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Fuck my clean ass
Mom and dad met in high school. Mom was a cheerleader, tennis, volleyball, basketball player, track star and musician; dad a star tennis, football, basketball, baseball player, track and field athlete. He also played guitar. On their first date, both of them just turned 18, they got carried away in their lust.

They gave in to their horny feelings, fumbled through undressing each other; felt, kissed private parts - dad on mom's tits, belly, butt and pussy, mom on dad's balls and cock. She intended only to suck him off as the other girls her age had told her was safe or let him fuck her in the ass. They grappled in the backseat of dad's car at a favorite make out parking place by the local lake. She sucked dad, and he fucked her ass and pussy too, apparently.

My brother was born about nine months later. With the support of both sets of their parents they decided to get married and raise the baby, my brother Keith, together. I was born late in the following year. They stayed married for four years, struggling to hold together a marriage based almost entirely on their early indiscretion, continuing need for sex and responsibility of raising two children - my brother and me.

Mother was working, dad was going to college. She was seduced at work by a much older man purely for sex with a younger woman on his part.

Dad gave in to the wiles of a horny study partner. Mom came home early from work one afternoon, actually released by her boss after he had fucked her in his office. She caught dad fucking his study mate in their marital bed.

In their tearful discussion, she confessed to dad what had happened and was still happening with her at work. He swore the tryst with his study partner was his first straying outside their marriage. They tried to resolve their infidelities but realized finally the thin threads holding their marriage together.

They parted rather amicably, I suppose, still both young. I went with mom, and my brother stayed with my dad. We siblings visited often - me with dad and my brother, Keith with mom and me.

Keith and I were our parents children no doubt. One time when Keith was staying with mom and me on our bi-weekly visits at either mom's or dad's house, Keith and I started playing with each other in sexual ways. Mom was next door, all too briefly for Keith and me, at a neighbor's house.

Mom seemed to have a knack for coming home at the wrong or right, time. She caught Keith and me in her bedroom, naked together from the waists down playing with one of her dildos and each other. I actually had Keith's penis in my mouth sucking on it while he probed at my cunny with mom's big vibrating, battery-powered toy.

Keith and I were both 18 at the time; Keith almost 19.

Mom pitched a fit, naturally, I guess. She called dad, told him what was happening, and demanded that he come get Keith immediately.

They exiled Keith and me to the den while they sat in the kitchen and talked, their voices often rising to loud volume as they argued about how to handle this "situation." Keith and I stayed very quiet, listening from the next room to everything they said.

Dad swore truthfully that nothing like Keith and I getting together sexually had happened ever at his house. He accused mom of being irresponsible.

She protested, of course, that she had just stepped next door to borrow some flour from her neighbor to make cookies for Keith and me. Dad accused mom of having a sexual interest in, even fucking her neighbor - a guy eight years younger than dad her age - 36 at the time.

Dad yelled at mom, "You were probably getting more than flour from him!"

She cried and yelled back, "At least I have not married some kid like you have."

At age 30 dad had married a 21-year-old woman after dating her for about three years. Dad's new wife, Linda, had been graduated from high school and started at the college where he had stayed on for advanced degrees and was an assistant professor when Linda and dad married.

"Don't tell me," mom said, "that you two aren't fondling each other all the time in front of Kathy and Keith when Kathy is visiting with you. I know you are, you horny bastard! I bet you have fucked her even when Kathy is there."

"Of course," dad said, "she is my wife after all. Hell, come on, Trish, you and I even fuck here when I bring Keith over, or at my place when Linda is away and you come over to drop off Kathy for her weekend visits."

By this time, scared as we were about being caught, also at the raging argument and how it might turn out for us, Keith's pecker was getting hard again. I was leaking more juices out of my pussy that he had just been probing with the dildo a little while before. I could see him wriggling around in the chair opposite me, the bulge in his pants. I imagined him being able to see, at least smell, the girl juice oozing from my cunny, staining my nylon undies and cotton shorts. I could sure smell, even feel it.

Almost unconsciously, yet deliberately, the vixen I was becoming, I put one hand between my legs touching my wet twat. As I stared at Keith I saw him move his hand up and down over his hard shaft inside his pants.

He licked his lips laciviously. I licked mine. We both giggled, stifling laughs as we felt our sexes, both aroused again, showing them off for each other.

Mom and dad argued on in the next room. Finally they agreed that they would not fuck each other anymore at her house or his when Keith and I were at either place, that our visits - mine to dad's place or Keith's to mom's place would from now on be only once a month, and that the two of us would never be left alone again for any reason - flour or fucking with Linda, the neighbor, or mom and dad screwing each other.

Mom and dad came into the den to confront us yet again. Covering up our sexual arousals and our mirthful grins, looking all serious, pretending we had heard nothing, Keith and I apologized to both mom and dad, our words stumbling over the other's as we begged them to forgive us for being so naughty and promising never to do such "ugly" things again.

They fell for our ruse. They explained to us the new terms of once-a-month only visitations. We made our apologies and promises again, but mom and dad told us that was it - the new visitation terms - once a month.

Dad took Keith and left. Mom sat down across from me where Keith had been sitting. Mom started in on me. I tried to follow the flow of her words, let them sink in and stick in my mind, but I was preoccupied with the thoughts, good feelings of just a while ago - the flow of the juices from my pussy, the dildo sinking into me, wanting Keith's dick to stick in the tight little hole between my legs; the flow of Keith's slimy juice from the head of his peter in my mouth, it sinking deeper over my lips, down my throat. I wanted him then to stick his pecker in the itching, twitching, wanting slot of my cunny, and I wanted it now.

Mom told me all about her and dad as teenagers in his car, how Keith and I had come into this world, all the problems that caused, and the break up of their marriage. That was how I learned all the stuff I shared with you at the beginning of this story.

Mom insisted I could not, would not have sex "with a man" until I was 21 years old or older. She reminded me, that like her, I could not take birth control pills. Both of us had blood clotting problems aggravated by the pills according to our family doctor's diagnosis.

She told me again about the new terms of visitation - once a month. Hell, I thought to myself, I should know that by now. This is the third time I have heard it in the last few minutes.

Rather than express those secret thoughts though, rather than dwell on that, knowing I could be with Keith, maybe for us to play more with each other, maybe even fuck at least once a month, I started another line of argument.

"Mom!" I protested. "You have just told me you and dad did it when you were 18. I am 18. Now you are telling me I have to wait until I am 21, three more years. That's not fair!"

"Oh, honey, Kathy," she started, "I know you can't understand now, but you will."

"No!" mom, "I do not understand. I have the feelings now, the same ones you and dad had when you made Keith, then me. You didn't wait, and I don't want to wait. Twenty one! I'll be old by then. I want to do it now, like you did. It is not fair," I insisted.

"Kathy, please," mom pleaded.

"No, mom, please, no! It felt so good," I said, getting braver, more brazen as I sensed her weakening. "It felt so good with Keith, his thing in my mouth, your own toy in my place, just inside."

Then I went for her jugular vein, the weakness I knew was in her as it was in me, the good feelings. "Mom," I pleaded, "I know you and dad still do it even though he is married to Linda now. Keith and I have heard you. We have even peeked in and seen the two of you doing it." She gasped, a little shocked at this revelation.

I bored in for greater advantage. "We have seen dad and Linda doing it. I have seen you and Bill [the younger neighbor] doing it. Keith and I have both seen all of you, doing lots more than Keith and I did."

Mom dropped her head in shame, confusion.

I kept pressing on; I wanted to be fucked so bad, good, by Keith, anyone. I wanted to feel more of the good sensations in my ginch, on my little titties, my stomach, a cock on my lips, tongue, in my mouth, even in my back hole that Keith and I had explored only a little bit today. I wanted a hard cock, the tasty juice - mine and Keith's - his soft, tender balls in their fleshy sack, so different all of it from my body - my budding puffy tits, the velvety, wet folds of my pussy, the special feeling place at the top of it - the usually covered nub that tingled so, even more than my crinkled back hole.

"Mom, please," I begged. "I have seen daddy's thing in your mouth, Bill's, the cable tv guy's, the pizza delivery man, and the newspaper guy's when he came to collect and you did not have the money. I have seen daddy do your butt and Bill too."

"Kathy!" mom screeched, "what are you saying? Are you threatening me?"

"No mom," I answered feigning innocence over my arguments. "I would be threatening you if I said I know by the court agreement I can go live with dad and Keith if I want to. I would be threatening you if I told you that I would tell dad about all those guys." Sensing her wilting further, I added, "I would be threatening you if I said I would tell dad you do it with women too."

Mom shuddered visibly. "No, Kathy," she protested, "not that."

"Yes, mom," I said sternly, "with Shirley, Jean and Kim from your work. Older and younger women. Mom, Kim is only a few years older than me, the daughter of our neighbor on the other side of Bill's place. You and Kim did it the night she went to the movies with me the first time. That was so embarrassing. I don't need someone to take me to movies mom, another woman. I'm a woman too, and you know it, but you keep having Kim go places with me. Then you do it with Kim when you think I am asleep."

"Oh, Kathy, baby, baby." Mom moved across the short distance from our seats - hers in the chair, mine on the sofa.

"I am no baby mom," I said, "not anymore."

We embraced. I kissed her sweaty forehead, her nose. She lifted her face. We kissed mouth to mouth. Our tongues intertwined. She no doubt tasted Keith's juice on my lips. His clear, slick stuff was still fresh in my mouth. I could taste it with her lipstick. There was another taste in her mouth. What was it I wondered? Bill's juice? Had she sucked him, taken his penis in her mouth while getting the flour to make cookies for Keith and me? It tasted stronger than Keith's juice, like bleach.

As we kissed, I fondled her big boobs, felt her nipples harden. She touched my little titties. My puffies erected like her nips did. My hard nipples ached. Hers must be aching too.

I moved a hand to her heaving belly, slid it inside her shorts and panties, felt her wiry pubic hairs, the folds of her pussy, the wetness there. She matched me and more. She felt my muff, cupped it in her hand, let a finger slide into the notch formed by the soft cushion of my outer lips. The tingly feelings in me started all over, even stronger than when Keith had the dildo touching me.

I was feeling so good. I don't know how it happened, but mom and I were now naked. Our clothes were in a pile on the floor. She had pulled me down on top of her as she lay on her back on the sofa, her legs wide, mine too, our hands and fingers feeling each others special places - our furpies. The lips of our mouths were locked together, tongues probing in kisses, our other hands feeling each others smooth womanly bodies - backs, waists, butts, the tops of our legs.

Then we were turned around, my head between her legs, her head between my legs. She kissed and licked the insides of my upper thighs. I did the same to her. I could smell the musk of her arousal, the fragrance from between her legs. I raised my head and gazed at the folds of her hairy place, a thin slit, oozing juice. I felt her tongue swipe up from the bottom of my furry purse to the top, once, twice, three times. I did the same to hers.

