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Natalie and Alice were surprised to find out that he was a black man
Jack knew why she was so horny. Leon had gotten her this way. After five years of marriage, he finally found out that his wife got turned on by black men. Maybe it was just Leon!

"That's it. Fuck me! ..Squeeze my ass!"

She was talking dirty and trying to get him to respond. Jack couldn't help being so drunk but squeezed his wife's ass while she rode him like a bronco! Natalie's whole body began to shake as she reached her first orgasm and started to scream.

"Oh. Yes . . . Give it to me . . . "

Natalie was lifting herself up off Jack so high that he got dislodged from her tight pussy and tried to get it back inside her while she continued to have her orgasm.

Jack started to arch his hips up and worked up a steady rhythm until he shot his load of cum deep inside his wife. Jack began to go soft as soon as he spewed his seed.

Natalie was disappointed and wanted more and got out of bed and took out her vibrator out of the dresser drawer. Jack watched Natalie play with the vibrator until she had another orgasm. Jack had fallen asleep as Natalie played with her clitoris

Jack was awoken by the sound of the phone ringing. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was after three in the morning. Natalie answered the phone.

"Oh. Hi Richard . . . Alice should be fine, she is with a friend of ours and should be home any minute."

Right when Natalie finished her sentence, Jack saw the lights of a car pull into the driveway next door and heard a door shut.

"Oh . . . Great. I'll talk to you, tomorrow . . . Bye."

Natalie hung the phone up and turned to go back to sleep.

"Who was on the phone?"

"UH . . . It was Richard looking for Alice but she just got home when we were on the phone."

Natalie fell back asleep almost immediately. Jack knew that Leon must have taken Alice back to his place. He problebly screwed her! Well. At least he didn't have to worry about Natalie screwing Leon. Everything worked out like he had hoped.

Natalie and Jack woke up about the same time the next morning. Natalie got in the shower while Jack fixed coffee. Jack, walked out in front of the house to get the morning paper and saw Richard standing in the driveway.

"Hey Richard. Is everything OK this morning?"

Richard ran over to speak with Jack.

"Yeah. Everything is fine. Listen. Alice is still asleep and I got to run down to the hardware store and get a new head for the shower before she wakes up. Can you keep an eye on the house while I'm gone?"

"Yeah. Sure. I'll be right here until you get back."

Jack waited as he watched Richard pull out of the driveway. He was curious about last night and this was his chance! Jack ran to?Richard's front door and slowly opened it and walked into the house.

He slowly walked toward their bedroom and saw the door was open. He listened very carefully to make sure that Alice wasn't awake yet. He slowly walked and leaned into the doorway and saw Alice was sound asleep.

She was naked and didn't have any covers on her. She was sleeping on her side with her legs curled up against her chest. Her long blonde hair was flowing around the pillow. Jack almost felt like getting into bed with her.

Jack looked around the floor looking for the dress and panties she wore last night. There they were! On the chair in the corner of the room! Her heels were sitting on the floor in front of the chair.

He had to know! Jack slowly and gently walked into the room keeping an eye on Alice as she lay sleeping just a few feet away. He eased himself closer and was able to grab the black panties that were laying on top of the dress and slowly backed his way out of the room.

Jack stood near the front door and decided to just take the panties with him and walked outside and across the front lawn. Jack waited until he got into the house and examined the panties.

They were still damp and Jack could see large white stains around the crotch area. He sniffed them next! Yes! ....They smelled from cum! Male cum and very strong! There wasn't any doubt in Jack's mind that he was smelling Leon's cum on those panties. He must have screwed her last night.

Jack hid the panties so Natalie wouldn't find them. He laughed to himself as he thought about Alice. She would be looking for these and wondering if she left them at Leon's.

Jack didn't care. He figured he was in the clear now that Leon got a little white pussy. Jack poured his coffee and began working on his computer. An hour later, Natalie walked into the room dressed in tight black shorts and a halter top with heels. She walked up to Jack and kissed the side of his face.

"Honey. I'll be home later this afternoon. I'm supposed to go with Alice to Leon's gym and work out with him. He's going to show us how to lift weights."

Jack was surprised and shocked. He figured it was over. He stood up and followed Natalie to the front door where he gave her a kiss.

"Honey. If you get hungry, you'll find meat in the frig that you can make a sandwich with. I'll see you later."

Natalie was gone within seconds. Jack looked out the front window and saw Alice getting into the car with his wife. His cell phone was ringing so he ran back to answer it.

"Hey. Jack. Did your wife leave yet?"

"Yeah . . . She just backed out of the driveway."

Leon laughed into the phone.

"Hey. Man. Why are you so depressed? Your going to cause me to feel sorry for your ass next!"

"Did you fuck Alice last night?"

"You must have been sniffing her panties this morning!"

Jack knew he was just joking around but he also knew that Leon was serous about screwing Alice last night.

"OK. I don't need anything else from you as long as your little wife is on her way here. Listen. Let me remind you about the money you owe me. Your not out of this just because I fucked your wife's girlfriend."

The phone went dead and Jack through the cell phone into the sofa cushion. He was pissed but felt helpless at the same time. He knew he would be in trouble if he tried anything with Leon. He thought how horny Natalie was last night and knew it was all for Leon and not him. What was wrong with her? Why did she want that big black cock?

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