business has been slow with the economy so I figured why not.

"I'll be over in a bit." I replied and hung up the phone.

I wrapped up and headed over to Bob and Linda's house. This time I was greeted at the door by both Bob and Linda. Bob was in shorts and a T-shirt, and Linda was in a big thick house robe. I came in and they invited me into the living room where they invited me to have a seat on the couch. Bob sat next to me, and Linda took a chair across from us and crossed her legs. The bottom of the robe opened a bit exposing her legs to her knees.

Linda actually started the conversation this time. "Look after last time, and don't get us wrong, we had a lot of fun, but we've been talking. See, we didn't know there were things that you'd be willing or even wanting to do. Like when you sucked on Bob's dick. We didn't really think you'd be into that kind of thing so we didn't really push it. What we're wondering is how far we can go."

I thought for a moment on my response. I was scared that this was a test. That perhaps if I didn't answer as they wanted they wouldn't call any more. That I wouldn't get to play so much or even satisfy some of my most perverse (at least according to my wife) fantasies.

I held up a hand to let them know I was thinking, and boy was I. I couldn't help but have all sorts of thoughts running through my head on how to respond to this. I looked from Bob to Linda and spoke.

"Well guys. Some things I just don't plan. I just go with the moment and see where leads. Certainly I didn't PLAN on sucking Bob's dick. I had never done that before, and never really even thought it would turn me on. Really, if you weren't comfortable with it I apologize. I didn't set out to do that and I certainly don't want to do anything to upset you."

I looked from Linda back to Bob and they were looking at each other. Some kind of wordless exchange between the two of them was taking place.

A small smile crossed Linda's lips. "Oh, it's not that we really had a problem or that we're upset. We just weren't clear on the boundaries of all of this. Sure, we can use you. I'll more than happily watch you jerk off with something up your ass, and I love that you are so eager to clean up, but the question is, how much can you or do you want to be used?"

Again with the questions! I couldn't fathom where this was going or why. Again I took a moment to think about my answer. I carefully formed the words in my head while nobody spoke. Bob just sat there on the other end of the couch looking at us (he really doesn't say all that much). Linda put her hands on her legs and shifted about a bit. The robe fell open a little more to her mid-thigh. I chose to play it safe with an answer that didn't really answer anything.

"I tell you what... I have no idea on how far any of this will go. I don't know what will happen or what I'll even do. I tell you what though. If I get to the point where I'm uncomfortable with something I'll let you know. I think that as long as we're respectful toward each other and more than willing to stop when someone says it's gone too far then I think however you want to use me is just fine. Believe me I'll let you know when I don't like something."

That was it. That was all I could really say. Bob was nodding. Linda was looking at the ground thinking. She lifted her hand and rubbed the back of her neck as if deep in thought.

"Hmmmmm...." she said.

She slid her hand down the lapel of the robe pulling it open a bit as she did this. I could see the curve of her breasts as her cleavage was exposed between the folds of the soft terrycloth. She lifted her head, looked at Bob, and then looked at me.

She arched an eyebrow and said, "That's good."

With that she slid her hand down to her waist and pulled the drawstring of the robe loose. She arched her back, jutting her breasts forward, and the robe began to slide off her shoulders. It opened wide exposing the inner curves of the both beautiful breasts and stopped. She gave her shoulders a shrug and the robe slid the rest of the way down her arms to gather around her waist. Her breasts were exposed, and her large round areola were flushed a deep shade of pink. Her nipples were dark red, swollen and stood out proudly from the center of each round disk.

"That's not normal." I thought to myself and looked closer. There was a black ring at the base of each nipple. O-rings! She or perhaps Bob, most likely both of them had put tight fitting o-rings on each of her nipples to act like a clamp before I came over. I had heard about this, seen videos of it, and had even tried to experiment with it on myself. Basically you stretch a rubber o-ring around a hard tube. You take that tube, and use it to apply suction to each nipple, and then roll the o-ring down off the tube and remove the tube. I got to wondering what they had planned for me if they went through this trouble.

Linda stretched her arms back and arched her back even more really making her breast stick out from her chest. My thoughts of what she at least had planned were soon answered. As she spread her legs wide her robe slide off her legs, and a dildo popped up from between. She had been hiding a strap-on under her crossed legs the entire time she was sitting there!

My dick twitched in my pants as I looked at her "penis" half sticking up between her legs. Plain and simple it was just huge. At least 12" long, jet black with veins running down the sides of it, the head was rather over exaggerated in that it came to more of a point than a blunt end, and the crown of the head flared out to be at least half again as large as the shaft. It may as well have been a huge butt-plug with a shaft. She leaned back against the back of the chair and spread her legs wider hooking her knees over the arms.

She slid her hands down her chest, across her stomach and down to her pelvis. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of her "cock" and began to slowly stroke it up and down the shaft her fingers just touching the bottom edge of the crown then back down the long length to the base. Her fingers barely wrapped around the whole thing.

She scooted her hips a little forward, and pulled the dildo upward so it was standing straight up then flopped onto her stomach. The head of it almost nestled between her large breasts. Leaning forward she licked the tip, and then looked up at me.

"Don't you wish you could do this?" She asked looking at me.

"Yes." Was all could say in my stunned state.

She dipped her head back down and opened her mouth sliding her lips over the tip and started to push down sliding more of it into her. With a hum she hunched her hips upward and back pushing more of the dick past her lips. I looked down and noticed that below the large, black rubber balls of the dildo that the harness had an open slot.

Her lips were swollen and moist and left me breathless.