She shuddered, pointed her tongue and opened me like a blossoming flower. I did the same to her.

"Ummnnnh, oh baby, lick mommy's pussy," I heard her mumble, her mouth full of my fluttering labia engorged by the blood filling them in my excitement.

"I'll teach you what we can do until you are older," she said.

She squeezed my buttcheeks, opened the cleft, and ran her tongue over my puckered anus up through my pussy crease, and settled on the nub at the top. She sucked on my little man in the boat, its hooded covering pushed back by the lips of her mouth.

Her hairs tickling my nose, lips and chin, I did the same to her. Mom humped her hips up at me, pressing her pussy tighter against my mouth.

"Lick it, baby, lick it," she hissed into my cunny. "Make me cum. Make mommy cum."

"Umnh, ummmnnnnh," I moaned into her hairy gash.

I felt the strangest feeling growing in my lower belly, from mom's mouth on my pussy, tongue swiping at my hole, lips sucking on my little nub. A warmth spread all over me. I was shuddering, shaking all over, tingling. The tip of her finger touched my back hole. She locked her lips on my exposed nub, pulled on it, then tongued deeper into my front opening.

"Aaaaaaaah!" I yelled. "Oooooh, ooooh, ooooh, yes, please, yes," I squealed. Juice flooded out of me covering mommy's mouth as she slurped it up. Her long middle finger went right up my butt. I quivered and squealed. More juice ran out of me. Mom licked up all of it.

I so wanted to do the same to her, but I collapsed on top of her. She hugged me tight, twisted me around again, and I felt her lips on my mouth again, her tongue probing inside my mouth. I tasted the sweet, metallic musk of my own pussy.

Gasping for air I breathed into her mouth, "Oh, oh, mom, what happened to me? I feel so weak."

"You had your first cum baby," she answered.

"Umnh, so good. Aaah, still tingling. I want to make you cum too mom," I said.

"That's okay, baby," she answered, still cuddling me. "I want this to be so good for you that you will stay away from Keith's cock, all cocks, until you are old enough to fuck responsibly."

"Umnh, uh, ah, oh, mom," I could only mumble, "it was so good. I want it again now."

"Okay, honey, I'm going to suck you off again," mom said. "If you want to make me cum too, just turn down there again and do to my cunt what I have done, am about to do again to yours."

I was learning new words. Mom called my cunny, pussy, front hole a cunt, Keith's peenie, dick, a cock.

"Give me your snatch, honey," mom said. "Let me eat your twat again, suck your clit, finger your asshole." My vocabulary was expanding so fast, growing right along with the good feelings sweeping over me again, especially in my pussy and in my asshole too.

As mom laved at my cunt, felt my tits, massaged my butt and fingered my ass, I twisted around and went back at her hairy twat. I kissed, licked and sucked on her clit, stuck a finger up her snatch and another one in her butt. She bucked into my face. I thrust at her mouth. Just as I was cumming again, she flooded my mouth with her juices. I thought she was peeing on my face, in my mouth, there was so much slick fluid squirting then oozing from her splayed open cunt lips.

We wrestled with each other slurping the juice. Then we lay face to face, kissing mouth to mouth, tasting each others girl cum, our tits pressed together, hands feeling, hugging close. We fell asleep. My settling thoughts were that I sure can be satisfied with this until mom says it is okay for me to fuck a cock.

It was not quite to be that way though as you shall hear when my story continues. I will appreciate your feedback encouraging me to tell more about this crazy thing called sex. Send feedback to

A Modern Family - 2 - Cherry Taken

After our first time together, mom and I enjoyed sex with each other as often as we could. If she was home before I got out of school she was waiting for me. If I was home before she got off from work I was waiting for her. The one waiting at home was always naked. The one coming home undressed as soon as possible so we could do what we did together. We were always naked at home together unless someone else was visiting. We took baths and slept together in mom's bed. She was determined to keep my manpleaser satisfied so I would not fall prey to my brother, Keith, or go looking for cock until I was older and mom agreed it was okay for me to fuck.

She showed me her variety of dildos and taught me how to use them, including the lube she kept in her nightstand by her bed. Two of the dildos were rubber phalluses, complete with veiny cocks and big balls; one long and rather thin, the other just as long and thicker. Another was like those but by turning the base it vibrated, powered by batteries. It also had a stimulator for my clit. Two were butt plugs - both blunt-pointed on the end widening toward the base then tapering so they would stay stuck in my asshole when I got them all the way inside me. One was much larger than the other. Mom cautioned me never to put any of them all the way in my pussy and showed me how to stop when I met the resistance of my hymen.

Sometimes she would give me warm, soapy enemas in the bathroom, cleaning out my back hole. She would put one of the phalluses in a strap device around her waist and hips to fuck my clean ass with it. She let me do the same with her, both in her butt and her hairy cunt. That seemed to make her really happy. She would cum lots, more than once, and I did too while fucking her with the strap on cock. I would even cum when she was fucking me up my poop chute because she reached around to finger me and play with my clit as we came together.

She would push the cock just a little way into my pussy or pull it out and ride it over my clit, cumming with me as she brought me to shuddering orgasms, one after the other. We felt each other and kissed, licked and sucked each others titties. Almost always we ended up slurping out our girl juices and the lube, usually some fruit flavor. Those were some really good multiple orgasms.

One day I pretended to be sick and stayed home alone from school while she went to work. As soon as she left I got out her toys, the lube and went to work on myself. I was on the floor kneeling with my elbows and knees supporting me, sucking the big dildo. I had the small butt plug all the way up my ass and the vibrating dildo with the clit stimulator in my pussy. The stimulator would just barely touch my little man in the boat after it erected out of its hood, with the end of the dildo up my cunt bumping against my hymen.
In no time I was cumming so hard, sucking the dildo in my mouth, using one hand to push and twist the butt plug in my rectum and humping up and down on the vibrating dildo in my snatch. I wanted the clit stimulator to touch me more firmly, so bad I started rocking on my knees and raised up bringing the dildo in my mouth with me in my other hand. The lube and my drooling cunt juices had run all the way down my legs and slickened my knees. My legs splayed out to the side and I slammed down on the humming rubber cock in my pussy.

Spitting out the dildo in my mouth I squealed so loud I was sure the neighbors must have heard my scream. I felt like I had torn my cunt apart, buried balls deep on the vibrator with the stimulator buzzing on my clit. I was cumming like crazy, like I did when mom licked my pussy, deeptonguing it and slashing at my clit with her tongue while fingering my ass. I felt an especially juicy flood coat my pussy lips and trickle down the insides of my legs. Lifting up a bit off the dildo I reached down to feel my twat. I brought my fingers to my mouth and saw they were coated with blood.

Oh no, I thought, my period - the troublesome monthly bleeding again. I eased the bloody dildo out of my stinging hole and pushed a finger up into me. Then I realized I had torn my hymen, taken my own cherry in my exuberance of such a hard cum. Mother is going to kill me, I thought. She warned me against doing this. She will be so mad.

That put a real damper on me fucking myself that day. I had planned to do it all day long while she was at work. Instead I cleaned my blood off the floor, off her dildo, the slime off the butt plug, my spit off the dildo I'd had in my mouth, and took a shower washing my cunt real good.

Since mom and I were so close, open with each other I determined to confess to her what I had done when she got home. I was nervous about it but told her as soon as she was undressed and we were playing together on the sofa. She was upset at first, then decided we could have even more fun together with her actually fucking me with the strap on device. She even brought out a dildo she had not shown to me before. It was a long, doubleheaded rubber penis with a grip divider at its center. Demonstrating it, she stuck it in me gently after checking my deflowered pussy with her fingers. She slid the other end up her hairy cunt and we fucked each other butt-to-butt, belly-to-belly with the new toy for me. That was really fun. She reaffirmed to me, however, that just because I had busted my hymen I still was not to take a man's cock in me until she gave me permission.

I was okay with that as long as mom and I could keep having such fun together, and we did.

A Modern Family - 3 - With Mom's Mother

Dad's parents first, then mom's parents noticed the change in the frequency of my visits with dad and my brother at their house. I had been staying with dad, Keith and dad's new wife, Linda, every other week, but after the incident with Keith and I at mom's house, mom and dad had agreed I would visit with my dad, his wife and my brother only once a month, Keith would likewise stay with mom and me at her house only once a month.

So now the visits were once every other month rather than every two weeks. Mom and dad told their parents what had happened to prompt the new arrangements. Neither set of my grandparents liked it very much. They liked to spend time with Keith and me - mom's parents at her house, dad's parents at his house since they were our grandparents after all. Sometimes mom's parents would have me, or Keith and me at their house or on outings with them when we were at mom's house. Other times dad's parents would do the same when I was visiting at dad's house.

Linda's parents were even told about the new arrangements since they were like our third set of grandparents.

The first incident with the grandparents happened with mom's mother, my grandmother Tina. I didn't expect it at all. Both Keith and I were visiting with them, but mom's dad, grandfather Ted took Keith to buy some new clothes for school. I was sunning in my little bikini out by their swimming pool in the fenced backyard. I unsnapped the bra to avoid a stripe line on my back while I laid on my stomach. The sun was so hot on my back. After a while I turned onto my back leaving the bra on the deck beside me.

Grandmother Tina came out with a pitcher of lemonade and some plastic cups for both of us. I noticed right away she was looking at the puffy buds of my little tits. She sat on a lounge chair beside me and started talking to me.

"While we're alone Kathy I want to talk with you about what happened with Keith," she said. "You're coming of age now, and I don't want anything to happen to you like it did to your mother. You remind me so much of her."

"Oh, Gran," I protested, "we're okay now. Keith and I are not messing around any more."

"I imagine not Kathy after getting caught, but being with him must have excited you, actually felt good," she continued. "How about other boys? Are you attracted to anyone else?"

"No, Gran," I answered. "I am fine." I thought I might tell her how mother was taking care of my lust, or just tell her I was taking care of myself. She led the way before I could decide.

"Now come on dear," she explained. "I may seem ancient to you, but I know the feelings of a young woman. Once you get that first feeling you want it more and more. Are you taking care of yourself?" she asked.

"Grandmother!? I gasped. By mistake I picked up grandmother's glass and took a big swallow of her lemonade. It burned and tasted funny. Then I realized she had put gin in her glass of lemonade.

"Oh come, girl," she continued. "I am not just an inquisitive old bitch. I want you to be safe. You do remind me so much of your mother when she was your age. I have often thought if I had only talked more with her, told her more, even helped her, she might never have gotten pregnant at such a young age."

Even with this little bit of talk I was starting to feel the funny feelings in my breasts. I looked down, saw my nipples were erect, pointy. My belly was tingly. My box getting wet.