She humped her own cock into her mouth a little more then swung her legs down withdrawing the now wet head of the dildo from her lips. She stood up and the strap-on swayed pendulously in front of her. She walked around the coffee table and up to the couch. She held out her hands and I took them in my own. She pulled me to standing, and her hard nipples pressed into my chest through my shirt, and her strap-on dildo pressed against my leg between us. The contact made my dick leap, and start to tent the front of my pants.

She turned her head up to look at me and told me to take my clothes off and get on my knees on the couch.

Not being one to pass up this opportunity I disrobed as quickly as I could, and placing my knees on the cushions of the couch I leaned forward grasping the back edge it. My balls and erect cock swayed beneath me.

I sensed Linda step up behind me, and felt a cool dribble of lube on my ass crack. It ran in a small river down my ass, over my asshole, and across my scrotum. I felt Linda's warm hand touch me and I involuntarily shuddered as she began spreading the lube around. She wiped it down to my asshole, and then started to rub it in small circles.

I could feel my opening start to pulse, and my dick felt like it was vibrating. I dipped my head down and looked down. My cock was rock hard, and pointed straight down. Linda rubbed a good bit of lube on my hole and began to press a little harder each time she passed the center.

She soon put the tip of a finger against it and insistently pressed. I shivered in the thought that finally there would be penetration between Linda and me only it would be her doing the penetrating.

I forced my ass to relax and it slipped inside. She moved her finger in a circle loosening me a little, and then I felt a little more pressure as she pushed a second finger into me. She started rubbing it around spreading more and more lube into my hole. Then she pulled them out. I felt a little bit empty and wanting for more when she did this.

I felt her hand, slippery fingers and all, come to rest on my hip as she adjusted her position. Then I felt the warm silicone of the dildo press against me. She positioned herself, and I felt her hand grasp my hip a little tighter as she pushed forward. The tip started to spread me and go in. I tried to push back, but the head was just too large. I couldn't take it in one plunge.

She started to move in small thrusts and I moved myself humping back and forth as the tip of the dildo pressed against my hole spreading and then letting it relax in the smallest of increments.

I felt her hand grab my hip hard, and she forcefully, yet steadily pushed herself forward, the huge head of the black dildo trying to force me wide open. I tried to escape and just ended up with my chest pressing on the back of the couch. Still she came forward slowly, but sure of her movement.

I gasped and then started to pant as I willed my ass to relax as much as possible. The huge head drove deeper into me spreading me as wide as the largest butt plug I quietly use on myself from time to time when I'm home alone. I couldn't escape it, and it just kept driving forward. I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and in my impatience to have it in me I pushed back hard and quick. I felt my asshole spread the last tiny bit, and then the huge head popped past the ring of muscles and into me.

I let out a long groan and fell back forward onto to back of the couch. The head of the dildo was so large, and stuck in me that I felt Linda have to shuffle forward as I dragged her with me by her huge cock.

She took the initiative and continued the momentum and pressed into me. I could feel several vein covered inches of shaft slide into my ass, and I could feel the huge head penetrate deep into my bowels rubbing hard against my prostate as it went in. She withdrew until the head knocked against my sphincter, and pulled me back a little bit and then she thrust forward again pushing more of her slick black cock into me.

I was getting dizzy, and with each thrust my dick swelled to an unbelievable size. She kept slowly and steadily pushing into me deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her hands grasping my hips with each forward thrust and relaxing with each withdrawal.

By this point I was panting hard. My head hung down and my eyes were closed. She gave a mighty push, and I felt the dildo penetrate deep inside me, deeper than anything had ever been inside me before. I felt the head slam deep within my bowels as her hips slammed against my ass. Panting hard I threw my head back and eyes bugged open with the thrust.

There in front of me was Bob!! He was nude, and stroking his hard dick. Quickly he stepped up to me, put one hand behind my head and shoved his dick into my open mouth. It happened so quickly I had no time to react other than force my throat to relax as I felt the spongy head bottom out at the back of my throat. I was breathing hard through my nose, his pubic hairs tickling me, and his balls resting on my chin as I was forced to deep throat him.

I felt Linda's weight on my back and her hard nipples press into me as she leaned forward.

"How's that feel?" She asked. "Do you enjoy being stuffed full of cock from both ends?"

All I could do was nod slightly and try to say yes, but it came out of my dick stuffed mouth as more of an "umphf."

She shifted her weight and put her hands back on my hips. Bob slid back, and I covered my teeth with my lips while sucking hard on his hot shaft. He then thrust forward sliding his dick into my mouth and bouncing the head off the back just as Linda quickly pulled back. I could feel the head of the dildo force through me and bang against my back door hard, spreading it a bit.

They then changed direction and Linda slammed forward driving her black dick into me. I could feel my balls slap hard against her fake ones as her hips slammed into my ass and bottomed out. Bob in the mean time had withdrawn again, and I had just the tip of his dick in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could, and pressed the tip of my tongue against the hole. He gave a shudder as he drove forth again, the head of his dick pushing my tongue to one side.

I started to get into this, and began to rock my body between them. Rocking back I shoved Linda's giant strap-on into me, gave Bob's head a small lick, and then forward pulling the head of my dildo tight against my ass while Bob's dick bottomed out in my throat.

I was panting hard as it was quite a work out, and I believe it was for them as well as I heard many a groan and heavy breathing from around me. I closed my eyes, and rocked back and forth on my knees on that couch. I worked hard for each thrust of both dicks sliding in and out of me from both ends. I was trapped between them, shifting back and forth as countless inches slid in and out of me, and I was loving it.

Bob was the first to break the rhythm. He started hunching his hips hard, and put his hands on my shoulders. I sucked hard as he began to frantically fuck his dick in and out of my mouth. If could feel the flesh of his cock slide past my lips, and feel the veins and his pulse just beneath the surface. I reached up and squeezed his balls remembering how this set him off last time.

I guess I was right that he enjoyed that because he started to shudder and he thrust hard into me, and stopped. My throat was suddenly filled with his seed as be began to blast jet after jet of his thick sperm into my throat. I swallowed hard. Once, twice, three times I had to swallow. As he shot he slowly withdrew his dick and I could finally taste his cum on my tongue.

Salty, musky, thick and flavorful I savored that wonderful taste as my head swam. I rolled it around in my mouth letting it coat the insides of my cheeks, and the surfaces of my teeth. I pulled back until I was just sucking on the head and swirled my tongue around the crown. I then pushed the tip of my tongue hard against him trying to drive it into his hole. He gave a small shout just as one last surprise shot of his cum jetted out and into my mouth. He pulled back, and his dick popped out from between my grasping lips. I rolled that last thick string of jizz around on my tongue and then swallowed.

Linda in the mean time had stopped fucking me with her dildo while she watched her husband dump his load into my eager mouth, and now had her strap-on embedded deep in my ass. I reached down with both arms, and sliding my hand between my legs I reached back. I found her balls pressed up against mine and I slid a hand further down until I found the slit in her harness.

Her lips were sopping wet, dribbling her moisture down the inside of her thighs, and the slit made her lips bulge into soft pillows. I shoved two fingers into her sopping pussy, and curling them into a "come hither" motion I pushed against the backside of her pubic ridge.

I stretched my arm a little further, and reached a little deeper until I found it. The hard, thick nub just toward the top of her pubic bone inside her was my goal, and I had found it. I began to rub it hard, and she began to groan.

With each rub she tried to thrust but couldn't go anywhere as I was holding her tight against me with my fingers buried deep in her. With each shudder I felt her massive dildo shake and move in my ass.

I started rubbing faster and harder wanting her to cum on my hand with her "dick" in me. She really started to grind her crotch down onto my hand as I rubbed and she got more and more excited.

Soon she began to shake and I heard her groan and then "Ungh ungh ungh ungh ungh UNGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" as her pussy flowed forth so much of her sweet juice that it coated my hand and pooled in the palm.

I let her go, and stroked my own dick covering it with her slippery cum. She took a step back and the dildo slid out from me the head pressing against me. I pushed forward hard and steadily. It started to spread me open, but after all the fucking I was plenty loose and popped out of me more easily then it went in.

I stood up, and Linda was standing, but barely, on shaky knees. I took her hand and guided her to sit on the couch. I stepped over her legs and began to lower myself onto the dildo. The head spread my cheeks wide open and I pressed down. Linda reached down to hold her shaft to keep it from bending, and I felt it start to invade my now largely distended asshole.

I quickly sat downward and the head popped into me making my dick swell and pre-cum ooze from the tip to fall on her belly. I started stroking my rock hard cock and leaned forward pressing the tip against her lips.

I guess a long strap-on not only let her suck her own dick, but mine as well I thought.

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head, just under the crown and started to suck hard. I groaned and really began to stroke with my hand banging against her lips every time I stroked forward to the head. After her fucking me for so long and my blowing Bob it certainly didn't take me long to climax. After just about 30 seconds I started to cum and cum hard. I could feel my asshole clench and relax around the head of the dildo as my balls contracted and I started to shoot load after load into her sucking mouth until the sensitivity of my glans was too much and I had to withdraw.

"Don't swallow." I said.

I leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips. I forced her mouth open with my tongue and was greeted with the taste of my own seed. She shoved the load into my mouth with her tongue, and I reveled in the thick texture and salty musky flavor before I swallowed.

I stood up; lifting up the dildo stretched me again as the head popped out of my ass making a small glob of cum squeeze from the tip. I wiped it off with finger and deposited it right onto one of Linda's turgid, ring captured nipples.

I collapsed onto the couch next to her panting with a sheen of sweat covering my body.

I looked across the coffee table to Bob who was sitting in the chair idly stroking his dick.

"Do you have any plans next Thursday afternoon?" He asked.

"Not really." I replied.

"Why don't you come over? We'll have something new we think you'll enjoy."

I agreed and excused myself to go use the restroom to get cleaned up. Upon coming back to the living room Linda was still sitting on the couch, half asleep, the lube covered dildo still standing at half mast as the weight of it caused it to bend over in a bow. I smiled and bowed back.

Bob handed me my clothes and walked me to the door after I got dressed.

"We'll see you next Thursday."
Thursday! It was Thursday!

I had waited all this time to see what Bob and Linda had planned, and it had finally arrived. Well almost. It was only Thursday morning, and I had to get some work done before I took off to see what depraved thing this lovely couple had planned for me. I tried to concentrate on my work, but the distraction of Linda's gorgeous breasts or the feel of Bob's cock sliding past my lips flitting through my mind drove me nuts. I spent all morning walking around with a visible bulge in my pants, and I'm more than a little sure I screwed up some customers orders. Hopefully I could fix them later.

I jumped in my car after lunch and sped, but really tried not to speed; it was hard, over to Bob and Linda's house. I was getting to know this route quite well, and I hoped to be driving it many more times in the future.

I parked the car, and things felt rather surreal. I watched my hand put the lever in gear and pull up on the hand brake. I watched my hand then move to the key and turn off the running motor. I lifted my foot off the clutch, and reached for the door handle. I noticed it was shaking. Really? Could I get this excited? I looked at myself in the rearview mirror. My brown eyes stared back at me from beneath the mop of brown hair that I could never seem to keep tame.