"How might you have helped her, Gran?" I asked closing my eyes to seductive slits and cupping the wettening slit between my legs.

"Like this," Gran said. She kneeled off the lounge chair, played with my breasts. She leaned over and kissed me right on my open mouth. I gave her my tongue as she fed hers into my mouth. She tweaked and rolled my hard, pointy nips, smoothed one hand down my taut belly, slid her hand into my bikini panties underneath my hand, her long middle finger along my aching clit through my vulva. I was already wet, but released a fresh flow of my juices onto her fingers.

"Ummmnh, Gran," I moaned, "so good, good, feel my pussy. Finger me."

Still kissing and tongue tangling with me her long hair spilling over my face, her hand massaging my titties, her other hand feeling my twat, she slid her finger up in my gushy, wet hole. She moved her finger back and forth finger fucking my cunt. I reached to embrace and pull her on top of me. Still kissing, I massaged her big breasts, felt her rounded belly and cupped her hairy mons veneris. I eased my middle finger into her fuck hole.

We worked on each other for a few minutes, then were magically naked in a 69 position kissing, licking, tonguing pussy and flicking our tongues on our erect, unhooded clits, hers much thicker, longer than mine. I held her shaky butt, tongued and fingered her to an orgasm. My clear girl juice washed over her finger deep in me, her lips and the palm of her hand. She tasted me, and I tasted her.

Just at that moment we heard the garage door opening. Grandpa and Keith were home. Frustrated with only one cum I squealed and got quickly back into my bikini as Gran did the same with her shorts and halter top. She grabbed the lemonade pitcher and headed for the kitchen.

I lay face down my legs close together to hide the wetness on my upper thighs. Keith and Grandad came out of the back door of the garage onto the patio.

Keith was all excited about his new clothes. He took each piece out of the packages and showed me what Grandfather Ted had bought for him.

Grandfather sat on the chaise lounge where Gran Tina had been sitting before our little pussy eating and fingering fuck session. I rolled onto my back pretending to be interested in Keith's enthusiasm at his new duds. I noticed Grandpa sniff at the air, but thought little of it. He sniffed a lot because he was a cigar smoker and had a burned out stub in his hand as he sat there.

I listened to Keith and looked at his new clothes until I could not stand anymore of his crap. I got up announcing, "Excuse me, guys, but I have to go pee and get the suntan lotion. I am getting sunburned here."

Grandpa sniffed again as I walked away headed to the upstairs bathroom.

A Modern Family - 4 - Grandpa Ted Gets His

I peeled down my bikini panties, peed, swabbed the girl cum out of my puss, wiped with toilet paper three times, flushed the toilet, closed the lid, stood and rolled my panties back up. I had just found the suntan lotion in the cabinet when Grandpa Ted burst into the bathroom.

"Oh, oops, sorry, Kathy," he apologized falsely. "Didn't know you were here. Thought you were in the downstairs bathroom."

"That's okay, Grandpa," I said. "I'm through here."

He took both my hands in his and sat on the toilet seat since I had closed the lid. "Don't rush off, Kathy," he said. "I want to talk with you privately for a minute."

"What, Grandpa?" I asked, trapped by him holding my hands as I stood there one leg cocked to the side in front of him.

"Your mom and dad told us about you and Keith," he started. I tugged trying to get my hands free of his. He continued in a rush, "We understand darling. You remind me so much of your mother. I wish I had talked with her more when she was your age, taught her better how to take care of herself. I want to be sure you don't make the same mistake that she did. I know you are excited by sex. I even smelled your sexy woman excitement when I was down by the pool with you."

Relaxing now and even smirking a little bit since this sounded so much like the line Grandmother Tina had used on me just a half hour or so before, I asked, "And how might you have helped her, Grandad?" Again, I closed my eyes to seductive slits, cupped the once again wettening slit between my legs, even pouted my lips.

"Like this, baby," he said wasting no time. He pulled my face down to his with his hands on the back of my head. His lips met mine. We kissed, tongues wrapping around and around at first, then his going deep in my mouth.

As I surrendered to him returning his kiss, I felt his hands on my titties, my bra coming off, his hands on my bare tits massaging them, fingers rolling and tweaking my nipples. He broke the kiss and moved his mouth to my titty buds kissing, licking and sucking my erect nubs between his lips. His hands rolled my bikini bottoms off my curvy butt, down my thighs. They dropped around my ankles. I stepped out of them, the flow starting in my pussy slit again. Oh gosh, I thought, I'm going to get to cum again. Was I ever, not just once.

Grandpa grasped my butt cheeks, pulling me closer to him. "Umnh, sweety, your mouth tastes like Tina's pussy," he announced. And you sure feel and smell good, that same smell you had out by the pool. Let me kiss and taste you there."

"Umnnh, oh, Grandpa," I protested just a bit and wriggled.

He kissed his way down my smooth belly. I stepped wider with each leg opening my sex to him. He kissed me right on my pussy. I quivered all over and collapsed into him. If he had not been holding me by my hips I would have fallen onto the floor. As his tongue swiped down then back up my slit opening my outer lips, going inside my inner lips, brushing over my unhooded clit, I shuddered and flooded his face with my woman cum.

"Aaaaah," I moaned, "Grandpa more. Please."

He grinned up at me his lips, nose and chin covered in my shiny, slick juice. I felt his big middle finger slide up into my wet twat, deep into my fuck hole, the pad of his finger touching a place inside me on the front wall of my cunt that made me cum again.

"Ooooh, yeah, please, Grandpa," I groaned. "I'm cumming again."

He fingered my hole. I came again, little cums sweeping over my body concentrated in my cunt. As I was cumming over and over, he pushed me to my knees both his hands on my shoulders. Kneeling between his legs I fluttered my tightly closed eyes open. His big Grandfather cock was right there, all gnarly, ridged with veins, his foreskin pulled back, his shiny knob end glistening with a dollop of pre-cum on the tip of his mushroom crown.

"Kiss it, baby," he hissed, "suck my cock. Make grandpa feel as good as you do right now. Right now," he ordered when he felt me hesitate.

I kissed the head of his cock, licked off the glob of clear juice bubbling in the slit of his corona. It smelled, tasted so good, felt so good on my lips, tongue. I pulled back a string of my saliva and his juice connecting us, my lips to his cock.

"Ummmnh, oh yeah, Grandpa, I like it," I burbled.

"I know you do honey, now suck it. Take it in your mouth," he urged me pulling my head back into his musky crotch.

His big knob slid between my lips, over my tongue, to the back of my throat. He stopped right there, so considerate of my first sucking on his cock.

I sucked hard, concaving my cheeks against the sides of his veiny, drooling cock.

He moved my head up and down with his hands. "Like this, honey, up and down, suck," he instructed me.

I did just as he wanted. I was loving it, the taste, smell, feel of him in my mouth. I took his hairy sack in one of my soft hands, rolled the big balls around inside his skin.

"Umnh, oh, baby," he moaned, "you're a natural, a natural cocksucker, so good."

Never imagining it could, I felt his cock get bigger, longer, thicker, wetter, harder in my mouth.

His balls drew up tight to his body. I learned later he was about to cum, while I was still cumming over and over, so excited by him fucking my mouth, me fucking his cock with my mouth, but he pushed my head back, mouth off of him.

His long, fat cock dripping with my saliva and his pre-cum jerked up reaching to his navel, sliming his hairy pubes, all curly, and the dark trail of hair leading up to his belly button.

He lifted me up, pushed me back, turned me around. I protested, "No, Grandpa, please, no. I want your cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your love juice."

He chuckled. "Next time, baby, next time. I want to show you another way to be safe, not to get pregnant. Bend over and hold onto the back of the toilet."

I did as he told me, my legs weak, shaking, my body tingling. I had cum so many times and wanted to cum more. I wanted his cock in my pussy, fucking me long, hard, deep. Looking over my shoulder I watched him. He took the suntan lotion bottle off the sink counter where I put it down. He squirted a handful of the lotion into his palm and slathered it all over his big cock.

"Open your cheeks, baby," he said. "Show me your hole."

Not really understanding what he intended to do, I opened the cleft of my smooth butt. He swabbed the leftover lotion into the crack of my ass, pushed some into my crinkled back hole with his big middle finger.

"Oh, Grandpa, Grandpa," I said hurriedly, "that's the wrong place. You're too high. Go lower."

He chuckled again. "No baby this is just right. You'll see," he said. "You won't get knocked up this way, but you'll sure feel good. So will I. You want Grandpa to feel good, don't you."

I nodded my head up and down in agreement. He swiped his cockhead up and down in the cleft of my ass. I felt the knob end pushing against my poop place.

"Grunt baby, grunt," he said breathing hard. "Relax. Let Grandpa in your sweet hole."

"Ungh," I grunted hard. His cockhead breached my crinkled ring ovaling it.

"Ooooow," I yelled. "Oh, it hurts."

He covered my mouth with one of his hands; the lotion, his juices and mine smearing my lips. I tasted it all.

"Shhh, shhh, quiet," he said. "Hush. You don't want Keith and grandma to hear you do you?"

"Ummnh, hunh, unh uh, no," I grunted. "Ah, ah, ah." More of his cock slid into my backside.

He held still. His free hand cupped my cunt. He rubbed my aching clit. He pushed his middle finger into me touching that special spot again on the inside front of my puss hole. He thumbed my clit.

"Oh yeah, baby," he moaned. I felt his wiry pubic hairs scruffing in my crack, his balls resting on my cunt lips. His cock all the way up in me. "Ride it now, honey, ride it," he instructed. "Move back and forth. Fuck your ass with my cock."

"Oooooooh," I was cumming again, my juices really gushing out of me now.

He pumped and pumped his cock in my asshole while fingering my pussy, twiddling my clit, his other hand massaging my breasts, fingers twistng my little tit nubs again. His cock got longer, thicker, harder again, this time inside my back passage. The knob swelled inside me, and I felt his hot cum spurting into my bowels. Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, throb, quiver, pulse, squirt, squirt.

I squealed again in ecstasy cumming each time he shot his hot, slimy cum into me.

A Modern Family - 5 - Keith Learns from Grandpa

The bathroom door burst open again. I didn't even care. I was cumming so fast and so hard. Again, I would have fallen down if Grandpa Ted had not been holding me up with his cock up my ass, his hands on my tits and cunt, a finger deep up in me, coated with my steadily flowing juices. I didn't care if it was Grandma Tina, mother, dad, a neighbor, a crowd of more people for me to suck and give my ass. I turned my head slowly, my eyes glazed. It was Keith.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha," Grandpa laughed. "Right on time, Keith. Just like I told you. Get over here and fuck her ass."

Grandpa pulled his cock out of me with a juicy plop. His cum ran down the inside of my thighs. He moved me back so he could sit on the toilet seat. He pulled my head down to his cock.

"Clean me honey. Clean grandpa's slimy cock, sweetheart. Clean it in your mouth," he told me.

I took his cock covered with his cum and my butt musk in my mouth and went down on it. He reached my hips and spread my butt cheeks. "See it dripping my cum, Keith," he said. "All open and lubed for you. Fuck her ass buddy."

Keith was behind me, his shorts off, t-shirt still covering his upper body. He guided his cock to my gaped open hole and pushed it right up into me.

"Oooooooh," I moaned.

"Finger her cunt, Keith," Grandpa said. "Feel her little man in the boat and play with her tits. Fuck her Keith. Fuck her good. Make her cum."

I was so happy. Grandfather knew just what I wanted. He knew just how to teach Keith and I to play safe so I would not get pregnant. Lovingly I sucked Grandpa Ted's gnarly, nasty cock while Keith fucked my ass, fingered my cunt, tortured my clit with his thumb, and massaged my titties.

Keith fucked me, and I sucked Grandpa Ted until Grandpa Ted lifted my mouth off his cock. He got up, had Keith sit on the toilet seat, me sit on Keith's cock driving it back up in my ass deep. Then as I bounced up and down on Keith's super hard pole, him feeling my tits, Grandpa Ted knelt between my legs to kiss, lick my pussy and clit. I could not tell for sure I was so excited, but I think Grandpa Ted was kissing and licking Keith's cock as it pumped back and forth in me, massaging Keith's balls and kissing, licking, mouthing them too.

Keith hardened more, got thicker longer, throbbed, pulsed, jerked and filled my rectum with his big load of cum while I was cumming over and over again. After Keith's cock popped out of my hole, Grandpa Ted said, "Now the two of you shower together. Get cleaned up, dress nice, and come down to dinner. We don't want Grandma Tina to know about this, do we?"
Keith and I agreed. They did not know for sure as I did that Grandma Tina had pleasured me before and me her by the pool. I guessed though that Grandpa Ted suspected grandma and I had been playing dirty by the swimming pool before he and Keith came home with Keith's new clothes.

Keith and I showered together, playing feely-feely. He washed my butt out real good, fingered my pussy and felt my clit and tits some more. I stroked his cock with soap and fondled his big balls until he shot another thick load, six long bursts over my hand. We dried each other. Went to our rooms covered by the towels, dressed nice as Grandpa Ted had said, had dinner with our grandparents.

We watched TV for awhile, then went to our separate bedrooms. Keith in his bedroom. Me in mine. Grandpa Ted and Grandma Tina in their bedroom.

I was laying in my bed playing with my pussy when Grandpa Ted came into my room. He got into the bed with me, had me suck him, lick his balls, and he fucked my ass again before returning to his and gran's bedroom. An hour or so later, I was just falling asleep, Grandma Tina came into my room, got into bed with me, and we fooled around, massaging titties, kissing, licking, sucking them, fingering pussies, sucking clits, and 69ing again. She licked out my ass. How could she not know she was slurping up Grandpa Ted's cum from my drippy asshole? I am sure she knew it, though she said nothing about it.

Since Keith and I knew how to do it now without fear of me getting pregnant we did it about everytime we got together after that. Grandma Tina, Grandpa Ted and I fucked together too on most visits and outings, but always only one of them with me, never the three of us together. Only Keith, Grandpa Ted and I would do three-ways.

A Modern Family - 6 - With Dad's Parents

Grandma Patty and Grandpa Ken, my dad, Kerry's parents were different. They always did everything together. Where one went the other was right there.

I was staying with them one weekend. After we had all gone to bed, them in their bedroom, me in the bedroom across the hall from them I heard them talking. Our doors were open. They were laughing too. Then Grandma Pat called out to me. "Kathy are you still awake? I hear you moving around in there." I was moving around, my panties off, short nightie pulled up, playing with my always horny kitty, massaging it, sliding some fingers in my slit, rubbing my erect unhooded clit.

"Umnh yes, Gran," I answered.

"Come in here darling," she said, "grandpa and I want to talk with you."

I hopped out of bed, walked across the hall and into their room.

Grandma patted the bed. "Sit down here sugar."

I sat on the bed.

"I'll get right to the point," Grandma Pat said. "We heard about the little problem you and Keith had at your mom's house. We want to help you with it. You are so much like your mother when she was your age, and we loved her so then, still do. We don't want you to get messed up with Keith or anyone else like your mother did with our boy, Kerry."

"How can you help me grandmother?" I asked.

"We can teach you ways to have sex without getting pregnant sweetheart," she answered.

I noticed the sheet at Grandpa Ken's middle was tenting up. It was clear he had a hard-on.

"Oh grandma," I said, "I know how to do that. I'm okay."

"Really, Kathy," she said. "What do you do? I know after you have felt the good feelings the first time you want them more. We all do. What do you do?"

"Oh granny, this is so embarrassing," I said. "Do I have to say?"

"I think you should," she said putting her hand on my leg and rubbing my thigh up toward my cooze. "I can smell your sex. Have you been playing with yourself in your room? Are you horny now, want to have the good feelings? I think you are. I think you do. I can see your nipples are hard."

She rubbed closer to my leaking again pussy.

"Well gosh gran, I can see Grandpa Ken's thingie is hard too," I said boldly. "Look how it's making a tent."

She looked, then smacked his cock with her free hand.

"He is a horny old goat," she said, "but I will not let him put his cock in your sweet pussy. That's the way you get pregnant. Tell me, what do you do to satisfy the good feelings that you want." Her hand touched my mound. I jumped then settled and answered not telling her everything though.

"Umnh, Gran, that feels good," I said about her hand feeling me. I touch myself like you are now. I play with my vagina and put a rubber penis in it."

"You have taken your cherry, honey, broken your hymen?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered shyly but opened my legs wider for Grandma Patty's hand rubbing my pussy.

"I thought you had darling," she said. "I saw you had Tampax ™ in your luggage. Are you having your period now, this weekend?" she asked.

"Not yet, Gran," I answered, "but it is time. I wanted to have the Tampax ™ with me to be sure."

"Were you playing with yourself in your bed when I called you over here?" she asked. "I could smell your sex when you came in, and I am smelling it again now, feeling it too." She grinned at me and slid her finger in my wet slit. I trembled as the good feelings grew in my belly, my breasts feeling hot.

"Yes, Gran, I was," I answered her, "but it feels better you doing it."

"I know sugar," she said. "You will like this too."

She reached to her nightstand, took a big dildo out of the drawer and a bottle of lube. She wagged the dildo at me.

"Lay down over here between us," she said, and threw the sheet off of her and Grandpa Ken. She was naked, and he was too. His cock was standing up hard and leaking pre-cum. It had stained the sheet. Her big breasts were splayed out on her chest, prominent aerola red, big nipples up hard, erect, her hairy bush running even down between her legs.

I clambered over her, turned, sitting and starting to lay down.

"No dear," she said, "take off your nightie. We are naked. You should be too."

She smiled again as I pulled my short nightie over my head revealing my little titties, nubs standing up hard like hers, my pubic hair trimmed to a close "V" for wear of my bikini. I laid back and opened my legs slightly. The slimy moisture on my quim was obvious.

"Ooooh, so sweet, honey, so pretty," she breathed. She smeared some of the lube onto the folds of my pussy lips, opened them and eased her middle finger into my hole. She rolled toward me to kiss, lick, suck my breast nearest to her. Grandpa Ken massaged my other breast then brought his mouth to it. He kissed, licked and sucked that nipple, taking my whole titty into his mouth, wetting it all over.

I moaned, "Umnh," and reached for grandpa's cock. I could not get my fingers all the way around his girth, but I stroked up and down sliming his pre-cum from the head down his long shaft, into his pubic bush. I moved my hand up and down listening to grandpa groan happily.

"Oh, yeah, sweetheart," he whispered into my ear, licking it with his tongue. "Stroke my cock. Make me feel good too."

"Ah, oh, unh," I grunted. Grandma was sliding the lubed rubber cock into my pussy hole stretching me.

"Does that feel good, baby?" she asked.

"Yes, Gran," I answered. "Fuck me with it. Fuck my hot pussy. Push it in deep. Rock it on my special place inside me. Make it touch my clit, while I jerk grandpa's big cock, make him cum."

"Whoa," Grandma Patty said. "You've got quite a mouth on you. Where did you learn all that?"

"Oh Grandma," I breathed, "just fuck me. Fuck me good."

She moved the fake cock back and forth in my hole vigorously, touching my "G" spot, rubbing the shaft on my clit, forcing my pussy wide, my inner lips clinging to the toy and pulling in and out with each stroke.

I was getting dizzy, felt my first cum rising deep from inside me. I had lost track of grandpa, but I knew his cock was no longer in my slimy hand. He had rolled me toward Grandma Pat. He and she lifted my top leg over her. He opened my butt cheeks, slid his cockhead up and down in my crack. His cockhead and my butt were slick with the lube. He centered his big knob on my crinkled ring and pushed.

"Ummmnh, unnnnngh, oooh, noo," I groaned. "Too big."

Grandma pulled the dildo out of my cunt with a loud, juicy plop. She kissed me on the mouth, giving me her tongue. She twiddled my clit with the fingers and thumb of one hand, held my left cheek open with the other. Grandpa grasped his cock shaft and pushed against me again.

"Oooooooooooh, I'm cumming, cummmiiiinnng," I squealed into grandmother's mouth.

Grandpa Ken's knob ovaled my back hole, broke through my sphincter, and his rod slid up inside me. I rocked back against it wanting more of him in me, deeper.

"Oooh, ooh, yeah, I'm cumming again," I yelped.

Grandma was smiling right in my face. Then she went down, kissing, licking, sucking my titties, kissing, licking, tonguing my navel, kissing my pubic hairs, my open pussy lips, sucked on my clit, tongued my creaming twat, massaged my aching tits with her hands.

Grandpa and I rocked together until his cock was stroking steadily all the way up into my asshole, his ball sack bouncing against me and grandma's chin, his pubes scruffing in my open crack. He was kissing me on the back of my neck, on my shoulders, ears. I kept on cumming and came again when he blasted his thick load of creamy cum deep in my bowels, his cock jerking, throbbing, pulsing, all swollen bigger than before.

He pulled his cock slowly out of my leaking hole. Grandma cleaned his cock, nursing the last of his cum out of him. Then she laved his cum out of my ass and my woman cum out of my pussy as they cuddled me between them feeling me all over.

We lay together in the bed, our breathing slowing back to normal, the tingling easing slowly in my body. Grandma explained to me that these were ways to have the good feelings without getting pregnant: have my pussy eaten, fucked by a dildo and fucked in the ass, as if I didn't know. I didn't tell them that I did know already.