I took some long cleansing breaths, and forced myself to calm down. It really wouldn't be proper to seem too eager would it?

I returned hand to the door handle, exited the car, and calmly as I could muster walked up to the front door, and rang the bell.

It was answered. This time neither Bob nor Linda opened it for me. It was a woman. Perhaps about my age and shorter than I as she only came up to my chin, her hair was cut in a bob, and was the color of sand with a slight red tint to it. Her eyes were blue, and her softly curved lips were a light shade of pink. I paused and looked at her then turned around and looked at the street. Yeah, the street looked right. I leaned back and look at the house. Yeah, the house looked right. I was very confused.

"Come in." She said opening the door for me.

I stepped over the threshold and stood there as she looked at me. I must have had a very confused look on my face for the long moments she looked me up and down.

"Bob and Linda are in here." She said as she turned around and started to walk away.

AH! I was at the right place! I followed her and couldn't help but try and check her out. Problem was that she was wearing a thick robe just like Linda had been wearing the week before. She led me to the living room and as I turned the corner my eyes bugged out of my head.

There sat Linda and Bob on the couch, and it looked like they were all ready to play. Linda was wearing a tight, white lace bra with the fronts cut out. The tightness pushed her breasts together making a very attractive, deep cleavage, as her soft mounds swelled over the edges from being bound so much. It was so tight it pressed against her making her large areola bulge forth from the openings. It pressed, molded and shaped her breasts to that it looked like she had huge puffy nipples that were the size of her entire areola.

I looked from her to Bob, and he was fully nude. Upon seeing my gaze fall upon him he spread his legs. His cock was already at half mast, and I could see the glint of a steel cock ring locked around the base of his cock, and going under his scrotum.

I must have really looked dumbfounded and stood there for a long time because Bob eventually spoke.

"This is Tina. Much like you're Linda's plaything she is mine. She's going to help us out today." He said.

Then he turned to the other lady in the room and spoke to her.

"Tina, why don't you help him get more comfortable."

Without a word Tina stepped in front of me and reached up to unbutton my shirt. I looked down at the top of her head, and tried to see down the front of the robe, but it was to no avail. She slowly worked her way downward, and I could feel the light tickle as she undid each button.

I then felt the tug at my waist as she pulled the shirt tails free. She slid her hands up my belly, over my chest, across my shoulders, and down my arms as she took my shirt off. She just let it fall to the floor behind her as she reached down, and began to fumble with my belt.

Deciding to help her I kicked my shoes off as she fumbled with the belt. All I could do was stare at Linda's formed breasts until I heard a distinctive "ziiiip" as Tina undid the fly on my pants.

Grasping the waistband she pulled down my pants and boxers in one go, and I felt the cool air of the house on me.

Tina took my hand and I stepped out of them and stepped forward. Linda reached over to the end table and then set something on the coffee table.

"You'll need this." She said as she set a pink butt plug and some lube down.

It was about 7 inches long, pointed at the tip and flared to a decent size before tapering back down to the base.

"Tina already has hers." Bob said. "Why don't you show him."

With that Tina turned around and I could see her arms move as she untied the belt to the robe. She let if fall off her shoulders into a pile on the floor, and I looked at her back.

It was smooth, creamy in color, and she had two small dimples above her ass. She bent over and grabbed her ankles. I looked her over. From her thin ankles with fingers wrapped around them, up her nicely shaped calves, and over her creamy thighs my eyes roamed. Her ass was round, and nicely shaped fitting very well onto her wide hips. Between her thighs I could see her two soft lips that were shaved, and the pink inner lips just peeking out. Above that I could see the base of her butt plug. Pink, and shoved in all the way, I strongly suspected that it was just like the one waiting for me on the coffee table.

Tina stood back up and my dick jumped at the site. Her breasts were considerably smaller than Linda's, and were more teardrop shaped, but the dark pink areola were just as large covering almost all the of the front of each breast. Judging that she was Bob's toy I could guess from the trend that liked large areola. In my opinion he had very good taste on this subject. Her nipples were incredibly thick and stood out proudly from each breast with the help of some large gauge nipple rings.

"Incredible." I gasped.

With that Tina's chest and face blushed, and she shyly looked at the floor. With her hand she motioned me to the coffee table.

She walked up behind me, and putting one hand on my hip and the other on my back she guided me to bend over. I put my hands on the coffee table with my ass stuck up in the air in anticipation of what was to come.

I looked over and Linda had reached over and grabbed both the lube and the plug and handed them to Tina. I felt her thighs against the backs of my legs, and her pelvis against my ass. She pulled hard on my hips and gave a couple of long thrusts pushing herself against me. It certainly didn't take long for my dick to wake up whenever Bob and Linda were around, and I guess Tina was good for that as well, and I could feel it twitch as it started to stiffen.

I felt the cool air on my backside as Tina stepped away, and then I felt the even cooler lube being spread over my asshole as she used a finger to apply it.

I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling, and was really getting into it when I felt the tip of the plug press against me. The point started to spread me open, and the taper and smooth design allowed it to start to easily slide in. I felt my ass spread as the taper became larger, and Tina had to start to put some effort into it. I felt her hand cup my balls as she applied more pressure. She then squeezed them hard making me wince when all of a sudden she gave a might shove forward and the plug slipped inside me.

I could feel it in me, and my asshole relaxed around the narrow waist of the plug before it flared out to the base locking it in place inside me. Tina moved her hand from my balls to my hips, and slid another under my belly, and gently pulled up to signal for me to stand up.

As I stood I felt the plug shift in my bowels, and I could feel it press against my prostate as I stood. I let out a low moan.

With that Tina stepped away from me and went in stood in front of the couch with her arms at her sides. Bob was looking up at her, and leaned forward. He put a thumb and finger on one of the rings, and gave it a sharp tug. Tina gasped, but never took her eyes off Bob as her small breast bounced a little bit. He gave her a look and then lightly jerked his head in Linda's direction.

I guess she had been playing with Bob and Linda much longer than I had as she immediately understood what to do. She stepped sideways to be in front of Linda, and then got on her knees. Her ass was sticking up in the air in front of me, and I could see the base of her plug, and her moist lips that were turning a darker shade of pink by the moment. Linda scooted forward on the couch and spread her legs wide. With that Tina put her hands on Linda's thighs and moved forward.

She drew in a deep breath and then plunged forward locking her lips around Linda's pussy. Linda gave a small groan of satisfaction, closed her eyes, and lifted her arms above her head making her puffy breast stand proud on her chest as Tina's mouth started to work on her.

Tina's ass swayed in the air as she worked on Linda's great tasting (I know from experience) pussy, and I started to hear wet slurping and licking noises from the two of them. I got the impression quickly that she enjoyed doing this. Hell, my if my dick was any indicator I enjoyed watching this as it was rock hard, and standing up proudly. I guess Bob was in agreement with me there as he was sitting on the couch watching the two of them slowly stroking his own dick. He caught me looking, and jerked his head for me to come in his direction.

Taking a cue from what Tina had done, and with a good guess as to what I was going to be doing soon I stood in front of him with my hands at my side. He reached up, and with his finger gave my dick a hard flick just under the head. It hurt like hell, but I could feel a fire for lust spread out from the point of impact to flood my whole groin.

He looked at me and looked down at his hard dick swaying in front of him. I took the hint and got on my knees. The movement made the plug inside me shift again, and press hard against my prostate. I could feel a dribble of wetness squeeze from the tip of my dick as I got into position in front of him. He scooted down on the couch just like his wife, and put his feet flat on the floor with his legs spread.

His balls dangled off the edge of the cushion, and his dick, throbbing with lust, pointed at the ceiling. I kneeled in front of him and slid my hands forward. I wrapped one round the base of his cock, and could feel the warmth of his passion. My other hand I reached up and cupped his balls. I lifted them gently to test the weight, and I could feel them slide easily inside their sack.

I slid my hand up the shaft until it was clasped under the crown, and with trepidation leaned my head forward. I slid my tongue out and pressed the head to it. I feel the heat burning in it as I closed my lips over the crown, and gently sucked. It felt bigger than last time and then I remembered the cock ring. I slid my hand down and could feel the arm steel against my hand.

I gave his balls a pull, and started to slide the cock into my mouth. I could feel the heat leave a trail over my tongue as I sucked it down until the head hit the back of my throat. Continuing to hold his balls I slid my head upward feeling the pulsing in my tongue and lips, and with a wet smack pulled it out of my mouth. I dipped my head lower, and raising my hand I opened wide and sucked one of his balls into my mouth.

The taste was good. Clean, yet musky flavor filled my head as I sucked lightly on the ball before switching to the other. My mouth coated his scrotum with spit as I began to move from the right to the left. I would close my lips around each testicle, and then stuck gently until it popped into my mouth. I would rub my tongue over it before withdrawing from it with a pop and going back to the other side.

I pushed his balls together and tried to get them both into my mouth at once, but they were just too large so I raised my head to start working on his dick again.

As I did so I looked over at Tina and Linda. Tina's hands were on Linda's belly pushing upward. I knew what she was doing as I had done the same thing on many a woman in my life. She was pushing up making Linda's clit stand at attention so she could suck on it. Linda was starting to shake with her doing this, and I reached a hand up and began to slowly stroke Bob as I watched. My hand closed around his turgid unit and it throbbed as I slowly jerked up and down from the crown to the base.

I placed my thumb against the underside and pressed with each upstroke milking the tube as I watched Linda begin to shake harder. She began to moan and thrust her hips pushing as much of her clit into Tina's suckling mouth as possible. She started to shake harder and gasp as she came. Her hand grasped the back of Tina's head and she grabbed a handful of that lovely hair as gave one final thrust and exclaimed.


I could see the muscles of her legs tighten and her back arched as she came hard on Tina's mouth, and then just as quickly collapsed back onto the cushions. She pulled back on Tina's head and maneuvered it lower and pulled her mouth against her pussy before letting go. I watched as Tina stuck her soft pink tongue out as far as it could go and began to rock back and forth on her knees fucking Linda hard with it.

I looked over at Bob and I noticed the show and my milking had some result on him. A thin stream of pre-cum had left a trail from the tip and over my thumb. I leaned down and licked at the sticky trail cleaning it from my thumb and I could taste the salty fresh flavor. I traced the tip of my tongue over the trail onto the head of his dick, and pushed the tip hard against his hole trying to drive it in. He gave a grunt and his hips jerked. I took my chance and opened my mouth wide letting it thrust about half way into my mouth before closing my lips over the hard shaft. Immediately I slid my mouth the rest of the way down until my nose slammed against the cock ring, and sucked hard.

I was greeted by a gasp and another thrust pushing the head hard against the back of my throat. I slid my head up quickly and then back down forcing his hard cock to fuck my mouth. I started to move faster and faster, and his shaft became more slippery with my spit. It began to pool around the base of his cock, and I could feel the moisture slide down his balls into my hand.