We were soon touching each other again, feeling with our hands, kissing. Grandpa was hard again. Grandma asked me if I would kiss and lick her pussy. I got up on my knees between her legs and went right for it, licking her hairy gash, tonguing her hole and erect clit.

Grandpa got behind me and put his cock in me again. First it went into my pussy.

"Ooooh, yeah," I moaned. It felt so good. I wanted him to fuck my cunt. He was moving it back and forth in me, playing with my tities and feeling my clit while fucking my quim.

"Sssh, sssh," he whispered in my ear, kissing and licking it.

I didn't understand his warning. It felt so good.

I squealed, "Yes, Grandpa, fuck my little pussy with your big cock, give it to me, cum in me, make me have your baby."

Grandma Pat shoved me aside away from her slimy cunt. She jerked me by my slender waist off his cock and slapped his slick dick wet with my juices and his. "Damn it!" she hissed. "I can't trust you two at all. I'll have to watch you all the time. Now you get back here and eat my pussy. I'll eat yours again. Ken, you bastard, fuck her ass, not her pussy. She's not going to be having any babies yet, not yours ever.

Licking my pussy as I licked hers, she guided his cock to my asshole. He pushed it in and fucked me there again as I came over and over just like before, grandma flooding my face this time, until grandpa filled my butt with another load of his cum.

We fucked more that night, until dawn, and just about every time after that when I visited with them or they took me out on trips with them. Keith was never involved with the three of us - me and my dad's parents.

A Modern Family - 7 - With Dad's New Wife, Linda

The next time I was with dad and Linda for my once every other month visit with them, dad and Keith went out for a round of father-son golf. Linda decided she and I would spend the day out by their swimming pool, playing in the water and sunning on the deck.

She was just a few years older than me in her mid-20s and a really hot-looking blonde with a curvy body - big natural tits, a slim waist, true blonde with light-colored hair above and around her pussy, shapely hips and long, slender legs.

She had made a pitcher of frozen margaritas and had no hesitancy about sharing the delicious drinks heavy on the tequila with me. We swam some at first in the pool wearing our skimpy bikinis. I couldn't keep my eyes off her inviting body and wanted to enjoy it as mom and I did at home alone.

I guess she had noticed me staring at her, or it was just her way. When we got out of the pool she took off her bikini to sunbathe naked and said I should do the same. So I did.

As usual my horny pussy was weeping. I kept my legs together to keep from revealing to her my obvious excitement and lust for her. We laid on towels side by side on the deck in their fenced backyard. Enjoying our drinks that she kept refilling, even going to the kitchen to make another batch of the margaritas when the first pitcher was emptied. We talked woman talk.

I was getting buzzed on the drinks and really gave her a good looking over when she walked back to the patio with the full pitcher of fresh drinks. Wow! She was hot. Her big titties bobbled, and I could see her pussy lips, puffy but closed sliding back and forth over each other with each step she took.

Pouring me another drink, she said, "Kathy you look like you may be getting more than enough sun there. Let me put some lotion on you."

I giggled, took a healthy slurp of the icy cold drink and lay face down resting my head on my hands and forearms folded under me. Linda smoothed the cooling lotion onto my shoulders, arms, back, over my rounded buttocks, down the backs of my legs, and onto my feet.

I was tingling all over at the good feelings she was giving me. I had to concentrate real hard to keep from jerking my feet away from her as she worked the lotion onto each of my toes. I felt her lotion-slick hand slide between my upper thighs. I opened my legs giving her access there.

Smoothing the lotion between my legs moving closer to my quim, she said, "Oh, honey, you're so wet down here. Are you horny?"

I lifted my hips slightly in reply, and said breathily, "Oh, yes, Mother Linda. You are making me feel so good."

She smacked me on the butt almost too hard, and said, "Turn over you bad, bad horny thing. I'll do your front."

My tail stinging, I rolled over onto my back. She put some of the lotion on my forehead then covered my eyes with a towel to block the glaring sun as she worked the lotion onto my face, neck, shoulders, arms, and belly.

"Ooooh, ungh," I moaned when she covered my little titties with the lotion.

She pinched and rolled my erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, again almost too hard. I was really oozing between my legs by now.

She worked on my tits for awhile then my legs, down to my ticklish feet again. Her mouth closed on mine. Our tongues intertwining. She felt my breasts some more. She moved her hand down my belly, cupped my pudenda, slipped her fingers between my outer lips, opened my inner lips. She rubbed my unhooded clit with her thumb.

I moved my hips up and down fucking my pussy on her fingers as she worked them up into my wet cunt. She was laying beside me, one leg thrown over mine. I fondled her big titties, tweaked and rolled her long nipples and went for her twat with my other hand.

I came first flooding her fingers and hand with my juices. She let go almost immediately with her own hot cum. We moaned in each others mouths, cumming over and over as we kept kissing, feeling each others tits, bellies, buttcheeks, fingerfucking each other to orgasm after orgasm. Then she was on top of me, her mouth covering my cunt, tongue slashing up and down in my slit. She settled her gash over my face, and I returned the favor to her sweet-tasting pussy with my lips and tongue, our hands holding each other tight by our buttcheeks.

She rolled us over with me on top never losing contact with our mouths on the others pussy. WHACK! She slapped my ass again, this time harder than before. WHACK! WHACK? WHACK? She spanked my quivering butt raising red marks on my cheeks, one the other.

With each smack I squirted more cum into her mouth. I started smacking at her as she was spanking me. I was hitting the lower part of her butt cheeks where they folded into her upper legs. She was enjoying it as much as I was. She rolled us onto our sides to give me better access to her bum. We kept on slapping each other, lapping up the juices and cumming more. Finally I had such a strong orgasm I collapsed beside her and rolled away onto my back.

She squatted over my face and fingered herself into my mouth, eventually sitting down. Her cum coated my features as she came as I had, a hard cum making her whole body shudder, her pussy lips quiver on my lips. I licked and slurped at her sweet juice until she rolled off and laid beside me.

"Oh baby that was so good," she said. "You taste, smell so good. Lotion me now, honey, so I won't get a sunburn.

My lotioning her ended in us 69ing again, this time fingering each other in our tight little butt holes. We rested for awhile, sipping our drinks. Then we went into the pool and helped clean the other of the cum on our faces, hands and between our legs.

Before Keith and dad came home Linda and I took a shower together and dressed. While we were toweling each other in the bathroom I asked her, wiping her butt, if dad ever fucked her there. She said yes he did, and they both loved it. It was one sure way she would not get pregnant, nor me either if I ever wanted to try it. Little did she know about my grandparents fucking my hot, tight ass, or Keith either I guess.

A Modern Family - 8 - With Dad

Dad and Keith came home from the golf game. By then I was wearing a thin sunsuit sans bra and panties while my long blonde hair, up in a twist on top of my head and dark pubic hairs dried. I was sitting on the floor playing video games in Keith's room. Keith stripped out of his golf clothes all the way naked right there in the room with me. He came to where I was sitting in front of the TV and draped his half hard cock over my shoulder. I swatted him away telling him he was all sweaty.

"Nice and salty for you sweet sis," he giggled.

"Get away from me, Keith!" I yelled at him. "I'll tell daddy." I smacked his dick again as he waved it at my face and shook his sweaty balls at me.

"Come on," he urged me, "just give it a little kiss."

"Keith! No!" I yelled. "I'm telling you, I'll call daddy!"

"Alright, alright," he shushed me. "Stop yelling. He can probably hear you already."

I guess daddy did hear me. He hollered, "Keith get out of there. It's time for our shower. You have a Scout meeting to attend this evening. Leave Kathy alone and get in here."

Looking back over his shoulder smiling at me as he walked out of the room his tight butt that I loved so much flexing, Keith whispered, "There will come a day, Kathy."

Dad and Keith showered together. I thought that was a little strange. After all, Keith was 20, almost 21 by now. I was still only 19 and aching so to be 21.

It seemed especially strange to me when Keith came back into his room. I got up immediately to leave. On the way out I noticed his dick was soft. A bubble of clear juice clung to the slit in the head of it. I was going downstairs when daddy called me. "Kathy, come in here a minute. I need some help."

I went across the hall to daddy and Linda's room.

Daddy was sitting on his and Linda's bed with a damp towel draped across his middle. Umnh, he looked so hot to me, muscular, hairy chest, strong arms, a trail of hair leading from his navel to underneath the towel, his muscular, hairy legs apart, feet on the floor, his handsome face. I loved my daddy so much.
"What's wrong, daddy?" I aksed. "What can I do to help you?"

"I've got an awful blister on my heel here," daddy said, "from those new golf shoes. I can't reach it. Will you get a needle and some alcohol, bandaid, drain it for me and put the tape over it." He crossed his right ankle over his left knee.

When he crossed his legs that way I could see the head of his big daddy cock tenting up his towel. Showing my hungry tongue between my teeth, letting daddy see my new tongue piercing jewelry, I said, "Sure daddy, I'll drain it for you." I pointed loosely at his foot, really at his cock.

Mother had let me get two piercings and three tattoos - the one in my tongue, a belly button diamond; a little butterfly above my right breast, a bee just to the left of my trimmed pubic bush, and a big design on my back just above my butt crack. Daddy had not seen them yet, but Linda sure admired them while we were playing together before Keith and daddy got home from golfing.

Daddy was not slow. "The blister, Kathy, the blister," he said smiling at me. "By the way, that's a nice piece of jewelry in your tongue. You'll have to show me your other piercing and tattoos."

"Oh daddy," I protested, "Linda may not like that."

"You might be surprised what Linda would like," he said. "Now take care of this blister," he said. "It hurts."

I went into the bathroom to get the bandaids and alcohol. There was no alcohol in the cabinet. Although steamy wet the room reeked of cum. The floor was slick in front of the sink counter. Even the counter was slick. Unh, I thought, what have those guys been doing in here?

When I returned to the bedroom dad was laid back on the bed his feet still on the floor, legs apart and arm over his face covering his eyes. He was breathing steadily, seemed to be napping. Once again I got a good look at his cock tenting the towel. At least that part of him is not alseep, I thought. This could get interesting if Linda and Keith weren't here. They are though, so I'd better just take care of daddy's blister, drain it, I smiled.

I walked over to Linda's dressing table and bent over to find a needle in the drawers. I knew my pert butt was exposed as the sun dress drew up on my hips, probably my pussy too, but daddy was not looking was he?

I could not find the pack of needles in the first drawer so I started to go to another drawer. I looked up into the mirror when I closed the first drawer. Daddy was sitting up on the bed again. His hands were between his legs, one cupping his hairy ball sack, the other covering his slimy cock knob and moving slowly pulling and twisting.