Up and down I thrust my head slamming my nose against the cock ring each time and jamming the head deep into my throat. I could feel him start to tense up, and his balls in my hand started to tighten when I felt him grab my hair and pull me off his cock. I looked up at him.

"Not yet. You have to share this time." He said.

I looked over at Linda and Tina and was surprised to see that they had moved. Well, at least Tina had. She was on her hands and knees facing away from Linda. Her ass stuck up in the air, the base of her plug just visible between her cheeks. From between her legs had sprouted a translucent rubber shaft that was buried deep in her pussy. She was rocking back and forth on her hands and knees as the shaft slid in and out of her, and with each rock back she moaned. The shaft continued back until it met Linda's own pussy. Her lips were stretched tight as it invaded her depths and it slid in and out of her leaving a glistening sheen of her juices on its surface.

She was madly strumming her clit with her fingers and I could tell she was close as her eyes were closed and her hips were rolling in time with in time with each of Tina's thrusts. As Bob and I watched this unnatural lustful coupling she started to go off.


And she was gone. Her hips thrust hard sliding inches upon inches of that double ended dildo in and out of her. Her hips bounced up and down thrusting hard on the phallus. So hard that Tina was grunting as the other end slammed deep into her wet pussy as Linda bounced up and down on the couch. Her breathing was ragged, and she lifted her feet high into the air as her legs shook, and her toes curled.

Then she collapsed, her legs crashed to the floor and she let out a long gasp as her entire body collapsed. Her nipples were flushed and hard, and her whole chest and neck were a deep pink color beneath the thin film of sweat that had formed over her body.

Bob stood up and stepped away from the couch. He looked down at his wife and smiled. Then he turned his head.

"Tina." She turned her head and looked over her shoulder at him. "Stand up please. Leave the dildo in."

She reached back and grasped the dildo where it emerged from her pussy, her small hand barely reaching around the thick shaft, and crawled forward on the floor. Seemingly endless inches of dildo slid out from Linda until the head popped out and rested on the cushion just in front of her gaping pussy.

I could see deep inside of her, and the wet pink walls flexed and contracted as if it was breathing on its own. Linda, having cum so hard, seemed oblivious to having the dildo pulled from her. Tina stood up on her knees bending the dildo against the couch making it look like she had a thick pink tail. I couldn't help but feel the corners of my mouth twitch upward as she did this. She then put one foot in front of her and stood up. Still holding onto the heavy double dildo it swayed pendulously between her legs smacking her knees as she stood there.

Bob looked at her, pointed at the dildo, and pointed to my face. Tina understood the signals, and leaned down to wrap her other hand further down the length of the shaft. She stood back up holding the dildo in front of herself, and with one hand still holding it deep inside her started to shuffle forward. She stopped about a foot from my face with the end of the dildo bobbing in front of me. She pushed it forward and the head clumsily bashed against the side of my mouth and across my lips.

I opened my mouth, and Tina started to feed me the head and shaft. I could taste Linda on it, and her sweet nectar was wonderful as I started to suck on it, swallowing as it went further. Tina shuffled a bit more forward shoving the dildo deeper into my throat, and I bob my head up and down on the shaft as she did so.

She began to rock her hips forward and back humping her phallus into me. Her hands still wrapped around the thick shaft, one near her pussy holding it in and the other further out holding it up where my lips would occasionally brush against it. I glanced to the couch and Linda had recovered and was now standing up.

She walked up behind me and putting her hands under my arms pulled me upward to a standing position. The dildo slid from my mouth and flopped onto my chest where the tip of it left a wet trail all the way down by belly and then flopped against my hard dick. Tina reached forward, and tried wrapping her hand around both shafts. She could barely do so, but she tried anyway. She started to stroke up and down, with the underside of my dick pressed against the underside of hers. It was warm, and artificial feeling pressed so tight against me, and her hand felt good stroking me.

She let go and backed up to sit on the couch. Well, not really sit as there was a hugely long double dildo still embedded deep in her pussy, but she more sat on the edge. She lay back against the armrest, and scooted her ass further onto the cushion, and then spread her legs with one over the back of the couch, and the other over the edge with her foot resting on the floor. Her third "leg" lay across the cushions pointing down the length of the couch.
Linda's hand slid down my back to my ass, and spread my cheeks. I felt her fingers fumble, and then slip around the base of the plug pushed tight into me. She started to pull it out, and I leaned forward and pushed my ass out to help her. I felt my asshole spread wide as the flare opened me up as the plug was pulled from inside me. My dick gave a little jump, and a drop of moisture formed at the tip as the narrow end of the plug pressed across my prostate as it was withdrawn.

Linda then guided me to the couch, and I didn't need to guess at what she wanted. I sat down opposite Tina, and spread my legs like her. I scooted forward on my ass, and reached for the dildo. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and pushed the head of the thick pink snake against my hole. I hunched forward a little bit more, and the head spread me open and started to go in. Tina was watching me, and as soon as the head had just entered my depths she lifted up and hunched forward hard with a grunt. The sudden move drove inches of the dildo deep inside me making pre-cum ooze from the tip of my dick in a river where it dribbled on my stomach. With a grunt she shoved forward again, this time harder, and I felt the dildo fill me completely and bottom out deep inside my belly. I let out a grunt of my own.

Tina reached out and squeezed my balls hard, and then put her hand back on the dildo where at least 10 inches were still showing between us. I looked down and could see her swollen lips stretched tight over the dildo. Her clit stood proud from its hood and was further exposed by how wide her lips were spread.

She started to shove the dildo back and forth between us in tiny amounts. I could feel it deep inside me pushing hard against me and with each shove and bump of the head in my bowels I gave a small grunt with each time she thrust it forth. Back and forth she moved the dildo embedded as deep as it would go in each of us. That pink shaft ran from my ass to her pussy and had nowhere really to go. She started to grunt each time she pushed it into herself, and I grunted each time it was pushed into me. Soon we fell into a rhythm of Neanderthal like language of responding grunts that were timed by the rhythm of her hand pushing and pulling on the dildo.

I looked over to Bob and Linda. I couldn't see Bob. Well, I could see his legs, his balls bouncing and his wet (and tasty) shaft sliding in and out of Linda's pussy. Linda had gone over to the chair and was now riding Bob for all she was worth as she faced the couch. Her breasts were jiggling in the open tipped bra, and her "puffy" bits where bouncing in time with her feeding Bob cock to her snatch. This didn't go on for long though as Bob's balls bounce less and less and then tighten against his groin as I heard a load moan from behind Linda.

She slowed her bouncing and then stopped sitting in Bob's lap with his cock still buried deep inside her. I could see that Bob had shot a huge load into her as it was starting to leak from her lips and around his shaft to start to coat his balls and run down his ass.

I felt Tina move, and the pressure deep in my ass relaxed. I guess watching Bob and Linda was a little too much for her. She backed up off the dildo; inch after inch slid out of her seeming to go on forever until I saw her lips stretch a little tighter, and the head emerged from her pussy. It was gaping wide open, and I could see deep inside of her.

She crawled across the couch and straddled my hips. Grabbing the base of my cock she positioned it at her opening and slammed all her weight down on me. My dick easily entered her gaping pussy that had been stretch for so long on the dildo. I'll be honest, there wasn't much feeling. It's not that I'm small. I'm not huge either, but from what my wife tells me I'm a good bit above average, Tina was just too stretched out. I did really enjoy the feeling of her lips mashed against me as I was as deep in her as I could go.

I think she understood the problem as well because after a few thrusts she climbed off of me and my dick fell with a wet smack against my belly. She climbed forward and sat on my chest and leaned back on one arm.

"Watch this." She said as she looked down herself at me.

I looked deep into her gaping pussy that cavernously opened just inches from my face. Her spare hand slid over her mons, and she dipped her fingers inside her coating them with juices. She thrust all four fingers in and out of her a few times, and then slid her hand upward.

She then started to rub them back and forth across her clit. She pushed her ass down hard against my chest, and I could feel the base of her plug press against me. I could see the shape of the plug press upward against the floor of her pussy. She started grinding her ass down hard on my chest as her hand moved faster and faster switching from moving in circles to just strumming her clit as fast as she could. Her fingers turned white as she put more pressure on her button, and soon they became a blur as she flogged her clit.

She started bouncing up and down on my chest, and I could see the walls of her gaping pussy start to ripple. She let out a long low moan, and started the rock her hips forward and back driving the plug in her as tighter against her. Her pussy started to contract hard, and suddenly slammed shut! Her lips were still spread resembling a very sexy and fuckable flower, but her tunnel was no longer a cavern! A thin stream of clear fluid dribbled from her cunt and onto my chest as her orgasm abated.

Gasping she slid back down my body, grabbed my cock, and pushed down hard on it. This time I felt my head part her lips as they slid past and kiss the shaft as she slid it in. I felt the clenching sides of her pussy ripple up and down the shaft as she bottomed out and smeared her juices around the base of my cock and over my balls.

She started hunching her hips back and forth squeezing and releasing my cock with her pelvic muscles as she went. She then paused and raised herself up so my cock was only half in her. She reached back and grasped the plug deep in her ass, and pulled it out. I could feel it move through the thin membrane against the bottom of my cock. She pulled it most of the way out, and clinching her eyes tight she squeezed my dick with her pussy as hard as she could. I could feel a grip around the head and shaft as she did this, and then it relaxed.

She pushed a little bit of the plug back into her, and I could feel the widening taper press against me. She squeezed again, and it got really tight around my dick. I couldn't help it, and I grabbed her hips and slammed her down hard on my cock pushing it in as deep as it could go. The thrust made her drop the plug as it squirted out of her ass, and fell between my legs.

"Whoops." I said.

She just rolled her eyes at me, and leaned back fumbling for the plug. She found it and moving her hand about found the opening to her ass. She slowly pushed it back into her, and I could feel the increasing tightness against my dick, and then a hard push against the underside as the thickest portion slid into her ass and it locked into place.

She started thrusting her hips back and forth, humping me hard, and I was trying to match her rhythm by thrusting into her. This went on in an easy rhythm for quite some time and Bob and Linda came over to get a closer look.

They stood next to us as we humped on the couch. Bob's soft dick hung long over his balls, and was completely coated in his cum. Linda's pussy gaped a bit and a thin dribble of cum dangled from her lips. Tina reached over and wiped her fingers up Linda's slit catching the stream of cum from her mound. As she humped me she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the cum from them.

She closed her eyes and said, "mmmmmmm" as she swallowed.

She looked back down and wiped a bit more cum from Linda?s lips and then held her fingers to my mouth. I could smell Bob's cum and Linda's juices on her fingers as she waved them beneath my nose. I opened my mouth and she shoved her two fingers inside. I sucked the juices from them, and bobbed my head up and down them a few times to make sure they were thoroughly clean before I swallowed.