I resisted the urge to turn around and run to him. Instead I bent over again fishing around in a second drawer. I found the pack of needles there but decided to give daddy a good long look at my now moistening quim and open rounded butt cheeks. I opened and closed all the drawers bending over further and spreading my legs wider when I got to the bottom drawers. My juices were running down the inside of my thighs by then.

"Uuu, daddy," I said, "here they are I found the needles." I turned quickly showing daddy the pack of needles and the box of bandaids. He moved his hands quickly from between his legs. "I can't find any alcohol though," I added.

"Oh, ah, uhhh," daddy stammered, obviously embarrassed, thinking he had been caught looking and playing with himself, "there is a bottle of vodka in my file cabinet in the den."

"Ok, daddy," I said and headed for the den where he did his work at home. I found the vodka, returned to the bedroom and laid the supplies on the bed next to daddy's hairy thigh. I knelt on the floor by the bed between daddy's legs. I took his foot in my hands and turned his leg so I could see the blister.

As I did that daddy opened his legs wider. I was looking right up at his hard, leaking, big daddy cock and hairy ball sack. Wow daddy's balls are as big as lemons, I thought. I'll bet he has so much cum. Oh my horny mind. I was thinking about leaning forward and sucking him off, finding out just how much cum he had. My head moved forward, a hand on the top of each of his thighs. I was looking up at him, smiling. He was smiling back at me, his legs trembling like my hands and the wet lips of my mouth, the even wetter lips of my cunt.

Just then Linda walked into the bedroom. We had not heard her coming due to the carpeted floors. "Hmnh," she asked, "just what are you two doing?"

"Oh, oh, ah, uhh," daddy stammered again. "We're, uh, I've got a blister on my heel. Kathy's going to drain it and put a bandaid on it."

"Drain your blister, right?" Linda grinned.

"Yes, darling, yes," daddy answered grinning back at his young wife, "just the blister."

Linda ruffled the hair on top of my head, I thought even pushing me closer to daddy's crotch.

She bent over me and kissed daddy on the lips. He reached up and groped her hanging tits. She pinched his nipples, one, the other, on his hairy chest, slid her hand down his muscular body and grasped his hard, wet cock.

Chuckling laciviously, she said, "Well then, the two of you have fun. I have to take Keith to the Scout meeting and do some shopping for meals tomorrow. I'll be gone, oh, about an hour or so," she added, loooking at her watch, the Rolex daddy had bought for her. Then she put her fingers wet with daddy's juice to her lips and licked them. "See you in an hour or so."

With that Linda left. I sat back my butt on my heels, so excited that I had almost been caught by daddy's wife with daddy's cock in my mouth.

"Take care of the blister," daddy said, ruffling my hair but not pulling me toward him as I wanted him to do.

I opened the bottle of vodka, sat the cap on the nightstand, poured it full of vodka, sat the bottle next to the cap, dipped a needle into the cleansing alcohol in the bottle cap. Resting his foot on my soft thigh I looked up at him lovingly and said, "Daddy this may hurt a little bit."

"It's okay, baby, go ahead," he answered. He picked up the bottle and took a swig of the potato liquor like an old time cowboy preparing for removal of a bullet. It wasn't removal of a bullet that I wanted. I wanted all of his bullets of cum in me, and one way or the other I was going to get his cum. First though the blister.

"You want a drink too sugar?" daddy asked me. Then without waiting for an answer he tipped the bottle to my mouth. I took a swallow, the strong vodka searing my tender throat. Daddy took another swallow and sat the bottle on the nightstand.

I pierced his skin just outside the bubble of the blister. Sliding the tip of the needle underneath the blister. I thought of daddy's cock pushing into my skin, into my tight pussy or by now well-used by the other relatives tighter asshole.

I extracted the needle and pressed my soft hand onto the blister bubble. The clear liquid ran down the channel I had made and out onto daddy's foot and my hand. Just like cum I thought, only cum is so much thicker, man's cum anyway and slick, man's cum and mine, mom's, Linda's, both granny's. My lubing juice was all over my pussy lips, thighs, calves, ankles and feet. I could smell it as well as feel it, and bet daddy could smell it too.

I opened a bandaid and put it on daddy's foot, smoothing it down with my soft, loving hand, then laying the covering strips on the nightstand. "Done daddy," I said.

"Not quite baby," he said smiling down at me.

Without another word he put his hand behind my head. With the other hand he tossed the towel off his body onto the bed. He pulled me toward his hard, slimy wet cock.

I kissed the head, licked a bubble of the juice out of his slit, opened my lips, took the head between them, kissing and licking his cock head.

I rolled my head from side to side moaning on his cock as I went deeper on him sliding his slimy shaft over my tongue. I curled the fingers of one hand around the base of his cock at his soft pubic hairs, cupped his big balls in my other hand. He let go of the back of my head, holding his loving hands on the side of my face feeling my cheeks puff out and in as I sucked and licked his cock.

His juices were flowing, filling my mouth. I kept moving my head back and forth, lips, tongue, mouth on his cock, swallowing his slick flow of juice.

My juices were flowing too. I reached between my legs to cup, fondle my clit, finger between my outer lips, then my middle finger arching up into my pussy hole as I sucked his cock. I started cumming right away, squeaking in my throat, slurping, huffing on daddy's big cock in my mouth, my slobber and his pre-cum covering my hands, his hairy pubes, and slithering down over my chin onto my chest, my nubby tits getting slimed, my nipples aching, tingling like my belly and pussy.

Daddy was not cumming although he was arching his hips up and down with my head movements, my slurping tongue. It was like he had cum already, and as I sucked his cock I was thinking he had cum in the bathroom with Keith.

After a half hour at least I pulled off his cock and looked up at him my face slimed with his juices and my saliva. My tits, stomach slimed too, the tops of my thighs; the insides, my entire legs and feet with my own juices, the carpet getting stained.

"Daddy am I not doing it right?" I gasped at him licking my lips.

"Oh baby, oh, perfect, just perfect," he breathed, "and the tongue stud feels so good on my cock."

"What do you want me to do daddy?" I asked. "How can I make you cum? I want your cum. I want to swallow it."

"Honey you will," he smiled at me. "Let's see if you can go a little deeper, take more of daddy's cock in your mouth."

I enclosed the head of daddy's cock between my lips again, slid it over my tongue to the back of my mouth. Still holding daddy's big balls in one hand, my other hand on his upper thigh, I pushed my head down on his cock.

"Ok now baby, swallow," he instructed me.

I swallowed. The knob entered my throat. "Aaaagh, arrgh, sploot," I gagged spewing his slime and my saliva over his pubes.

"Easy sweety, easy," he coached me. "Swallow and breath through your nose."

I went down on him again following his instructions. Gulping and breathing through my nose, gasping, snot drooling onto my upper lip, I felt his cock go inch by inch deeper into my throat until my lips were pressed into his curly, soft, slimy wet pubic hairs. I kept going up and down on his pulsing rod, taking it in my throat with each thrust of my head, holding it deep on some strokes and gasping at it.

"Oh yeah, baby, yeah, daddy's gonna cum in his sweety's cocksucking, slutty whore mouth," he huffed at me fucking into my throat.

It did not hurt me that daddy called me a cocksucking, slutty whore. I wanted to be his cocksucking, slutty whore. I wanted daddy to fuck my horny cunt, fill my mouth and my pussy with his hot, creamy cum. I pulled back so I could taste it when he shot in my mouth. His cock flopped up out of my mouth slinging a string of his pre-cum, my saliva over my nose, eyelids, forehead, into my hair.

I sought his cockhead with my lips to get it back in my mouth again, but daddy lifted me to my feet. He peeled off my sunsuit and laid me on the bed. He got between my legs and kissed my pussy.

I squealed in delight and came on his face gushing my shiny slick juice onto his lips and nose. He tongued my gash lapping up the juice, twiddled my unhooded clit with the tip of his tongue and sucked it between his lips. He stuck his pointy tongue into my hole and fucked me with it. I was cumming over and over, rolling, humping, grabbing at the bedspread the back of his head with my hands.

Finally he came up his face glistening with my juices. He moved up between my legs, closer to me. He pushed his cock down. I opened my legs wide for him and lifted my hips waiting for his big cock to knife into my throbbing cunt.

Massaging my titties with one hand he opened the nightstand drawer. He took out a plastic bottle of Astroglide™ and a long, thick, veiny dildo complete with a set of balls. He dropped the dildo on the bed beside me as I laid there my chest heaving, pussy twitching in anticipation. He lifted my legs, folding them back, my thighs beside my head. I was completely open to him and wanting his cock so much in my pussy.

I watched as he lubed his cock with the Astroglide™ and moved it toward my splayed open body.

"Okay honey, relax, " he said. "I'm going to show you how to have sex, good sex without getting pregnant."

Oh not this shit again, I thought. I want daddy to fuck my pussy, not my ass. But, I breathed at him, still hoping, "Please daddy. Please do. I want it so much. I want your cock in me."

He smeared his lube-slick hand in the crack of my ass, centered on my pucker and slid his middle finger into my asshole. "I'm going to fuck you back here, baby," he said. "That way you won't get pregnant like your mother did with me before you are a 21-year-old woman ."

"Oh daddy," I moaned in disappointment.

I guess he thought my moan was one of lust. He worked until he had three fingers in me, then pointed his cock at my asshole and pushed. He let my buttcheeks close over the head of his cock so he could work my pussy with one hand and hold his shaft with the other.

His knob entered me easily, but a tear of disappointment slid out of the corner of each eye and down the sides of my face into my ears. I guess he thought the tears were from pain, but I was feeling no pain, none at all with his big cock sliding into my ass, his hand feeling my pussylips and playing with my erect clit.

"It's okay, honey, it's okay, soon you will feel good," he assured me. "Daddy's cock will feel good in your butt."

He brought his mouth to mine. We kissed, his tongue working in my mouth full of his pre-cum still. His hands massaged my titties, played with my pussy. His cock sliced up into my yielding tight asshole. He pulled back, pushed in, pulled back, pushed in. I moved with him fucking my ass on his cock. We had a good rhythm going. Then he lubed the big dildo, teased my clit with the head of it, slid it up and down in my pussy crevasse, and eased it into my cunt.

I guess he expected to feel the resistance of a hymen. I did not want to disappoint him or explain how I had taken care of that months before with mother's toy. So I grabbed the rubber cock and worked it in my pussy while he fucked my ass. After a while I jammed it into me and jerked it around hard hoping I would bleed for him from my pussy. When the big dildo bottomed out in my hot cunt I had a huge cum.

I yelled, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, daddy, please, please, please, fuck your slutty whore's ass, fuck her pussy. Fuck me hard in both holes."

My rectal muscles clasped and released, clasped and released on his cock, and he finally stiffened more. His big balls drew up in their hairy sack and he started filling my bowels with his hot cum, his cock throbbing, pulsing, spurting.