Tina withdrew her fingers and then reached over and cupped her whole hand under Linda's pussy. Linda squatted a bit, and squeezed. I could hear wet squeezing pushing sounds as a flow of white thick cum belched forth in runny globs from her pussy onto Tina's hand. It was unbelievable the amount of cum that Linda squeezed out from herself. The pool of fuck juices in Tina's palm grew deeper and wider until it threatened to overflow.

Tina withdrew her hand and brought it up to her mouth. She dipped her tongue into the pearl colored pool of slime, and then let a long thin string of it dangle from the tip to her hand before pulling her tongue into her mouth and swallowing. The string broke and fell onto my belly leaving a wet stripe. She then held the hand out to me under my nose. I opened my mouth and tasted. Just as I opened my mouth she slammed her palm against it shoving the entire load into my mouth where the pool slid off her hand and onto my tongue. I swallowed hard, and then began to lick the palm of her hand as she rubbed it over my lips smearing the slimy mess all over my face.

She then started humping me hard riding my dick as hard as she could up and down. I could feel her pussy clench and release as my dick slide in and out of her depths. Bob stepped closer to the couch and I reached out and grabbed his balls. I pulled him to me, and he got on his knees on the edge pushing his pelvis forward. I turned and lifted my head, and opening my mouth wide I sucked his entire soft cock into my mouth. I swallowed and then started moving my head in and out in time to Tina's rhythm.

Bob's cock started to stiffen as I sucked hard on it, but before it return to full mast he pulled out and stepped off the couch. Tina took the room that Bob had vacated and leaned down putting her hands on my chest and started to hump like crazy. Faster and faster she pumped her hips sliding my cock in and out of her with wet smacking sound each time her thighs hit my hips. Her breasts dangled from her chest, and large areola dangling, and the rings on her nipples just barely brushing me. She humped harder and harder, and I started to match her thrusts slamming my hips upward.

She squeezed her hands on my chest scratching me with her nails, and that sent me over the edge. I slammed upward and with a mighty roar started to shoot my load deep inside her. Her pussy squeezed hard on my dick, and I could feel load after load flow through my cock to spray forth in a torrent to coat the inside of her. My body shook, and I tried pushing deeper and deeper inside of her desperate to feel the head of my cock bottom out deep in her pussy.

My body began to relax, and my hips fell back onto the couch, but Tina had other ideas. She started rotating her hips in circles mashing in her lips against my pelvic bone. She started doing so faster and faster. I couldn't take it!! My dick was too sensitive from having just cum, and I had to escape! I tried pulling out, but she kept her hips pressed down hard against me as she ground away so I couldn't withdraw. I tried bucking her off, but she rode me harder and harder.

In desperation I reached up and grabbed the rings dangling from her thick nipples and pulled. Her nipples stretched incredibly and her breasts elongated with my pulling. I pulled harder to try and get her off my oh so sensitive dick, but she started shuddering. I felt the ripples around my dick as her pussy started to convulse. The circles she was making with her hips were no longer circles as she had stopped, shoved herself down as hard as she could and was grinding her clit against my pubic bone. I felt her shake and her pussy clamped down hard on my softening dick as she came on top of me which a series of sharp breaths she sucked between her clenched teeth.

With a final shake she stopped moving and her body went limp. I let go of her nipples, and her breast bounced a bit before she collapsed on my chest. I could feel cum leaking out of her and pooling around the base of my soft dick where it started to cool. Linda stepped to one side, and with a wet pop I saw her take Tina's but plug and set it on the coffee table to be cleaned later. She then reached down and started to pull the double ended dildo that was still embedded deep inside me out. I relaxed my ass as it slid out leaving my asshole gaping and a cavernous empty feeling inside me.

I felt the cool slime of Tina's and my cum slide around my balls and down the inside of my thighs as Tina lay on top of me eyes closed, breathing gently, a look of contentment on her face. She stayed there for a few moments and then rolled off of me to sit on the floor. Cum spurted from her pussy and pooled in front of her as she sat there legs spread, pussy open, and engorged clit standing proud.

I got up and Bob handed me a towel. I wiped up a majority of the cum and then on shaky legs made my way to the bathroom. I took my time cleaning up and then more composed, or at least as composed as I could be completely naked and a very loose asshole walked back out into the living room. Tina was sitting in the chair with her robe on. She was flushed and staring off into space when I walked in. She looked at me.

"Where are Bob and Linda?" I asked.

"Oh, they're cleaning up. They said to go ahead and get back to work, and they'll talk to you later."

"Ummmmm. Ok. What about you??"

"I'm staying here for a bit. I need to get cleaned up with them in the shower, but I have to see you out first."

I nodded my head in understanding as I gathered my pile of clothing, and started to get dressed. Once dressed Tina stood up and walked with me to the door.

"It was nice meeting you." I said.

"It was nice meeting you as well. I had fun." She said with a smile.

With that she reached up and put her hands around my neck. She pulled me to her, and lightly brushed her lips against mine. I slightly opened my mouth, and she pushed her soft lips against me. I felt the top of her tongue lightly brush my lips as she kissed me. She then let me go and I stood up straight. She blushing and looking the ground. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this.

"Well... I guess that's it. I hope to see you again soon." I said.

"Yeah. Yeah. Me too." She replied.

I opened the door and stepped onto the front step. I looked back and she was peeking around the door as she slowly closed it behind me. I heard it latch and with a shrug I started to walk to my car. I stuck my hand in my pocket and pulling my keys out a small card fell out and fluttered to the ground. I picked it up.

"Call me. -Tina" was written on it with her phone number.

I looked back up at the house. "Well, I'll be..." I said to myself.

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