"Yeah, cum you little whore, cum. I am filling you with my cum, my baby making juice. The juice from the cock that made you and Keith. Take it all whore."

He collapsed on top of me. I laid there with him for awhile feeling his cock shrink inside me until it slipped out of my asshole with a plop, followed by a juicy flow of creamy cum. I rolled him off me, went down and cleaned his cock with my mouth, lips and tongue.

Slurping up our juices and my ass musk, I raised up, licked my lips, leered up at him and said, "How's that daddy? How's that? Your little whore loves daddy's cum."

He kissed me on my sloppy mouth, tonguing inside. I pulled the big dildo out of my cunt roughly again hoping to make some blood for him, even if just a little bit.

I looked at the clock. We had been fucking for over an hour. Linda might be home at any time.

Daddy and I took a shower together and cleaned up the bedroom, the bedspread and carpet as best we could. I put the needles back in the dressing table drawer, the bandaids in the medicine cabinet, and the bottle of vodka back in his den filing cabinet after rinsing out my mouth with a big swig.

By the time Linda returned with Keith I was sitting on the living room sofa, in my nighties including panties and a robe. Little Miss Innocence. But now daddy and I, Linda and I, mom and I, both sets of my natural grandparents played often "to take care of my horniness without me getting pregnant like mom had." Damn her. I was so horny to be fucked in my pussy with a real cock.

A Modern Family - 9 - With Linda's Parents

Linda's parents Grandma Leona and Grandpa Larry were much like dad's parents, Grandma Patty and Ken. They liked to do things together. Trish, dad and Keith were away visiting a college Keith was thinking about attending. Leona and Larry lived in a town a few miles from ours. They had come to housesit at Linda, dad and Keith's place.

Mother and Bill were away on a trip too, a cruise on a ship, probably fucking their brains out I thought and envied mom for it. She suggested I go stay with my other grandparents while they were at Linda, dad and Keith's house.

Everything seemed cool with them. They asked if I wanted to go on a picnic. That sounded like a good idea to me. We enjoyed a great picnic, even with wine, at a secluded place in a park at the base of the mountains near our town. The food was delicious, some of it even sexily sensuous, like the artichoke hearts, asparagus spears and chocolate-covered cherries for dessert.

I had gotten a bit tipsy on the wine, three bottles of it that we polished off during the long afternoon when they asked me if I wanted to go swimming with them in the lake by the picnic ground.

I wanted to, very much, but I protested I did not have a bathing suit. Grandma Leona said that was okay, she didn't have one either, nor did Grandpa Larry.

They let me get naked and go into the water out of their sight. Then they joined me. In the water I watched them undress. Grandma Leona was built like Linda. For an old lady she looked really hot. She had big tits and a hairy bush, nice firm butt.

Grandpa Larry was well-built, muscular for an older guy. He had hair all over his chest, around his nips, and a treasure trail running from his innie navel down to pubic hairs as thick and curly as Grandma Leona's. His cock was a nice size, thick and not too long. He also had well-muscled legs and a fine butt.

While I played in the water they joined me and started messing with each other. They were hugging and kissing, granny's breasts pressed against grandpa's chest, his hands on her firm, rounded hips. After a while grandma's hand disappeared between them under the water. She was moving her hand roiling the water below grandpa's middle. I was sure she was stroking his cock, hard and fast. Then he groaned and white blobs of creamy cum bobbed to the surface.

I was really embarrassed and all horned up too. I turned my back to them and went into deeper water. I was playing with my puss when grandpa told Grandma Leona he had to go pee. He would be right back.

While he was gone into the bushes by the lake, Grandma Leona came to me. She wrapped her arms around me from behind, her body pressing against my back, mouth nuzzling my neck and ears. I did not resist, only stopped frigging myself. She cupped my tits, fondled them saying, "Beautiful dear, beautiful. Have we embarrassed you? I am so sorry. Are you horny?"

"Umnh," I moaned leaning my head back, loving her kisses, the feel of her body on mine, her hands on my titties.

"You are horny you poor thing. Let granny get you off while papa is pissing," she offered.

I pressed back tight against her and opened my legs for her. One hand cupped my mound, a finger slid between my cuntlips.

"Oh, baby, you are slick, girl cummy wet," she cooed into my ear as her finger slid into my hole.
I pressed even tighter against her and bent my knees, opening my legs wider. She fingerd my pussy with one, then two fingers, three. I was moaning and rocking with her. She moved her fingers faster.

I reached back and found her cunt as juicy as mine. I pushed a finger in her slit, parting her curly hairs, then right up into her old twat. We rocked and frigged together.

I started cumming, my quim gripping her fingers, juicing them under the water. She humped, squirting her woman cum all over my finger, into the palm of my hand. I could feel it as she must have felt mine before the lake water washed it away.

Hands clapped from the side of the lake. "Great ladies, great," grandpa said. "Now get up here and take care of me."

We looked to the shore. There Grandpa Larry stood, his cock jutting straight out from his hairy crotch. Wow it was beautiful. I wanted it so, in my mouth, fucking me. Holding hands Grandma Leona and I walked out of the water. Grandpa Larry hugged us together when we reached him, his hands roaming around on us, our tits, bellies, butts, even onto our still slick pussies. He alternated kissing us on our mouths while feeling us.

He took us to the blanket on the ground where we'd had the picnic. Along the way they explained to me that Linda and dad had told them about Keith and me. That was the whole point of the picnic, they said. They knew I had to be horny as hell waiting for my first real fuck. They wanted to help me, to take care of me. Had I ever heard that before?

We laid together on the blanket, kissing, licking, sucking, feeling, mouthing tits, his balls, cock. I took his meat in my mouth sucking it. Grandma Leona was licking my pussy and playing with my exposed clit. I had another delicious cum, shuddering and moaning my lips wrapped around Grandpa Larry's cock sliding back and forth in my mouth as he face fucked me.

Taking charge he arranged us on the blanket, Grandma Leona on her hands and knees, me straddling her back, my pubes against her butt. He pushed his hard cock into her pussy while kissing my neck, shoulders, and feeling my butt.

She opened her butt cheeks for him, and he eased his cock into her back hole, then into her pussy again. Wet with her slime and his pre-cum he swiped his cock up and down the crack of my ass. Then holding his cock in his hand while I spread my cheeks with my hands, he pushed hard but gently, breaching my tight asshole, opening my sphincter, penetrating my asshole slowly.

Once buried to the balls in me, while grandma humped wiggling her hips around and around as I rode her, reaching down to finger her pussy again, he eased back, then pushed into my rectum again. Due to her movements my butthole was working around and around up and down on his raging hard, thick cock.

I was about to cum again, but he pulled his cock out of me and went back into her pussy, then her ass, then mine, then her ass, pussy, my ass, hers - pussy and ass, ass and pussy, my ass, hers.

She got off, reached a squealing orgasm, shouting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, my ass, pussy, her ass. Oooooh fuuuuccccck. Oooh fuucck!"

She collapsed onto the blanket breathing hard. Grandpa Larry shoved his cock up my ass again. He fucked me, thrusting faster, harder until he gushed his load of slimy cumwads deep in my bowels.

Then he laid on top of us, all in a gasping heap since I came while he was pounding my ass. Actually came three or four times, was in a continual state of shuddering, shaking, squeezing his cock with my rectal muscles and flowing my pussy juices all over grandma's back and butt.

Finally, he moved off, slid down, licked my ass, right in my hole. I moved down, licked my stuff off of granny. Then they rolled me onto my back. He ate my pussy while she sucked and mauled my titties. I started cumming again, over and over.

I thought the old farts would be done by then, but while laying there my chest and tight stomach heaving, tingling all over from the multiple orgasms, granny rolled onto her back, opened and raised her legs. Grandpa Larry got between her legs, stuck his semi-erect cock into her cunt and limber-dick fucked her while I watched, feeling and kissing, sucking on her big tits.

We were done. We went back to the lake, washed each other, dried with towels they had brought. We dressed, gathered our picnic stuff and went back to Linda, dad, and Keith's house.

That was Saturday afternoon. We slept together in one bed to suck, fuck during the night and a good part of the day Sunday.

Grandma Leona loved to suck off Grandpa Larry then swap his cum with me in our mouths. Or she would have me suck him and swap his cum with her. She even licked his cum out of my ass for us to swap, and had me suck his cum out of her pussy for our swapping. Once he came in my ass, in her pussy on a second fuck, then licked out both of us and swapped it among all three of us. They were a nasty, old couple, but I loved it.

A Modern Family - 9A - With Bill, the Neighbor, Mom's Lover

Grandma and Grandpa Leona and Larry took me back to mom's house early Monday morning so I could dress and go to school. Mom got home Monday evening. She had to work extra hours Tuesday evening from being off work on Friday and Monday for the cruise. I was home alone when Bill came over kind of late Tuesday evening. He was drunk, at least had a lot to drink. He brought a bottle with him and continued drinking at my and mom's house, waiting for her, he said. He offered to make a drink for me, and I accepted, one, then another, and another.

I had to go pee. I was slurring my words a bit from the liquor and stumbled some as I walked weaving to the bathroom. After peeing I changed into my bedclothes - light, thin pajamas, no bra or panties. I was tired, tipsy and wanted to go to bed, to sleep. I never imagined Bill would approach me. Little did I know he had started already by plying me with the drinks.

When I came back to the den Bill was sitting on the sofa watching a porno movie on mom's DVD/Video player and TV. He had his pants unzipped, his cock out and was stroking it. I could see his wiry pubic hairs at the base, sticking through his underwear and pants, pre-cum in the slit of his cockhead and the froth of pre-cum and maybe his spit on his knob and shaft. Wow! His cock was big - long and thick, bigger than any I had seen so far.

A bit shocked I giggled at first, then covered my mouth with a hand and gasped at him, "Bill, what are you doing? Put that thing away. Turn off the movie and go home."

"I don't think so little baby," he said. "Your momma promised me some pussy tonight, and I'm gonna have me some. She was on the rag on the cruise. I couldn't eat her cunt, only fuck it, her ass and have her suck me off. The cuntfucking was so messy we trashed the sheets horribly in our cabin. Now here she is not at home, working late. I'm gonna eat your sweet pussy, maybe fuck you too. I've heard all about you and Keith. I bet you are a horny bitch just like your mother. Get over here and play with my cock, suck it good for me."

I trembled in my horniness at all the things he was saying. Would he really fuck me, maybe in my pussy? I wanted it fucked so bad, so good. I wanted his big cock but didn't think I could take it in my ass, fucked as often as it had been so far.

"Gee whiz, Bill," I said. "Is there anyone who doesn't know about me and Keith? Will that never go away?"

"No sugar, it will never go away," he answered me. "It will only get better and better. Some day you and Keith will really be able to do it. I hope I am there to watch and join in."

He was stroking his cock again. "Now come, sit here beside me and get to work on this real man meat. Ever seen one this big?" he added shaking it at me.

Weak-kneed, trembling, I felt my pussy juicing already, my girl stuff wetting the crotch of my pj bottoms. I took the few necessary steps and sat on the couch beside Bill. I reached over and touched the slimy tip of his cock. Another bubble of his pre-cum emerged onto my fingers. I bent over and kissed it, licked the juice into my mouth.

"Oh, yeah," Bill shuddered. "Put it in your mouth," he said laying his slick hand on the back of my head.

I kissed his knob, licked it again, swirled my tongue around on it. He moved his hips sliding down further on the sofa, humped up at my mouth and pushed firmly on my head.

"Get it in there, baby, get it in your mouth and suck it," he hissed.

I tried to put my hand around his meatstick. My fingertips would not reach all the way around it.

I pushed back his foreskin locking it behind the big head. I opened my mouth wide, put my lips around the head of his cock and slurped while looking up at him plaintively, begging him with my eyes to be gentle with me, let me take my time.

Grinning laciviously at me he raised his hips, pushed again on my head, and wrapped his fingers in my long hair. He felt the side of my face, my cheeks puffed out by the plum-like head of his cock. He would not let me raise my head.

I opened my mouth even wider, felt my lips stretching around his fat helmet, felt and tasted his flow of pre-cum sliming my mouth, making it a bit easier to slide into my wet, salivating mouth.

He pushed the first third of his cock into my mouth, sliding it along my depressed tongue, bulging out my cheeks even more, the hard but soft, tasty flesh riding against the roof of my mouth.

"Aaaaaah," he moaned. "Aaah." He relaxed back down, then pushed up again with his hips and with his hands on my head at the same time. This time he drove half his cock into my stretched maw.

I slobbered all over his cock, my spit running down his shaft sliming his curly pubic hairs, slithering over his hairy ball sack. I cupped his balls, big like the rest of his genitalia, in my one free soft hand.

He put his free hand inside my pj top to massage my titties, then tweak my little nips as they erected for him. He played with my tits twirling the eraser-like buds of my taut nipples. Then he felt his way down my belly, to my crinkly pubic hairs, cupped my pussy, opened my outer lips, rubbed my erect unhooded clit, crooked the tip of a finger into my seeping hole.

"Ummnh, ummnh, oooh, ummnh, gulp, slurp, slurp," I sucked on his cock wriggling my cunt around on his finger in me and humping up and down to fuck myself on it, looking up at him again.

He leered back at me, his eyes horny wild, glazed with lust. I sucked him, trying to get more and more of him in my mouth with each bob of my head. He was now fingering my cunt and feeling my titties again, apparently satisfied with the sucking I was giving him.

The porn was still playing on mom's TV. I could hear the porn fuckers moaning, groaning, squealing in ecstasy, real or faked, their skin slapping together, juices squishing.

My ecstasy was real. Bill's finger was sliding juicily up and down in my pussy hole, his palm rubbing my mons, bottom of his finger on my poor tortured clit. I was hearing, feeling and tasting his slimy pre-cum, hearing and feeling my girl juices slicking his finger and hand, my perineum, crack of my ass, my butthole, the inside of my legs, smell his pre-cum and my arousal.

Mom had told me that word, perineum, calling it tain't. Tain't pussy and tain't asshole she had explained with a giggle one night while we were playing and she licked me there, had me kiss and lick her there. I had to think of that, of course, while sucking Bill, fondling his balls, touching his perineum and wrinkled wet asshole, him fingerfucking me, rubbing my clit, massaging my mound, a couple of his fingers touching my tain't, one my crinkly anus, the smell of my ass musk added to the odors swirling around us.

When I laughed, Bill used both his hands to lift my mouth off his cock. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"Nothing," I gasped at the absence of his cock in my mouth, finger up my hole, off my clit, others no longer brushing my tain't reaching my back hole. I kept stroking his big slimy cock slower though.

"Time to fuck," he said decisively.

"Umnh, oh, yeah, ok," I whispered eagerly, sweetly wanting his cock in me, up my ass, in my pussy mostly.

We readjusted sitting up. He took my wet fingers in his mouth. He put his in my mouth. We sucked each other's juices. He kissed me on the lips. His tongue went into my mouth where his cock had been. We swirled our tongues together, tangling them inside our mouths, probing back and forth as we hugged tightly.

Then he said, "This is not going to be easy for you. I know it. So I have brought some help for us."

"Oh?" I asked innocently, curious.

"Yeah," he said, always in charge, commanding.

"What?" I asked during this brief break, my pussy aching for him, wanting him so bad in me.

"You'll see," he answered showing me a plastic bottle of lube.

"Well I know that stuff," I said. "Thank you for bringing it," thinking to myself he came to fuck and probably me, not mother. He knew she was going to be late tonight. The thought that he, mother's lover, came to fuck me thrilled me. I shuddered, trembled again, felt all tingly all over again. My pussy weeped more juice.

"Yeah, it'll help me get my big cock in you," he said. "So will this."

He took out a dark glass bottle of liquid and sat it on the table at the end of the sofa.

"That's poppers," he said. "You sniff them and they help you relax, your asshole open for me, take me in it easier."

"Oh," I said.

Then he pulled out a plastic baggie of stuff that looked like small leaves, and some cigarette rolling papers. "This is marijuana," he said, "and we are going to smoke it."

"Ok," I said.

Then he came out with another plastic baggie of white powder. "This is cocaine." He pulled the end table around in front of the sofa, took a small mirror out of his pocket - bag of tricks I was thinking by then, and laid it on the table. He followed that with a single-edge razor blade and a dollar bill.

He got off the sofa and left the den with our drink glasses. I sat there looking at and messing with all the stuff he had laid out. The porn continued on the TV.

He came back with fresh drinks for us. He rolled a cigarette with the papers and the little leaves, lit it, inhaled the smoke, sucked it deep into his lungs, and handed the joint to me. He was telling me all along the right words for the things he was showing to me and doing.

I took a hit just as he did, but broke out in a coughing fit. He took the joint back for another hit.

We smoked it to a glowing roach before he dropped it in an ashtray. My head was buzzing. I was losing time and space perspective, vision blurred, a bit numb in some sensations but feeling hornier than ever before.

As I reeled a bit, trying to focus on the porn on the TV, giggling, enjoying even more the bigdicked man putting it to the actress with him, Bill sorted and moved the white powder into near even lines. He rolled the dollar bill into a tube, held one nostril while leaning forward to the mirror on the table. He snorted the powder up one nostril, another line up his other nostril and handed the rolled up dollar bill tube to me.

I mimiced his actions. Woooo! I was wiped. All my senses were attenuated. I felt so good, enervated, excited, happy.

I was naked. Bill was too. How did that happen? When? My pjs and his clothes were in a heap on the floor. His cock was like a steel rod, a well-oiled one.

He positioned me on my knees on the sofa, arms bent, elbows on the couch, head down, butt up in the air. He was licking my crack, kissing my asshole, tonguing it, playing with my pussy and tits. I felt him lubing my ass with the oil from the plastic squeeze bottle, then a finger, another, three working, spreading, going deep into my rectum.

He handed the bottle of poppers to me and told me to sniff it like we had the powder. I did. Whoooaaaa! My head reeled again, a warm feeling ran all over my body.

Bill slid his cockhead up and down in my crack, rode the fat helmet and his long, thick shaft over my splayed open pussy lips, massaged my again exposed clit with that whole hunk of manmeat. I rocked on it, wanting it in my cunt, up my ass.

He pressed the knob against the lenslike opening of my ass. I tried to relax for him the way I knew how to do, take his cock up my ass. He pushed hard pulling me back into him with a hand on my shoulder, feeling my pussy, rubbing my clit with his other hand. I massaged my titties, pushed back toward him.

We worked and worked together, but it just would not go into me. As relaxed, happy, stoned, gone to the gills drunk, wanting his cock so much, we could not open my hole enough to take him.

I rared up frustrated. His cockhead opened my pussy lips, outer labia, stretched wide the inner labia, penetrated my cunt. I rocked back on him again.

His cock surged up into my splayed open pussy, half of his hard slick dick. He eased it back.

We moved together. More of him went into me. Back, in, back in, he fucked me in my horny twat.

Soon he was pushing deep inside me, against my cervix. I felt so full, so opened. He told me my cuntlips were pulling back and pushing in as he fucked me. My hot cunt felt so good, he said, the velvet, creamy insides of my pussy.

His knob rubbed on my "G" spot. I was cumming over and over and over as we fucked.

"Ooooh, ooooh," he shuddered. "I'm about to cum."

He pulled out of my love hole with a juicy squish. My juices, his pre-cum dripped onto the sofa. He felt my tits more, kissed the back of my neck, shoulders, rubbed my clit surprisingly gently.

I turned my head so we could kiss mouth to mouth, tangle tongues again. He tried my asshole again. His cock just would not go in there. I was crying with lust, want, desire for his cock and cum up my rectum, deep in my bowels.

That wasn't going to happen. So he fucked my pussy some more not being able to get all of his cock in me, actually hurting the opening to my womb.

He pulled out again, turned me over, laid me on my back, legs up over the back of the sofa, head hanging off the seat cushion. He put his cock in my mouth, balls draped over my nose and forehead and started shortstroking in my face, jacking the most of his cock that would not go into my mouth any further, down my throat. He played with my pussy and tits with one hand smearing my juices all over me.

He throbbed, pulsed in my mouth and filled it with his cum over and over in squirt after squirt as I gulped down his thick, creamy wads of baby batter. I sucked draining his cock of the thinner, clear, watery but still slimy part of his manjuice at the end of a balls-emptying cum.

Fucked out, drunk, stoned, coked up, liquid and cock popped in my pussy and mouth, I relaxed around onto the sofa. Sweetly, Bill went, got a quilt and covered up my sweaty, cummy body. The porn played on the TV still.

After a while as I lay there slipping in and out of some kind of sleep state, mom came home. She greeted still naked Bill with a deep, lingering kiss. Then I heard her asking him if he had shown me a good time, all the things they like to do, the stimulants to hot sex that they liked.

He assured her truthfully that he had. She asked him if he had fucked my ass, left my pussy alone with his cock. He lied that he had. Mom bent over me, kissed me on the lips, no doubt tasting Bill's cum and my pussy from his cock in my mouth.

They helped me go to mom's bedroom, laid me down. They got on the bed, did all the things with all the stuff Bill and I had done.

Bill got up, showered, dressed and left early in the morning for his job. Mom got back in bed with me after he left. In minutes she was straddled over me in a 69, her puss and ass feeding his cum into my mouth while she kissed, licked, sucked, tongued me to several more orgasms.

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